Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sex and Power

Maura Murray was a troubled young woman. And as I've learned more about her, I've noticed how males in positions of authority around her repeatedly took advantage of her. When she needed help, they asked for sex. Her track coach (not the first time for him, as I've learned). These three upperclassmen who passed her around one night. And there were others.

I believe Maura is alive. I want to believe. I hope she turned the tables on these men and made a clean break and is living somewhere in anonymity.

But if she was murdered, it wouldn't have been some random stranger on the side of the road. It would have been a male she knew with some manner of authority over her.

Lt. Scarinza believes Maura was pregnant when she disappeared. That's a good motive.

If I were law enforcement, I would take another hard look at the men in positions of power around her. Teachers. Doctors. Others more close.

She was often drawn to this type and they never missed the opportunity to take advantage of her.


  1. My sense is you have the sex/power relationship backward. Sex was love or a pathway for love for a young woman whose core motivation is to "be loved and accepted". Her formative, pre-adolesence and adolesence years would have been when her feelings of worth/love/control/shame took root, and, too, it would be during this period she developed "tools" to manage and, at times, control those feelings.

    Classically, a woman doesn't "let men take advantage her" via sex. And classically, men don't "take advantage of woman" via sex, unless of course through the act of rape. Instead, a young woman such as Maura whose behavior tells us is seeking validation and love would agree to have sex with men in search of that love. She wouldn't have understood this likely, but a man who showed her interest was feeding this need she had to be loved.

    I would go so far to say in my psychological profile that Maura didn't even particularly like sex. She recognized at some unspoken level that attention from men helped quiet a rumbling self-talk of fear and abondonment and unworthiness that was always there behind the surface. She would be around this men, drinking, intoxicated or semi-intoxicated, and their advances would internally "felt" and "read" to Maura as "love" or "potential love".

    She was a young woman seeking self-love. But she was a young woman filled with shame and self-hatred. The interest and attention of men helped quiet this. In this way, men - attention from men which resulted in sex - was a tool for Maura. It was a coping mechanism just like the Bulimia; the self-medicatin; the stealing.

    (See my post/reply under previous topic).

  2. I also want to add pregnancy would not necessarily have been recognized negatively by Maura. Secretly, there would have been a feeling of happiness, and the thought "dare I feel happy about this?'. She was a nursing student so we know (1) she would have understood her self-medicating behavior (alcohol abuse) had her concerned and (2) if she was pregnant, she wasn't on birth control or taking birth control serious.

    My sense is if she was pregnant, there was an underlying interest to become pregnant. She was passive-aggressive (see previous post under Orgy entry); unable to express herself honestly; but the idea of becoming pregnant would actually offer hope to be loved and accepted.

    That being said, she wouldn't have openly set out to become pregnant. But she would have been open to the idea; toyed with the idea; skipping birth control pills or not taking any altogether.

    Statistically, there is a zillionth of a precentage point for unplanned pregnancy. No matter what the pregnant person says. The statistics aren't there. The science isn't there. A woman who becomes pregnant isn't on birth control to the extent of its intent. (Taking pill same time every day, etc.).

    Maura's a nursing student. She's smart. She's goes to great and dangerous lengths to feel in control of her life (see previous post). She would not accidentally become pregnant. Her psychology tells us she would risk pregnancy as a way of telling herself, proving to herself, lashing out at the men she secretly hates because she is driven to have a "love" from a man, that she have what she wants.

    Just like the food and gorging and purging (see referenced previous post).

    If she was pregnant, it's incidental to whatever ultimately happened to her after she ran away from the accident. It's relevant only in that the pregnancy would be part of her overall "tool box' to obtain the self-actualization and self-love and self-worth that continued to evade her.

    1. I have four children. Three were conceived on birth control pills taking the same pill the same time every day ( I am capable of reading package instructions believe it or not). And the first three were conceived in an extremely abusive first marriage, all born before I was 24 years old, so there was no underlying intent or desire to get pregnant. Each pregnancy, although it has resulted in the greatest joys of my life, began in fear, trepidation, and sadness, knowing that nothing i did was preventing children from being born. And before you jump to another conclusion based on the three facts I have told you, remember that abstinence is not always an option for women married to abusers. You seem nice enough and well intentioned, but I hope I am never in a position where I am at the mercy of your profiling "skills."

    2. "Chefsgirl", I'm not commenting on your pregnanc(ies). I'm establishing basselines based on pure statistics: When taken as directed, the statistical chance of pregnancy while on birth control pill is less than 0.1 percent. We don't know that Maura was on birth control, and if she was, if it was "the pill". But given the fact she was a nursing student and intelligent, she would not likely become "accidentally" pregnant. Alcohol abuse can interfer with the effectiveness of a birth control pill because it can impact the effectiveness of liver metabolism and that, in turn, can possibly impact the metabolism of the digested birth control pill.

      All of this being said, I stand by my psychological portrayal of Maura Murphy. I have an educational background; intimate knowledge; and case study reviews of the behaviors Maura surfaced.

      Based on this, I stand with my perceived understanding there is a part of Maura that would have been happy - perhaps quietly, secretly - she was pregnant.

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    4. Also, "Chefsgirl", I note in your reply you make reference to "believe it or not I know how to read and follow instructions" and "before you jump to another conclusion" (about you, about Chefsgirl"), which tells me you are internalizing my comments. This is a trait I've noted in other "replies" you've posted to others who have left comments to this blog.

      Please be assured I'm not here to "jump to conclusions" about your life or making any sort of judgement about your ability to "read birth control instructions". And while I'm certain with more information about your life, I could quite accurately "profile" you from a psychological perspective, this clearly is not a blog about "Chefsgirl".

      You'll note I post with my full name and link to my actual, real-person profile. Most typically, that is the sign of someone who is confident in their words and doesn't have any untoward or angry or hidden agenda.

      So please, accept my apologies for somehow giving you the impression in my posts about my "sense of Maura" that I was in any way secretly actually commenting on "Chefsgirl".

    5. You know a lot about psychology for an account executive from Verizon! If that's not you then someone one Linkedin is ripping off your picture!

      I dont need gratuitous and condescending apologies and I am not internalizing anything. I was refuting your blanket statements about women who get pregnant with facts. And the statistics on birth control ten years ago and more show that the chance of getting pregnant while on it was actually 3%. There have been many formulary changes to synthetic hormones over the past several years. Using propietary information that is contemporary is irrelevant.

      As far as using a real name verses not, all I can say is that being confident and being right are not mutually exclusive. One can be and many are confidently wrong from a factual standpoint.

      And as far as profiling, if I had to guess Annie Blanchette, based on your use of pop psychology references, offense taken at people disagreeing with you and your need to validate every statement with words that may sound well spoken but are betrayed by their grammar tells me that you probably have a marginal background in education and or psychology (perhaps taking a few classes in college) and you lack the intuition that comes from working in a forensic field related to missing people and or victims. But hey, what do I know? I'm just Chefsgirl :)

    6. That is the worst analysis of Maura's that I have ever read. It really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    7. Hey chefsgirl: Annie is right about you. Get off her case.

      Nicholas: Makes perfect sense. Don't know why you don't get it.

    8. Chefsgirl, again, this isn't about your or about me. As stated, my real name and linked profile is here. Feel free to reach out to me off line if you have concerns, or want to engage in a private covnersation.

      I'm sorry - sincerely sorry - you had such a rough patch in life as you detail about your abusive relationship. I can understand how this would shape your life and your communication style. Again, sorry you had to endure the egregious. life-altering, damaging behavior of another.

      That being said, again, please take this off line and reach out to me 1:1. People here are accessing this Blog to read about Maura Murphy and not interested in some angry, misdirected feelings you seem to have toward people you don't know.

      I do ask if you reach out to me via my Google account, you do so with your real name.

      Kindest regards,

  3. I also want to add, Maura would have had a deep, underlying dislike of men. She needed and craved attention from men in her ongoing pursuit to be loved and feel worthy of love. But that very need that drove her behavior of promiscuity would have also developed an almost hatred of the male gender.

    Additionally, because this need/hatred is a conflicting emotional relationship, it, too, would have added fuel to her behaviors of Bulimia/Self-Medicating (alcohol) and need to "purge". (See post comment under Orgy post).

  4. Lastly, regarding the "power of sex and power of male attention", one must consider Maura's first male relationship: Daughter/Opposite Sex Parent. She was a "pleaser". She wanted to please her Dad and in their relationship that meant answering his call to be a solid, accomplished athlete. She learned during these formative years in this her first opposite gender relationship that "in pleasing" and "meeting the standards" of opposite gender she received "accolades and love and acceptance".

    As she matures, this is the basis for her ... seeking out men; the basis for how she interacts with men; especially those men who even in a small way carry at least one "role" as a "father or authoratative" figure in her life: Coach; the male assigned to oversee her after the WP stealing incident - they are in place to guide and help her, just as her Dad "the running coach and motivator" was.

    In her dysfunctional, passive-aggressive psychology (see my Orgy post replies for full profile), Maura would have (1) sought out male attention (2) when encountering and paird with men through a coaching or other relationship would have behaved in such a way as to seek out attention and (3) been practiced in her approach.

    Men have something Maura desparetly needs to quell her internal sense and ongoing screaming of self-loathing: Love.

