Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Enigmatic Ed Lanpher

Oh, the interesting characters this mystery attracts...

Here's another one.

Amid the voluminous records I received from the state of New Hampshire concerning Maura Murray, I discovered the only other person to request the records before me was "Ed Lanpher" from New Hampshire. Reader "Sarah H." eventually figured out who he was.

Lanpher is a graduate of MIT, a chemist who worked in organomettalics and has license for storing hazardous waste. His career ended a few years ago when the lab behind his house exploded. He would have died in the blast but had stepped out to use the bathroom.

Here's a couple interesting quotes from his official bio via MIT's website:

As a result, I experimented with most of the easily made explosives, but I never had much luck with black powder, and I never tried nitroglycerin. 
The late Professor Stockmayer (Stocky) while on a trip to France many years later, gave a talk to French chemists and pronounced my name as L’enfer, meaning fire or hell, which I thought was apt.
After destroying my rented gasoline station, I was no longer welcome in Newburyport.  Fortunately, two chemists I knew offered me space in Gloucester where I worked for a few months.  Out of the blue, I got a call from a man in Ipswich whose wife and partner had both died in a double suicide, a double murder, or a murder and suicide, and he promised to erect a good building for me that I could let as soon as his wife’s estate was settled! 

UPDATE: Ed Lanpher speaks!


  1. I think he's just an eccentric scientist who's curious about all sorts of things. I doubt he had anything to do with the disappearance.

    1. This ED Lampher is 90 years old now so I am certain that you are right about no involvement other than curiosity. I just wonder how certain it is that this is the person that requested the info.

      There is a Construction business owner in Vermont under the same name and is much younger.If it is in fact the gentleman from the article above then I fi d it very interesting that someone in their 80,s would go through the process of obtaining info on a missing person as he did.

      I would like to read an interview of what drew his interest to the case and why go to those steps to obtain info.

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    1. Chefs girl, even though you deleted your comment I read it and the link was helpful. Thanks! yea the 90 year old appears to be the Edward Lanpher that requested the info.

  3. JWB, I deleted it because it turns out it was just a link to Mr. Renner's google docs that he uploaded to this blog, lol I jumped too soon when I thought I had found something new and then I realized my efforts were circular :) Thanks though! Would love to take credit for being clever, but unfortunately i should have looked a little deeper before I posted my link! My super sleuth skills were far from super this morning lol

  4. Clearly Maura stumbled upon this scientist's evil plan to hold the world ransom *one million dollars" and was determined to prevent this catastrophe. She went undercover in his home as a visiting nurse and tried to blow him up - unfortunately he had stepped out to go to the bathroom (against her instructions).

    Undeterred, Maura called Fred to meet her in Amherst and asked him to bring as much cash as he could to tide the evil scientist over --- but Fred could only scrape up $4000. Dagnabit! Maura was foiled again! But in a last ditch attempt, Maura heard tell of a secret frozen fortress up north where a Justice League was stationed who could possibly intervene and take the mad doctor down.

    Alas, the evil doctor had once again proved too canny for our heroine and placed one of his tainted chem-rags in her tailpipe, forcing Maura's car off the road, whereby one of his patented drones picked up the dazed nursing student and flew her back to Cape Cod where she was sent for an evening drive with a very inebriated..... Senator Edward Moore Kennedy (who was secretly funding the evil doctor's research)!

    A dredging of the Cape Cod Canal underneath the Bourne Bridge should yield Maura's remains, Ted's car, a half-eaten lobster roll, and $3,975 in cash (the lobster rolls were Maura's treat).

    Case closed.

  5. Ok this seems really random. So this guy requested records... so what? All this is is a guy who is curious... what drew his attention to the case? Well, the same thing that draws all of ours to this case.

    I think this is a case where we're at a dead end. Maura is either still alive and doesn't want to be found or she is dead. Most likely she is dead, unfortunately.

  6. I don't think this man is an "interesting character". Chemist blow stuff up all the time. What would be interesting is if a relative of the chemist wanted the records of Maura's case and used the chemist to get the records. Maybe someone didn't wNt their name to show up as getting the records and asked the chemist to do so. Only think I can think of. Why else would a 80-90 year old man want the records?

  7. I think it's possible Mr. Renner was just making an observation and giving his avid readers something else to bide their time while waiting for some actual facts. Either that or we are indeed all smarter than he is and can see that this fact holds little significance. I think the former is the most likely :)

    also Jack Spencer....hilarious! you must be a writer. Good use of minor details to paint vivid imagery. If you aren't a writer, quit your job and become one :)

  8. It is pretty weird that he requested her records. I wonder why. I am also from the town right between Gloucester and Ipswich and am curious about the man in Ipswich, the circumstances of the deaths, and why he would then randomly offer to build this chemist a building. Pretty bizarre.