    The sexual activity is just a sidebar to this attention. If the male gender was driven to hang from apple trees with a female to "feel good", she would have hung from apple trees. It's not about the sex. It's about the attention from men. And she would have behaved and related to these men in a way to encourage - and obtain - the male gender attention she needed (but hated them for needing).

    1. As a mental health professional, I'm quite interested in your background and qualifications, Annie. I'm curious about what qualifies you to do your "profiling."

  5. "I'm establishing basselines based on pure statistics: When taken as directed, the statistical chance of pregnancy while on birth control pill is less than 0.1 percent. "
    Wrong. I was on the pill, took it everyday at the same time. When I was prescribed antibiotics, the doctor didn't tell me they would make my birth control not as effective. I became pregnant and had a daughter. Also your statistic is wrong because some women are not prescribed the right birth control pill for them, and when they become pregnant,they find out it was the wrong type.

    1. Becki, yes, well than you didn't take your BC as directed. That literature that comes with every prescription clearly states certain medications can interfer with the effectiveness of BC, including and especially antibiotics.

      I'm not certain where you learned this fact about women becoming pregnant on the "wrong BC" pill. All BCP works the same. It (1) stops ovulation (2)initiatives changes to the lining of the uterus which would otherwise interfer with the successful implantation of a fertilized egg as a second means to stop pregnancy and (3)iniitate changes to the way in which uterun wall contracts to impeded mobility (of sperm). That being said, let's say Maura was on "the wrong type of pill)??, she would know it within the first cycle because she would ovulate and her menstrual cycle would be signficant - and significantly changed. So, nope, I'm not buying Maura could have been on the "wrong BC type" .

      As for the "some women" you refer to whom I do not know, well, we are commenting on the Maura Murray blog.

    2. We are each of us only a data reference point of one so to suggest statistical averages are wrong based personal circumstances is pretty pointless and shows that we fail to understand the point being made.

      And I don't believe the above poster (Annie) is talking about anyone other than Maura Murray. It would be useful is posters didn't take comments personally - the amount of "noise" within the comments would be reduced and we would all benefit from this.

      Back on topic - I've recently seen the programme about MM here in the UK. I was struck by how many people seemed to have access to this young women - even her boyfriend's mother was keen to exert her influence. But mostly I was struck by her relationship with her father which just felt "wrong" - hard to say how but I would have said he smothered her rather than controlled her - no freedom to be herself?

      But the programme piqued my interest enough to search online to see if she had been found - sadly I see she has not.

    3. Hormonal birth control pills are 99% effective with perfect use. PERFECT use-taking the pill at the same time of day, every single day, knowing which substances (prescription or otherwise) can compromise the effectiveness of the pill, and taking the right pill for your body (many women become pregnant on the Progestin only "low hormone" pill-maybe this is what Becki was referring to?).

      I don't know any adult women who can claim "perfect" usage of the pill, let alone an obviously troubled 21 year old. Yes, Maura was an intelligent nursing student, but that doesn't mean she wasn't at risk of simple human error.

      The average failure rate of the pill is around 9%, meaning you, me, Maura, rocket scientists and the Kardashian sisters could all find ourselves facing an unexpected pregnancy.

      I admit I have no background in psychology, but I do have a legal background. Concluding Maura intended to become pregnant, or was at least open to the possibility, because she was a nursing student and the Pill has a low failure rate (with perfect use) can be ripped apart from a million different angles.

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    5. @jjholy There are some medical studies about that subject, but the problem is 1) Defining bulimia..(Some include non purging bulimics...) 2) Most studies say around 30%-50 of bulimics have an irregular menstrual cycle. Still, some get pregnant. If you're really sick and purge a few times a day and sleep around with many boys, than your chance is high that the pill is not working properly, but sometimes the Mal-nourishment prevents you from getting pregnant. Also there are women, who end pregnancy's very frequently...

      The psychological internal conflict is often huge, but highly individual: Eating disorders are often "family disorders" and if you desire to get pregnant and want to have a child sometimes symptoms get better or away. But others still purge during pregnancy and can sustain their pregnancy and so on...(Extremely starved people in the third world get children...)

      If it is an unwanted pregnancy than women are general in huge conflicts...

      Concerning Maura: If the story is true and she was passed around young men, she probably had no idea who the father was and I cannot imagine that a happy situation...(Even with an internal wish to have a baby. I cannot imagine, she liked the way she got pregnant. And we have no idea what Maura was thinking).
      And the line between wanted and unwanted sex gets extremely blurry. Especially, with girls/women with a certain reputation. Could Maura say *No*, when she was heavily drunk and/or drugged...It is a vicious cycle and men target girls/victims with a history of abuse and Maura was probably not always conscious...But not everyone, who attend these kind of party's is necessarily an abuser...Still, talking about your participation and what role others played might be a high risk and I can imagine that there was an argument about how far you can go with certain things etc. Men also often feel ashamed, even those who brag about it. There is peer an social pressure and so on...And 10 years later as a family father or businessmen you don't want to be reminded of all what went on at campus...

      Back to Maura:
      Long lasting Bulimia is also often connected with personality disorders (often borderline, but they can overlap)..
      And sexual abuse in the family...(Psychologist don't agree some say 20% other go as high as 70%) I posted all of that about a year ago, when it was not even confirmed.

      And I agree with Renner: If Maura was killed, statistically you 1) have to exclude the inner-family cycle first and 2) current and previous relationships...3) Larger cycle of friends

      Maybe Maura was at the breaking point and some people wanted to silence her...(Not necessarily kill her, but just preventing her to talk about certain things...The rag in the tail-pipe and Fred saying it was his advice is not going from my mind...Maybe his fingerprints were on it? But I don't think it was placed there to kill her....)

      Has someone looked up or investigated where in NH/MA abortion clinics were around 2004?

    6. @LizV: You misread my point regarding MM and pregnancy. We don't know if she was on the traditional bc "pill". Perhaps she was just relying on condoms. But if she was on the pill, it's very possible she could have become pregnant while taking the pill because (a) she vomitted on a regular basis and likely lost the pill or digested parts of it during this activity (2)she abuses alcohol and certainly her liver would not have been functioning at 100 percent which would impact how the pill and hormones would be metabolized and (3) based on her behavior she would have been an unlikely candidate to take the pill the same time every day as directed.

      That being said my larger point in my post was that I don't beleive pregnancy would have sent her over the edge. I don't think she had some clear deliberate plan to become pregnant, but given her ongoing seeking of attention and love and acceptance from men, I think if she became pregnant, it would be something she would at some level be secretly "warm" about. MM is clearly a woman who is seeking acceptance, validattion, love, belonging. All of the things women get from a child. Perhaps she was careless with birth control because deep down in a way she didn't give voice or otherwise acknowledge, the thought of being pregnant held a sense of "good" for her, a sense of comfort and a sense of love - all the emotions she clammored and was killing herself over (booze, food, etc.,) to feel.

      So, ultimately, if she was pregnant, I just don' t see that as being some monumental life-charger for her in the sense it would propel her run away for an abortion or propel someone to kill her.

      Even ten years ago pregnancy for a college student wasn't something to kill over or run from.

      I could see her just keeping the pregnancy as a secret, something she could hold on to by herself for a month or so and not even address - as she didn't address any of the problems in her life. And then at some point she would act on it.

    7. @Blogwesen, why would MM drive miles and miles to NH for an abortion? She's a nursing student; she understands an abortion would be confidential and free at clinics available to her; she's been at UMASS long enough to have a relationship with student health services, and she's savvy enough to use resources available to her. I'm just playing devil's advocate here: In your theory, why does she drive all the way to NH for this abortion?

      We know she didn't look pregnant, and being small in size, she would be showing a pregnancy at what, 3 months? So if she's pregnant, she's what, say, max 8 - 9 weeks? My guess is even likely less - maybe 6 weeks - if she was pregnant. A clinic woud give her a quick, easy D&C and the pregnancy would be terminated. It wouldn't require some long recovery period or need to hide if she was embarrassed about it.

      I just don't see her driving all the way to NH and spending money on a hotel and buying booze and taking along her text books and packing clothes and risking driving this car that she was afraid of driving because of mechanical issues miles and miles in the dead of winter to have an abortion when it could be managed quickly, efficiently, with no charge, at many places nearby.

    8. What clinics give out abortions (medical or surgical) for free? I've had friends who qualify for government assistance, and they still had to pay around $500 for the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood. Federal law prohibits using gov't money (which most women's health centers depend on to survive) to pay for abortions, so unless Maura had a benefactor we don't know about, she was going to have to pay something.

      Also, there is no such thing as a "quick, easy D&C," This is a surgical procedure and requires recovery time. The length of recovery depends on how far along the pregnancy is at time of termination. Even the abortion pill,which is only effective between 5 and 9 weeks, is not a cakewalk. The woman needs at least 48-72 hours to get through the worst of it, and will continue to bleed heavily for up to 2 months afterwards.

      Playing Devil's Advocate: Even if Maura had abortion options available in Amherst, maybe she didn't want to walk or drive by the clinic every day and be reminded of what happened there? A woman may be 100% confident the decision she is making is the right one, but that doesn't mean it isn't a tragic and trying experience, and definitely not one most people want shoved in their faces while they're trying to finish college and overcome the other issues Maura was facing.

    9. @Liz, I can buy if she was pregnant and had decided to abort having this done in a different state/away from UMASS would be appealing to her and might prompt the roadtrip. But we know LE considered she may have been pregnant. They would have checked all abortion clinics/phone records etc. for an appointment. You can't walk in - it would have to be scheduled. Maybe she was planning to walk in herself and schedule one so made no phone call/set no appointment and was planning to do so in person. Maybe she was considering an abortion; was planning to chill and drink and think about it for a few days in a hotel in a town with a place she could have an abortion if she decided. I think all of this is possible. But in my opinion, it would all be incidental to MM going missing. I don't see pregnancy/abortion as behind her disappearance.

  6. "And while I'm certain with more information about your life, I could quite accurately "profile" you from a psychological perspective, this clearly is not a blog about "Chefsgirl". Have you been to College and received a degree in Profiling? Just curious.

    1. Becki, yes, I have several degrees in a variety of areas including psychology; clinical laboratry (medical science); English; and significan coursework in many areas. But I believe my insight (or at least the insight I feel I have) is based on life experience. I grew up with and have close relationships with a large family with 7 sisters and a Catholic background very similar to Maura. In fact, from what I've read about Maura I believe I've lived through/have come across/counseled/lived with young women with these behaviors.

      In some ways, I think every young female struggles with some of the behaviors/fears/concerns Maura lived with and internalized. My sense is for those of us who have taken the time and taken on the struggle to self-actualilze, there is a bit of Maura in each young woman.

      I think perhaps this is why people are drawn to her case. We all see a bit of her in us, all recall a point in our life when it could have gone either way for us.

    2. Here's the problem Annie: you're coming off as an arrogant know-it-all which is turning people off. Even if what your are saying is true, no one cares because we have already determined that we don't like you.

    3. @ Nicholas and Becki, when people ask questions of people on blogs they are essentially putting evidence in the hands of the defense (i.e. OJ Simpson and the glove). I can tell you right now that I've been to the moon, ate lunch with Bono and had tea with the queen. Doesn't mean I am telling the truth. People's misuse of phrases such as "internalizing" which has to do with the formation of the super ego based on experiences (religious, tragic, extraordinary, observations, etc.) tells me that they really know nothing about psychology and should stick to other topics. Also, the purpose of profiling a person (which requires a master's in forensic psychology) is being misapplied. The problem I have with this particular commenter is that I would guess that they are used to being a big fish in a small pond and are able to persuade a lot of people to believe them by simply using words that most people would not have an understanding of. It's shiny but has no substance. And when it is presented as a fact, then this is dangerous and misleading to good intentioned people who want to find someone who has the answers. Another word for that type of person, albeit an ugly word, is manipulative. And I have no tolerance for those types of people. So perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut, but the thought of people following yet another self proclaimed armchair psychologist down a rabbit hole on this blog made me irritated. I sought to bring attention to that by pointing out factual inaccuracies about birth control instead of attacking her menial grasp of "psychology".

    4. Agreed. Can't understand the hate directed her way except that perhaps it threatens their little armchair gossip club they'd rather keep going, posting the same old tired lines of thought endlessly.

      Thank you Annie for adding something of value to the discussion. This blog has so little in the way of insight to begin with.

    5. ^^^ That was supposed to be a reply to "fromanotherstar" on July 16, 2:42pm. Definitely don't agree with the posters above. Their words are screaming jealousy and dislike from an uneducated perspective. Funny but annoying to read, and not adding a single thing to the discussion. All of you get over yourselves.

    6. I'm not here for a popularity contest. I'm here as someone interested in this case, and someone who will continue to add my two cents as is customary with a blog. My two cents is worth the same as any other two cents.No one has 'the right answer", and @ Niicholas K, if you "don't like me", whcih I must assume means you dont' like my writing style or words since you don't know me, than I suggest you simply skip my entries.

      You'll know they are my entries because they include my name.

  7. Good God..who let the feminists loose? Look, human behavior--female/male--is highly varied and widely mutable. Maura could easily been in a position of letting more powerful men take advantage of her for a wide variety of reasons unbeknownst to us. To make the claims otherwise is simply using female solopism to view any and every situation.

    1. Hans, why are you constantly bring up feminists? Just because someone posts an opinion that differs from your doesn't brand them a feminist.

    2. Indeed - and let's not forget that men are equally capable of solipsism and projection.

    3. I don't get the solipsism reference other than that both genders can suffer from solpsistic episodes. But other than that, once again, I agree with you Hans :)

    4. Oh Hanns, you just gave your biases away. Now no one can take you seriously.

  8. Annie,
    I just wanted to personally thank you for the time and effort you have put in with your psychological profile. We are all here for the same reason and hopefully your understanding brings us one step closer to figuring it all out. Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you Fromanotherstar. I appreciate the support.

  9. Same topic, different direction. There's something that I've been thinking about for a while. Now that the topic of sex has been brought up now, I have express my train of thought. It sounds like Maura was more promiscuous that originally thought. She was hard up for money evidenced by her theft and fraud. Could Maura have been a secret call girl? She was drinking on her way to a place where she was trying to rent a 2 bedroom condo (for how many people)? Could the Londenberry ping or tangent driver been a john? Could she have had a "business" cel phone? Maybe SHE was the one with the power (using men to get what she wanted), but the tables were turned on her that night. Far fetched maybe, but I really needed to get that off my chest. Thoughts?

    1. Yeah, I thought about it, too...

      But even high class-prostitution is often associated with childhood abuse and Maura was bulimic and addicted, if she needed money so badly that she sold her body to pay for her addiction..That is hardly powerful...

    2. Wasn't there a highschool yearbook entry about Maura and something about partying and quads in NH...Maybe it meant "quadruple rooms" College students say quads.. (Very far fetched idea, but just a thought) Has anyone aksed a high school friend about the yearbook...?

    3. Michael - The idea is intriguing. She does seem to have a hidden side. There is certainly a network of sugar daddies/sugar babies. IU has a big one. The only thoughts I might have against it is she seemed broke.
      sugar babies give time and attention in exchange for mucho dinero, tuition, and gifts.

  10. Dearest Passive Aggressive Armchair Psychologists,

    We are all interested enough in this case to participate in an open forum. Howzabout we all conjecture together and create a productive discourse without diminishing the views of others or pronouncing ourselves absolute.

    Greetings! Hans thanks for taking one for the team.

    A few one-off comments and then I may reissue my amended scenario.

    Renner’s recent postings do add contrast to what we already know. Its something to consider, that once of her “sex buddies” would be a suspect, especially if she was pregnant. Everyone dismisses her computer searches for pregnancy and alcohol, why?

    Ladies, if I haven’t upset you with the above comments, How much did an abortion cost in 2004 Mass, NH areas? Was it $4k? I’ve heard a range from $350-1300. More than she had, but less than the amount FM retrieved from numerous ATMs.

    The fluster cluck of events leading up to her disappearance was overwhelming. There must have been multiple motivations contributing to her disappearance.

    I have asked this numerous times… HAS SOMEONE FOUND OUT WHAT HOSSEIN “HOSS” BAGHDADI WAS DOING ON THE NIGHT MM DISAPPEARED? He has stuck out like a sore thumb, to me, but no one seems able to mention his name accept for me. He stated that she talked about running away and I can’t find anyone else that has made that claim. He said she was sleeping around before others were.

    The KM and SA comments stating that MM was “going upstairs” could be something. Would you lie about somethings like this if your dear friend vanished? I would tell everything I could think of.

    As far as MM’s promiscuity goes. I had a friend that changed into another person in college. Very sketchy, stealing, promiscuity, secretive. Came from a high achieving family. I think a duality is created in people that are pressed into success. There is too much freedom and hyper-sexuality at college for them to resist. And college is the place where people let their freak flag fly. I’m not surprised by any of it and it does not change my image of MM.

    As far as sleeping with those with power over her goes. There are people that always try to sleep with the boss. Who is she supposed to sleep with, the janitor? Maybe men in power positions are just attractive to her. Maybe its a way to get on top. Maybe these are just the people that took time to get to know her because their positions required it.

    Now for the slightly amended scenario in the next post -

    1. Dude I am very curious about Hoss' whereabouts at that time. I feel like I've mentioned that before although I'm not positive, but either way I've wondered that for a long time.

      I feel you on that, as well as on the passive-aggressive bullshit going down in here. The whole comment section on this post reads like everybody's half drunk.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. So, would Maura drive to NH, alone in her vehicle, and then be followed, unbeknownst to her, by the individual who impregnanted her with the intention of killing her so as not to get in trouble for sleeping with her and/or not become a dad? And then, take advantage of an the unscripted accident; follow her when she ran; and/or be waiting down the road conveniently there to pick her up and then kill her?

      People who kill through "passion" (whether that's love, hatred, jealousy, rage, etc. - all passion), do it in a flash, with great overkill - not through some planned, spy-novel like process.

      How far could Maurua run in 7 minutes? I'm curious if anyone who is in that area/been to the accident site who is a fast runner as she was has timed a run.

      My sense is she wanted to get away from the accident. Facts include she was intoxicated (drinking obvious in car); she was in a raw emotional state (as described by people who observed here days leading up to); she planned to be gone past the day classes would have started (she emailed her professors so they wouldn't wonder where she was and eventually think it odd and report her missing , thus sending someone to her room only to discover she was packed and ready to go.

      So how long was she planning to be gone? We know she planned to return to UMASS because if she planned to just "disappear" she wouldn't have bothered to pack her room (a) and she wouldn't have sent an email to her professors (b). The email part clearly says she was looking to "buy time". She wanted X amount of time to be able to "disappear" during which no one would questioin why she wasn't around and start looking for her (a) and then when they didn't find her perhaps contact her emergency contacted listed with the school and/or report to police (whatever the UMASS policy was at the time). (b).

      I like my theory she was getting away to "get away" - as a break from her reality and the pain of her reality; to drink; to gorge food and purge without people judging her.

      But maybe she had a mission; a destination; in which case she never got there because of the accident. Still, her plan was to return to UMASS as noted above.

      So now she's at an accident scene and decides to run. In her intoxicated and emotional state she makes the decision she can't stay because she'll be arrested for DUI.

      How far can she get in 7 minutes? She knows police will be arriving so I would think s he would run a certain distance and then head off road. She's intoxicated so she's likely not feeling too great between the cold and the running, so she what?? ... rests somewhere out in the woods. Police would be gathered around her car, asking questions of people in the neighborhood who gather by her car. The first thing they will think is she went into one of the neighbors house. It would be what?? 30 minutes, mabye more, before the police realize she's not with someone, that she's missing.

      How long was it before police sent a car to look for her? Before dogs were brought in for search?

      That number - that amount of time before officials launched an actual ground search for her is the real amount of time she had to get away (not the 7 minutes).

      So, now she's away from the scene. Then what:
      1. Someone who was following her with the purpose of harming her picks her up and kills her and disposes of her body, and then returns to their life at UMASS where, upon being interviewed by police never cracked?
      2 A stranger is driving by and sees her, pulls over, offers her help and she accepts - a crime of opportunity.

    4. Good post, Annie. When determining the cause for an event or series of events, one should always consider the simplest explanation (Occam's Razor principle).

      Here, the simplest explanation for Maura's trip to N.H. is that she was looking to get away for a few days, not that she had concocted some sort of elaborate plan to escape her life which involved a chase vehicle, staged accident, and packed dorm room designed to confuse law enforcement.

      Maura may well have been distraught over an unforeseen event in her life. However, that does not mean that her disappearance was another result of the same unforeseen event. Could the two concepts (e.g., unforeseen event and disappearance) have been connected? Sure, but it is also possible that they were not. In other words, I think it is erroneous to take it as a given that the cause of Maura's trip was also the cause of her disappearance.

      Likewise, the simplest explanation for her disappearance is that she took a ride with the wrong person, not that she was the victim of a convoluted plot hatched by someone who she knew at college to cover-up a pregnancy or silence her for some other reason.

      The idea that she was followed by someone seems far fetched. It is a long way to follow someone from Massachusetts to Northern N.H. Nothing I've read indicates that there was a vehicle immediately behind Atwood's vehicle which he observed pull over.

      My gut feeling is that Maura got into a stranger's vehicle willingly.

    5. Actually, statistically speaking, the simplest explanation is absolutely, positively NOT that she was killed by a stranger. The odds of that happening to her are so incredibly low compared to her being killed by someone she knew.

    6. Rose White-- You are correct. I guess that I view Maura's disappearance as a circumstance where the statistically most-likely explanation (e.g., killed or abducted by someone she knew) and the simplest, most straightforward explanation (e.g., killed or abducted by a stranger) are not the same. That is logically contradictory, and my analysis has an inherent vulnerability as a result.

      That said, Maura was far away from college, her acquaintances, and home in general at the time of her disappearance. Unless she was followed--or there was some other sort of plan which involved the accident (or could somehow take advantage of the accident) and for which her disappearance was the ultimate end--it would seem unlikely to me that someone she knew caused her disappearance. Obviously, I am a skeptic when it comes to the arguments that she was followed or that some sort of elaborate plot was at work in her disappearance.

    7. Joe - yes I see what you are saying. However, even using Occam's razor, to me anyway, it is no small thing to say that the simplest explanation is that Maura was murdered that night. I mean surely Maura was hiding from any vehicles she saw, and then if she does take a ride out of desperation, that one person just so happens to murder her and there is absolutely zero evidence pointing to him in ten years? He dumps her body and no one finds it? How far into the woods could he have gone with her body in the winter?

      How many cars drive that one road on a winter's night and on a Monday after 8 pm? It cannot possibly be that many. I have never been there, but that area is very remote and not near a major metropolitan area. I am not saying it is impossible that Maura met the rarest kind of killer under those conditions, but I find it to be highly improbable.

    8. For what it's worth, I've heard that Occam's Razor is often misinterpreted. He didn't say "the simplest explanation is most likely to be correct," but actually something more along the lines of "the simpler the explanation, the easier it is to analyze" (in order to determine whether or not it may be correct). AND he was speaking specifically about the interpretation of scripture, as he was a religious scholar.

      Also, while it's true that "stranger murder" is statistically rare (and, thus, less likely to be the case in this or any other instance, than murder by a loved one or other acquaintance) -- the fact is, it was equally unlikely that any other victim of this type of crime would meet that fate. Each of Ted Bundy's victims had an equally low chance of falling prey to stranger murder; and yet, the fact remains that all of them did.

    9. I will certainly concede that stranger murder is possible. In fact, if a young woman goes missing and there are no leads, then stranger murder is more likely than not. But here is where I distinguish Maura's case from the victims of Ted Bundy: Ted Bundy would have NEVER gotten a girl out on rural road in the middle of the night in winter. He was a typical predator in that he stalked young women where he knew he could find young women: a college campus. Additionally, none of Bundy's victims had packed up there room and said they were leaving for a week.

      Maura was not a prostitute in the city; she was not walking home late near or on a college campus. Heck, she was not even in her own apartment and got murdered. She was in a very unlikely spot to have encountered a predator. Now, again, I will conceded the possibility, but her case does not fit with a woman killed by a stranger predator.

      Predators go to their victims; they do not wait for their victims to come to them.

      Yes, a predator could have "lucked out" and gotten Maura alone with him in his car, but that would have to be the world'd most insane coincidence.

    10. I think that what's more likely than either "murder scenario" is Maura getting picked up by someone who decided (whether in advance or on the fly) to commit a lesser crime of opportunity, most likely robbery. Especially if Maura let slip that she was carrying a lot of cash (whether "a lot" is $200 or $4000).

      Dude stops the car in the middle of nowhere, goes for the cash, Maura runs and in the process becomes lost or injured and succumbs to the elements.

      I don't know if anyone here has ever run away from someone who is trying to commit a criminal act against them. I have, and at least in my case, the "natural" inclination in the moment was to take a chance on an obstacle that would possibly dissuade the criminal for continuing the chase.

      A lot of 112 runs right along the river, and if I were in Maura's shoes that's probably what I'd have gone for. And judging by Renner's past post on the river's level in the winter/spring, I doubt she'd have made it across.

    11. All good points. I was oversimplifying Occam's Razor a bit. And it is certainly true that a college campus or similar environment is a far superior environment for a person who commits random crimes against young women than a rural state highway in Northern N.H.

      That said, serial killers, rapists, and similarly unappealing folks have operated in rural areas--for example, the Connecticut River Valley Killer.

      And I am not saying that it is a given that Maura's death is related to someone who has committed numerous crimes (e.g., serial killer). My thoughts are more general--e.g., that she ran into someone who ultimately caused her death.

      Botched Robbery? Rape? Thrill kill (like the teenagers who murdered Kim Cates in Mont Vernon, NH)? Serial killer who was passing through? I have no idea which of the foregoing, if any, is more likely than the others. I will only go so far as to say my sense is that she was picked up, and ultimately killed by, a stranger or group of strangers. I could well be wrong. Many of the people closest to Maura seem to have more than their share of secrets and troubles.

      Further, you will note that I never use the term "local" before "dirtbag." I recognize that, if Maura was killed, it is more likely it was someone local. That said, some particularly infamous people have operated over large areas of the country. Israel Keyes and Ted Bundy are two examples.

    12. Joe just to be clear, I'm not trying to discredit anything you've put forth. You seem to have a logical angle on the case, and given that the outcome is unknown, that's really the best anyone can do.

      I just haven't seen the "robbery gone wrong" scenario put forward before and to me it makes a lot of sense at least as something to consider.

      Also, in reference to your serial killer examples, just as food for thought, I've noted before that Israel Keyes has been specifically ruled out in Brianna Maitland's disappearance, but not in Maura's. I read an account of a woman who got cold stopped (like, intentionally cut off by a truck) driving down the highway in the middle of nowhere in Washington by a dude who was almost certainly Israel Keyes (based on her after-the-fact ID) and had the wherewithal to drive away.

      So you never know...

    13. @Johnez--Thanks . . . definitely didn't think you were trying to discredit anything I said. I just wanted to elaborate a little bit more. I hadn't really thought about a theft scenario until your post, and I think the general idea that an attempted robbery might have something to do with Maura's disappearance is a good one. That's so regardless of whether Maura died in the course of escaping from an attempted robbery (as you suggest) or something caused the robber to kill her. There are a lot more thieves out there than serial killers!

      Of course, all of my theories/posts assume that Maura is dead. There are lots of people who think to the contrary, and, since no body has been found, their theories are worth considering. On the other hand, we're now over 10 years out from her disappearance and nobody has seen or heard from her. I recognize that people can, and do, disappear intentionally. I guess I tend to be a little pessimistic and thus have a hard time imagining she's alive.

      Regarding Brianna Maitland's disappearance, I've never been able to figure out why the police seem so convinced that it is unconnected with Maura's disappearance. The facts and circumstances have numerous similarities.

    14. Jhonez - I like your thought of the robbery. It is straight forward and very plausible. He must have kept her booze.

      Where's her booze?

      If not a swift death, then why take the bulk of her hooch? Does that say intent? You would only take what you think you need, so the alcohol fit that bill. To what end?
      Don't think of her as a suicide, more as a person with a counter-ego.

    15. The booze is just about the most confounding thing in the case to me.

      If she was in a crash with an impact sufficient to visibly damage a box of wine, I'd have to imagine the odds of at least one of the glass liquor bottles shattering would be in the range of 95%.

      And I'm unclear (I feel like there are conflicting reports?) on what exactly she bought aside from Kahlua and a box of wine, but I feel like I've heard there may have been a 6-pack of Skyy Blue or some comparable heinous malt beverage; IF that is true (which it may or may not be) if that was in the car at the time of the crash there would be broken bottles 100%.

      That's actually the primary reason I think it's at least worth considering that there could have been a "tandem driver" or other party in whatever capacity that Maura was trying to meet (and, along with that, if there was another party involved in the trip, it's highly likely that it was a woman)--in my mind there's a distinct possibility that the booze was not in her car in the first place. Of course...

      1. It's possible that the booze was indeed shattered in the trunk and police just didn't release that information.

      2. For all I know, she could have bought it for an underage friend or something and been rid of it before she left Amherst.

  11. MM drops drunk dad off at hotel and goes partying in his new car. She wrecks it and knows she is screwed. The cop takes pity on her because she bursts out crying with how this wreck will ruin her academically, financially, legally, relationally, a criminal record, and he just has the car towed back to the hotel with her (odd, never heard of a wrecked car being towed to a hotel, always a repair shop).
    She wakes up FM and confesses the car wreck and in the process also confesses the credit card fraud, the deal with the prosecutor to keep her record clean and how the wreck could ruin her if it is reported on her record.
    FM flays her verbally and emotionally and tells her that it may well still come back to bite her because he's not taking a hit on his insurance rates, paying for the damage, and she can kiss the $4k and newer car goodbye. Rather than helping to calm her down and reassure her, he purposely leaves her on the brink of an emotional collapse because he believes she deserves to feel the anguish.
    Not knowing if the wreck will comeback to her and create a chain reaction that will devastate her life she is left at a breaking point. She goes back to her room and overcome with emotions she packs all of her things because her life is over. She realizes she needs to clear her mind and refocus so she tries to get a cabin somewhere close that she has been before, emails her professors, possibly invites a friend, and takes off towards an area that has been a place of serenity to her in the past. And why not?.....if the wreck ruins her deal with the prosecutor then she if f#cked anyway, might as well have a nice relaxing week in the mountains. Withdrawals most of her money to help have a good week, buys some booze and heads towards the fateful spot.
    She has a prearranged meeting spot, but wrecks before reaching it. In the emotional fog she decides to run on foot to avoid a DUI arrest. With some of the booze in her bag she runs to the designated meeting area or was leading the way to the cabin and knows the Tandem Driver will be right along so she walks back towards them.
    At this point she realizes that she really is f#cked because a DUI arrest will cause her deal to be broken giving her a grand total of one DUI, a fraud/ identity theft conviction, permanently booted from the nursing program, not to mention the hate coming from dad because his new car has $10k of damage she can't pay for, and now she doesn't even have a s#!t box car to get to a job she will need after serving some time in jail.

    In her mind, the writing is on the wall. There is only ruination by going back. Perhaps she doesn't even go to the meet up spot and just hitches rides until people start speaking French, or she does meet up with Tandem Driver and spills her guts in a booze-fueled epic train-wreck meltdown. Her friend vows to keep the secret and helps her as far as possible.

    I say friend because if it was a boyfriend she would have only needed a one bedroom cabin or a studio and she looked for a two bedroom.

    She could have still been pregnant in the midst of all of this. Perhaps the friend was whomever she thought was the father.

    Perhaps she wanted that particular cabin due to familiarity of her and Tandem Driver.

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  13. Sure, Maura was promiscuous. So are many people her age--male and female alike. We should not, however, assume that her promiscuity at college in Massachusetts somehow caused her disappearance from the side of a road in rural Northern NH unless relevant evidence establishes a connection. For example, if there is evidence that, on the night of Maura's disappearance, someone with whom she had an existing or recently ended sexual relationship was: (a) in the area where her car went off the road, or (b) could have been in the area where her car went off the road (e.g., no alibi and an opportunity to follow or meet Maura), then such a person should certainly be looked more closely.

    Maura may well have been in Northern N.H. on the night of her disappearance as a result of a life which was at best stressful due to her choices and tendencies, sexual and otherwise. It is not, however, certain that the reason(s) she decided to flee from her life at college are associated with actual cause her actual disappearance.

    With due respect to the many dedicated posters on this board who have developed numerous plausible theories, my best bet is the random dirtbag. I am not particularly persuaded by the argument that the chances of encountering such a person late at night on a rural road in NH are extremely low. The chances of encountering a murderous psychopath are astronomically low regardless of where one is at any given moment. Unfortunately, a person who preys on the vulnerable will not stop doing so just because he or she is passing through a rural area. A young woman whose car has been wrecked on the side of the road when it is cold and dark outside presents an appealing target for many different types of criminals.

    Alternatively, I think it is possible someone gave Maura a ride somewhere and that she thereafter walked into the woods and succumbed to the elements or otherwise found a way to commit suicide. The person who have Maura the ride did not do anything criminal (besides helping Maura flee the scene of the accident), but is afraid to divulge what they know for fear of being branded as a killer.

    1. Joe M. - I am interested in your theory because I've held it for short periods of time.

      If you could put yourself in the shoes of the "random dirtbag," how did it go down? Not challenging you, but I would like to run through a plausible scenario. From what I have read here, neighbors were intermittently watching the incident through their windows. They saw a "flurry of activity" was this before or after BA? Did they see other cars pass after BA, but before the police? How does the dirtbag get her into the car. She already turned down BA.

      The "flurry of activity" makes me think she knew she had short time and had to grab her booze and run, or grab the booze and get into Tandem driver's car. If she had time would she have grabbed all of her other stuff? I think so, but she grabbed most of the things she wanted for the weekend. Don't think she was running away with evidence because she left the empty box of wine in the car right? Along with the cup it was in and the cops found where she poured it out. The window of time is impossibly small I don't think it could have went down at the scene. Renner's radio interview is right about SKs hunting like Lions.

      If she was killed by a random, this is my scenario: MM grabs the booze and runs down the road in the direction that she was headed in her car. Rick Forcier sees her running, but doesn't know her. She is at some point hit by a motorist and rather than calling the cops they drag her body into the woods probably because they are drunk or high. Almost the same exact thing happened a few miles south of Indianapolis.

      The other scenario would be she hitches rides and get into the wrong car.

    2. As far as the "flurry of activity" goes, I think there is a good chance it was just that Maura was shook up and was checking out her car to see what got damaged in the crash. Does so doing really accomplish anything? No. That said, many of us (me included) do not tend to think in a particularly logical fashion after we've been through a sudden, jarring experience like a car accident.

      It is also possible that she might have opened up the doors or trunk as she moved around the vehicle, perhaps looking for a coat or sweater to keep warm with which she had thrown in the car prior to leaving college. Maybe she thought she could toss some of the booze in the woods, but changed her mind for reasons unknown.

      So, Atwood comes by and she declines assistance. This does not surprise me. Maybe something about Atwood scared her. He was, after all, an older, unusual-looking man driving a school bus. In the movies, that is exactly the type of person with whom you are not supposed to cast your lot when in need. Just because Maura declined help from Atwood, it is not certain that she declined help from another person who happened to pass by. Further, it could just be that Maura was so agitated by the crash that, although she declined help from Atwood, she change her mind moments after he departed and decided she would ask the next passer-by for assistance.

      Random Dirtbag comes by sometime after Atwood. He tells Maura something similar to the following. He can help get her car out of the ditch and that they can then pull her car to a local garage. He'll help Maura get out of her predicament and there is a chance they can do so before the police show up. He knows a hotel where Maura can spend the night. He's sure they can figure something out. Would Maura like to jump in and warm up for a bit while he goes back to his house (which is not far up the road) to get a chain/towing strap/pickup/SUV?

    3. con't:

      There are a lot of holes in the Random Dirtbag's pitch to Maura. There is a good chance that the police will show up at the accident scene within minutes. The car is obviously damaged to the point that it should not be towed by anything but a flatbed. If the stranger's house is nearby, he should be back shortly, so wouldn't it be better if Maura just stayed with the car to tell subsequent passers-by that there is no need to call the police?

      Again, I think there is a great chance Maura was in a very erratic state of mind following the crash (the booze wouldn't have helped things), so she decides to take the stranger up on his offer and jumps in with him. She was running away from her life at college now, for at least a few minutes, she would run away from a car accident which had ruined her evening and was certain to make things with her father worse.

      The fact that nobody in the houses across from the accident scene recalls observing a conversation like the one described above is not particularly meaningful. The dirtbag's pitch would've taken less than half a minute for him to make, assuming there was not much back and forth between he and Maura. His vehicle may have had power windows, so he might not have had to even leave the driver's seat to talk to Maura.

      Maybe he drove by the scene, slowed down, and dimmed his lights. A car could have passed by the scene (and the line of sight for the people in the houses near the accident scene) very quickly. If you close your eyes while watching traffic, you will note that even slow traveling vehicles pass through our line of sight in a hurry.

      It is also possible that Forcier's observations of the jogger are correct and she ran into the random dirtbag some distance off the road. I tend to be skeptical of Forcier's observations, but I do not discount them entirely.

    4. con't:

      In conclusion, something material to Maura's disappearance could have happened during a short period of time when nobody had their eyes on the accident scene. I do not recall that there is any evidence which establishes that any of the people in the houses near the scene maintained constant observation from the time Atwood encountered Maura until the police arrived.

      It is worth keeping in mind that human memory and vision are highly fallible. Eyewitnesses routinely make mistakes concerning events which they observed happening near them in broad daylight. Here, Maura's crash occurred at night and all of the witnesses besides Atwood observed the scene from some distance away through the windows of their houses. Under those circumstances, it is not a stretch to think that a person could have lured Maura into their vehicle without being noticed, especially if they stopped a little ways up the road and yelled or signaled to Maura to approach.

      As for the rag, I tend to believe that it was actually in the tailpipe when she left Massachusetts. As long as the rag did not obstruct the tailpipe too much, the car would still run. The rag might work its way out due to some combination of vibration, pressure from the exhaust, the force of the impact when Maura hit the snowbank, etc. People tend to believe all sorts of ridiculous home remedies about how to make their cars run better, and I am inclined to think that this is one part of the puzzle where Fred is not hiding information or being misleading.

    5. I ditto everything you posted here. A crime of passion -killed out of emotion of rage, anger, jealousy, fear etc. by a father; a baby-daddy, a professor; etc. would be considered if a murder- is not done through some elaborate plan. These are murders that typically happen accidentally (pushed down the stairs; struck in the head) without the person planning to kill - they are acting out their deep, violent emotion and the person is killed. Or, if they do it with a weapon, they show up unannounced and kill the person. So, I'm not buying she was abducted and killed by a person with an emotional attachment.

      She wanted to get out of dodge for a break. MM is an addict. She's addicted to food; alcohol; greed - those are all addictions. You don't steal and buy pizza if you "need money". You steal and buy groceries or a school book. Buying pizza and make-up shows ENTITLEMENT. What do addicts do? What are they motivated to do when faced with a situation that is unpleasant and which they can't deal with emotionally? They run away to their addiction.

      So she ran away from her problems as so perfectly stated Joe M. She's going back to UMASS to get her stuff. She figures she's given herself a few days before professors notice she's missing and alert the school which would then inquire where she is.

      She's also intoxicated or at least her inhibitions are impaired when she flees the scene. She has way more than 7 minutes. Police show up assuming the driver will be by the car and when she's not they figure she's will a neighbor using a bathroom or whatever. They don't immediately start a ground search for her.

      What's her immediate goal? She doesn't want to be found. She's not a girl with a plan. A girl with a plan doesn' t steal a credit card and buy pizza. She's not a girl who thinks ahead and plans for contingencies. She's an impulsive girl who drinks too much and acts out of immediacy - as seen with the credit card/pizza incident; the stealing make up incident, etc.

      So she leaves the scene, mabye its a full hour before police start any formal search for her on the roadways and wood. Even if it's 30 minutes, she can be on another road in 30 minutes.

      Crime of opportunity.

    6. Annie, I think you an I are mostly on the same page with our thoughts. That doesn't mean we are right. I am, however, glad to see that my analysis is not a total outlier.

      As a longtime follower of this blog, I sense that more and more "evidence" and theories based thereon are being tossed around which inherently assume that some sort of complex plan (criminal or otherwise) was the cause of Maura's disappearance. As someone with numerous family members who work in law enforcement, I can say with certainty that convoluted plots and conspiracies are the exception, not the rule.

    7. Joe M, and anyone reading this entry, here's the big question: What would propel MM from "running away and living under a false identiy"? Where does this come from? What would be her motivation? People "flee" the country or "go into hiding" when they've maybe murdered someone and have been caught. Her addictive, self-medicating behavior which she showed signs of starting in early teen years, says she's not someone who looks for ways to improve her life or tackle her problems. Is her life so horrible she would assume a fake identify and live under a false name for the rest of her life? Give what we know, it borders on absurd.

      Also, investigators would have looked to validate the 4K. The Dad would be expected to prove where that money went. Investigators would track the money (re-deposted in an account, or look, here, I have 3K left, I spent 1k on this that and the other thing).

      Her UMASS friends not "speaking" may not have anything to say to the anyone not part of the police investigation because they don't want to say anything unkind. I know if a friend or family member was missing, I would not speak to anyone outside official investigators.

      I do believe investigators have more detail that helps eliminate these theories (school records; phone calls; medical records, etc.).

      More of my 2 cents.

      She's what pscyhologists call "a number and a runner". She's learned to cope with problems and stress in her life by numbing herself and seeking a sense of control (booze, gorging and purging; running to different men in search of love and acceptance. She's not shown in all the years leading up to this weekend that she is the type of person who "makes changes".

      Joe M, I agree. All of the convoluted plots criminals come up with are typically played out with disaster and these peopel - far and few between - are caught.

      I could buy she was murdered during a crime of passion - incidental to someone getting angry with her and striking her and pushing her. But that would have been unplanned and that person would have a dead body on their hands in the dorm; an apartment; etc. These people are always apprehended, if not immediately, within a year or two.

    8. @Joe M quote:"People tend to believe all sorts of ridiculous home remedies about how to make their cars run better, and I am inclined to think that this is one part of the puzzle where Fred is not hiding information or being misleading."

      You might be right about that...But I am still undecided, whether to see the rag as a clue or jut a random coincidence...:

      Maura was described as highly intelligent. She was studying chemical engineering at West-Point and could solve her older sisters math homework. There was also a joke/phrase in the year book, about her being a genius.....I think she was not challenged in the nursing program and aiming low, because of her mental illness...(But that is just a thought and not a fact...)

      "Her UMASS friends not "speaking" may not have anything to say "

      The police hasn't found her after ten years. As a friend I would support an investigator...I don't think J. Renner is going to write a highly degrading book, but he is one who understands Mauras circumstances...otherwise he could have published it already, but he is still searching for an answer...Also Sara' phone is unlisted and she might have lied about the party and what was really going on. Kate was missing a few days after Maura disappeared. The police station, where she worked, was listed as one of the agencies involved in the case. (She also has a difficult family background, but I didn't like that Renner exposed it. He should have granted her anonymity. Therefore I can understand her being angry)

      Also calling someone "a number and a runner" is an insult..I agree with your following general analysis, but sometimes you sound judgmental..We can only form hypothesis's...Every theory so far has loopholes...
      As you said yourself: We don't have a diary, medical records.

      Forensic psychologists are careful to form an opinion without exploring the subject (patient)

      How ill was she? Did she attend 10 partys or just 2? And so on...

      "These people are always apprehended, if not immediately, within a year or two."

      Who are these people...: ? Amanda Knox or the Ramsey Family acted in passion...They are still free...Do you have numbers? The solving rate of murders in inner citys can be quite low: Around 60% in some areas...40% of those who kill, get away with it...

      Also if Maura was murdered in the woods/mountains...The murderer didn't have a problem to get rid of the body...

      Still, I don't have a favorite theory...I think 30% running away/30% committing suicide or accidental suicide/30% murdered by someone close/10% (and that's aiming high, because statistical it would be 1%) : a local dirtbag killed her....

    9. Blogwezen--you make a good point about Maura's intelligence and the rag. There's just not much to go on one way or the other about that piece of evidence. It is an "outlier" which has always puzzled me. Maybe Fred stuffed it in there and Maura, despite knowing it really didn't do anything, didn't want to waste the time to pull it out when the car managed to run anyways.

    10. Anyone who self medicates is doing so to "numb the pain". Anyone who suffers from an eating disorder - especially bulimia - is a "runner". They are running from internal emotion which they can't/won't deal with, runnng from feelings of a life out of control. Anyone who steals, repeatedly, for petty items/reasons, is stealing out of a psychological need to lash out at the people/institution from whom/which they are stealing. These are the acts of someone who numbs their pain and runs from their pain. MM was not a young woman who addressed issues in her life. She was passive-aggressive. That's my position about her behaviior. She's someone who has gone through life numbing her pain and running away from it - not someone who addresses it and makes changes to her life in order to deal with what is giving her this pain.

      When people say, "you make me feel angry" or "your making me mad", it's really a misnomer. No one makes anyone feel anything. We feel a certain way because of how we internalize someone's actions. Each person internalizes in their way. MM clearly was a sensitive soul, who needed to feel an extreme control over her life. Which, ironically, leads this type of personality to spin out of control because ultimately, all people, will have periods and occurance in life when there is stuff they can't control, and for these people, it's eating disorders and booze and men etc. that are used as tools to feel in control. These tools - well, they are temporary, numbing, self-medicating and they mess up a life over the long haul.

      As I've said before, the only thing anyone can look at is "behavior" and since there is a lack of evidence (available, of course investigators have more), filter her actions through the behavior.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think this is a great idea, except I can't help but wonder (if Maura was, in fact, pregnant) if she'd passed the point where a safe, legal, medical abortion was an option. Women with Bulimia can experience major weight fluctuations and have irregular menstrual cycles. And, as a young athlete, Maura probably wouldn't have shown any visible signs of pregnancy for months.

      Or maybe she knew early on that she was pregnant, and she wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but she didn't want any paperwork that could identify her, the father of the child, or offer any counseling that might make her question her decision. That may explain the $4K in cash and the fact no one has ever come forward to report treating her.

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    5. The prescription pill, RU-486, is only effective if you are at least 5 weeks but no more than 9 weeks pregnant.I'm not sure how it was regulated/dispensed in 2004, but today you take one pill at the doctor's office and the other between 24 and 48 hours later. And the pain and nausea hits you hard and fast.

      A possible scenario: Maura got the pills in Massachusetts, took the first one, and decided to head to the mountains to take the next pill, recover, and relax in a place that made her happy. She pours herself a drink for the road out of relief/celebration/sadness, etc.

      If she was driving when the first pill took effect, the shock of sudden pain could have easily caused her to lose control of the car, especially if she was already tipsy from the booze. Any cop would call an ambulance for a stunned, bleeding woman who just wrecked her car and smelled like wine, whether she wanted one or not. She would have to call someone to pick her up and explain she was NH, crashed another car, and did it while drinking. It would be much easier to hide out somewhere and wait until she could safely return to her car.

      From there the story follows one of two popular theories: Maura was disoriented, got lost, and died in the woods, or a dirtbag came across her in a helpless state and killed her.

    6. Wouldn't HIPAA prevent hospitals and clinics coming forward confirming she was there? Seems like a few armchair analysts would know this.

    7. @Becki, HIPPA gets fuzzy when the info may relate to a crime (for all we know someone who treated Maura may have reported it years ago. That is definitely info LE would not reveal to the public.)

      Does Canada have a HIPPA equivalent? Would it apply to non-Canadian citizens? Could Maura have gotten non-emergency medical treatment in Canada?

    8. Probably someone should do the ground work and fax/e-mail Mauras photo to all abortion clinics in NH/MA/Canada (Quebec area) and ask if someone has seen her around 2004/2005. That she is still missing and her family is worried.

  15. I've always wondering about the track coach. My antenna went up when I heard that he supposedly stated that Maura was promiscuous with other men on the track team. That's a red flag--killers often defame their victims.

    On another note, if Maura was drinking during her trip to New Hampshire, I doubt she was planning to keep a pregnancy.

    1. I doubt it too. If Maura was pregnant, then she was planning on getting an abortion.

      BTW, if this baby was not Billy's, then I am very much so convinced that Maura had a "burner" in addition to her other phone. There is no way in hell that a woman who cheats on her boyfriend does not have a second cell phone.

  16. Question for @James Renner: So, in you post you said "But if she was murdered, it wouldn't have been some random stranger on the side of the road. It would have been a male she knew with some manner of authority over her.Lt. Scarinza believes Maura was pregnant when she disappeared. That's a good motive."

    So, you're saying if she was murdered, it was someone she knew and pregnancy is a good motive.

    Can you explain, in your theory, how this would work? Take us from the point where Maura gets in the accident and then leaves the scene.
    1. This male person she knows is following her with the intention of killing her - beknownst or unbeknownst to MM?
    2. This male person is in a separate vehicle and takes advantage of thie unplanned car accident to offer Maura help - or she knows he's following her in a separate vehicle so she runs off to his car and willingly gets in his car and then at some point he kills her? Police would have checked for hotel rooms checked in that night so it wouldn't have been in the immediate area. So he lures her from the car into the woods on some pretext there? Where does he kill her? What does he do with her body?
    3. What would motivate this male whom she knows to kill her during this weekend where he's more easily to be traced through credit card/phone activity, then say, asking her when they are F2F under day-to-day circumstances when no one is in earshot if she wants to go out for a burger or for a hike somewhere locally or visiting her in her room and smothering her with a pillow when she's sleeping? Why does the male in your theory pick this as the best option to murder her? If it's planned, which it would be if he followed her for this weekend, than the murderer with his intent would have thought this out.
    4. You said "pregnancy" is a good motivation for murder. So, are you saying the person who impregnanted her knew he was the father? All the males in her life that have had sex with her know she is having sex with others so would one of those males go through the brutual and horrible act of a (planned) murder over a pregnancy unless this person was certain this was their child through a paternity test? In which case, there would a record of that test so would that male think they would be an automatic suspect?
    5. You state in your post she would not have been killed by a random person. Can you explain why you take that position? There are many, many, many cases of woman being picked up by random men and killed. Why are you discounting this as a possibility in Maura's case?f What's your reasoning?

    I'm very interested in you delving more into your mind set, and explaining why you've come to these theories.

    Thank you!

    1. I think James is probably saving that explanation for the book. ;)

    2. 5: Simply, statistics...There is the movie factor...:We think serial killers are common. They are not...In Germany the rate is over 90% that the true murderer is a family member/friends/teacher and so on...And serial-killers often choose jobs, where they can get close to the victim...So why a random person? And why did Fred choose the word random? (Suspicious)

      4: Maura could have told him, that during a certain time period she lived monogamous.

      3+4: Maybe it wasn't planned...Here friends informed him, that Maura was planning an abortion and he did not like it...Followed her in a car and was not a tandem driver...(She drove with someone else...) A male...It comes to a fight an Maura died accidentally...There are millions of ideas...

      There are different scenarios: I always play out extreme scenarios as an inspiration...

      Maura left the track team...Did not attend certain kind of partys anymore. Or still attended partys, but felt different about them. Or was remembering guys who gave her drinks frequently... She puts 2 + 2 together = date rape drug. (There is a study that women experience that kind of rape, even feel worse than women, who are conscious.) She first confided into Kate and later Sara, both attended those partys, too...And both of them did not want that to come out...(Using the swimming pool or basement of their dorm (Side note: Would explain going up) since those activities could lead to being expelled they weren't happy about Mauras thoughts. And maybe one of the girl friends was the ring leader: Organizing it

      So Maura was driving to NH to have the abortion. Only missing a few days of school...Therefore, the Mail. Fred knew by now...That was why he drove up to MA... After the accident took place, she told her friends that she was going to report the guys in question to the authorities and need their help. She was terrified of Fred, but was willingly to give her the 4000. (For the abortion/booze/drugs)
      Sara and Kate did not believe the story or were selfish, so they informed the fathers in question. Sara/Kate or the guys drove up to NH and confronted her...It went out of hands...They buried here at the white mountains...(Her favourite place...Only experienced hikers can go up there. NH is very rural...and it is nearly impossible to find a person in certain areas)
      You could create a similiar story with Fred, but since he could be a mourning father, I am not going to do that...The dorm room was packed up by Sara or Kate....(Not sure about the rag in the tailpipe: Maybe Fred was at the accident scene earlier and staged a different kind of protect his daughter...Drunk driving would have been huge trouble for Maura..I haven't thought this through, yet )

    3. It is so dark on 112 and the road is so narrow that I don't feel anyone would identify gender aka female. Maura would either have to flag down a driver or someone would have had to hear the accident on the scanner to know a female was on foot and then go looking.

      I feel she is alive or a very local dirt bag that lives very close took her.

  17. This site has gone off the rails. With Renner's bizarre posts recently, and the taking over of the posts that aren't at all related to a discussion of MM and her story (which, btw people, is what this site is about) I think I need to take a break from here for awhile. I'm sorry, but I am not seeing any proof of what a Renner is staring, and much less interested in whatever personal in fighting is going on. (I stopped reading after ginormously long post #3.)

    Best of luck getting a word in edgewise to those who stick around!!

    1. Yes, this site has gone off the rails. 3 men say they had an orgy with Maura, so it has to be true, because, you know men never lie, or women for that matter, (So I'm not accused of being a feminist.) and now someone that's works at Verizon, is a profiler now, due to "insight" and "life experience"

  18. Errr, it's an open blog. You're right moderngirl. It sounds like it's time for you to move on. G'luck.

  19. To all: it seems some of my comments have been misconstrued as argumentative and jealous in nature. My apologies. I have no other explanation because I know that some of you understand what I was saying. And for those of you that dont, I can only say that I hope you always find sure footing so that every strong wind that comes your way does not blow you over ;) Have a good weekend everyone!

  20. Annie Blanchette, So your a Doctor now? "Becki, yes, well than you didn't take your BC as directed. That literature that comes with every prescription clearly states certain medications can interfer with the effectiveness of BC, including and especially antibiotics." You think you know everything about everybody! I took my Pills in 1989. There was no literature about adverse affects concerning antibiotics. And as an earlier person stated, yes I was talking about what Liz Vann stated-"(many women become pregnant on the Progestin only "low hormone". I guess my friend didn't follow directions when she was implanted with Norplant. She became pregnant and miscarried. You know,about Norplant I'm sure, since you seem to know everything.

  21. Annie Blanchette, "But I believe my insight (or at least the insight I feel I have) is based on life experience". So that's what makes you argue with people that don't share your opinion on birth control? I guess Chefsgirl, And myself don't know how to use birth control according to you, because after all your "insight" trumps what really happened to two separate women you don't know,when it comes to birth control.

  22. Lots of comments on here about Maura and the possibility that she was getting an abortion. I don't discount the possibility entirely, but it seems like a bit of a stretch.

    It seems to me that, when she didn't show up to whatever sort of appointment(s) were scheduled in relation to the abortion, someone would have put 2 and 2 together and reported it to the cops or leaked info to the media, HIPAA notwithstanding. After 10 years, I suspect someone would have said something.

    I have no idea what, if any, abortion clinics are even available in Northern N.H. I would assume, though, that some sort of appointment has to be made prior to the actual procedure. My assumption is that having an abortion is not the type of thing where you just show up. I stand ready to be corrected if I am wrong on that account.

    None of the searches on Maura's computer immediately before her departure from Massachusetts related to obtaining an abortion, at least none of the ones we know about. I still think the most likely explanation for Maura's trip is also the simplest one--she was distressed about something in her life, or perhaps life in general, and just wanted to get away for a few days and drink away her problems.

    Again, the fact that she was interested in accommodations for more than one person does not necessarily mean there was a concrete commitment made by someone else to meet her. Maybe one of her friends backed out on going with her. Maybe she was so shook up before leaving that she (somewhat irrationally) assumed that a friend would come up to meet her if she had a room waiting and ready to go. And, of course, I have yet to see any evidence that Maura actually booked lodgings of any sort, regardless of the number of rooms.

    1. I spent a few years volunteering at very busy Planned Parenthood that offered abortion services, Women fill out a form indicating how they prefer to be contacted (email phone, or regular mail), and how PP should identify itself when contacting a patient (PP, "the doctor," or "Lee").

      Women do have to schedule an appointment, but are given the pill or have the surgical procedure at that first appointment. The patient signs consent forms promising to return for a follow up within a specified time period, but if she doesn't show PP will attempt to contact her 3 times via her preferred method, and then they drop it.

      PP definitely worries when a woman never returns for her follow up, but feel that contacting anyone besides the patient would actually put her at risk for violence or retaliation from her partner.

      Of course if Maura wanted an abortion she could've have gone anywhere, but if she went to a legitimate clinic they probably follow a similar protocol when it comes to protecting the patient's identity.

  23. Annie Thank you for your contribution and insight.

  24. Becki- Chill out cause it is not personal. I feel there has been some good posts here by a few including Annie. I think they are fair opinions and not pointed at anyone else but the case of Maura. I think Annie offered a loop around the case that really helps answer many questions.

    1. jwb, She made it personal. I mean who tells a stranger that they took their birth control wrong? I'm done here. I'm tired of reading 4 paragraph long theories about Maura written by a person who works at Verizon, but claims to have multiple degrees.

  25. I think it is helpful to know why Maura was acting the way she was. The CC theft, makeup theft, accidents, and car crashes etc... there is a pattern of trouble here and the trouble possibly caused her to run. To understand why she went to NH might put light as to what happened. That is all there is to go on at this point IMO,

    1. JWB, I agree. One question I have is ...had MM made a practice of leaving UMASS for weekends; had she previously left the campus to head off by herself or return home? What was her normal routine on weekends? Was MM taking off for a weekend completely out-of-character? Or, let's say she had taken off and then returned, and family/friends later found out, would this not even elicit a reaction because it was within character? In essence, was MM taking off for a weekend or a few days away from UMASS out-of-character?

  26. FYI- I live 20 miles from the scene and know the area very well

  27. More Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy - I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.

    Thoughts on MM -

    She stole small ticket items to improve her quality of life. A group of cops once told me that kleptomaniacs often don't use their stolen goods, they just steal to steal.

    She had an eating disorder that most college age girls have dabbled in to defray the effects of college life.

    She was intelligent, tough, and charming.

    She was deceptive, troubled, unlucky.

    She had a polished veneer and a counter-ego.

    1. Agreed - I especially like your last observation: "She had a polished veneer and a counter-ego" Bravo - that is a remarkable sentence.

      We see that in her bulimia and her inability to deal effectively and openly with her dysfunctional relationships. She prints the email exchange related to her boyfriend's infidelity and leaves it on top of one of the packed boxes in her room as a passive agressive way for her - for Maura Murray - to give voice to what she knows to be true and feels deep, bitter anger towards but which she doesn't have the inner tools to address.
      Additionally, my thoughts are: We know she was suffering from Bulimia, and it was a disorder she struggeled with as early as puberty. So it wasn't a "college thing" - and truly, bulimia isn't something people can "turn off and on". It's a deeply rooted psychological disorder manifested in deep secrecy. In fact, secrecy is a hallmark of the disorder. And, bulimics always gorge and purge in secrecy. It's quite usual for Bulimics to find places in their environment where they can eat and throw up in private I'm sure it was difficult for MM to find a secret place at UMASS where she could find a comfortable, safe, place of secrecy (where she felt comfortable) to engage in this behavior which, remember, helps her deal with stress and also numbs her. It's a drug to her. And like any addict, any plan that also includes the ability to engage in her addiction is appealing.

      So, even if she had other reasons to leave for the weekend, the idea of being away from UMASS and people there with the freedom to drink and eat and enage in the activities she would be deeply shamed about without others around would be greatly appealing.

      But why this place, why NH near the WMNF? She didn't have camping equipment of clothing to sleep outdoors. But maybe she figured this would be a good place to hide for a week; a good place to find a cheap hotel (she doesn't have a lot of money). If she wants to kill herself, why would she drive all the way out there? People who decide to committ suicide ... do it. They don't make a grand procession out of it. She has her own dorm room. If she had decided to kill herself she knows a handful of Tylenol would do the trick. She's a 3rd year nursing student. She know what will kill her quickly

  28. In light of this new information on sex orgies: If maura was physically assaulted, would she tell her dad about it? Given his personality, I would think he would have stayed at school to report or do something about it instead of leaving the campus and going back to work. So did he know? Another question comes to mind why would she be meeting another man after what happened to her this sex party. If she was upset about this I would think that would be the last thing she would want to? So was she driving in tandem with a man, a friend or family member? Unless she was getting abortion and meeting the father? But if she knew she was pregnant why would she be going to a sex party knowing that she was going to get an abortion. This is one unstable girl? This does not make sense to self abuse like this.

    1. One thing we do not know is how long after the alleged orgy or orgies--Renner's post is not exactly clear on whether we are dealing with one orgy or a number of them--Maura's disappearance occurred. The bigger the gap in time, the more likely it is that the two events are unconnected. In other words, it would be hard for me to imagine that an orgy at College which happened several months prior to her disappearance really has any significance.

  29. Also, same thing, if he knew maura was getting an abortion would he stay and help her instead of leaving? So, did he know about it? Unless he was very angry, fed-up and disgusted with her behavior and made her deal with it and gave her some money.

    1. Abortion? Why drive all the way to this area for an abortion? Again, if she was pregnant and made the decision to abort, wouldn't she want to just get it over with as quickly and simply as possible? She's a nursing student. She's knows what and where her immediate options are right in Massachusetts near UMASS. She's a smart, clever girl. She know how to find - and use resources. Obtaining an abortion wouldn't be a challenge. Think about when something big has happened in your own life and you've made a decision about that big thing - aren't you eager to get on with that decision? Driving to NH seems out of the way for something that today is routine.

    2. Your point about the unusual nature of driving all the way to Northern N.H. for an abortion is well-taken. Logically speaking, even if she was scared of being spotted headed into a local clinic, she certainly could've gone somewhere a lot closer, but still sufficiently far from Mass., in Southern N.H. or Maine.

      Of course, Maura was not a particularly rational thinker. She was also a bit erratic. These are two of the things that makes this case so difficult. In fact, I rely on her irrational and erratic nature at several points in my analysis (e.g., my thoughts concerning why her interest in accommodations for more than one person are not important, possibility that, while she would not accept assistance from Atwood, she might from another passer-by).

      Still, when one combines the absurdity of traveling from Mass. to Northern N.H. for an abortion with the complete lack of any evidence that Maura made any appointments for medical services of any kind in Northern N.H. (see my post above), the possibility of her trip being related to an abortion seems doubtful at best.

    3. @Joe M, the fact she searched for a hotel with more than one room is likely just a search filter to expand her search. I book hotel rooms frequently and I often play with search filters to widen or minimize my search depending on the original results. She was planning to be away from school for a week per her email to her professors. So she would have wanted a place with a small kitchen or at least more than a bedroom in a B&B. Most places with a kitchenette type set up come with two bedrooms. When she searched for one bedroom, the results were too narrow - nothing popped for her geographical area so she widened her search to two brs. Or, maybe the default on the search engine she used was set to 2 bedrooms and she just added the zipcode and hit the search button. I think people are reading too much into the "2 bedroom search".

  30. Is MM "running away to start a new life? If she has some big, elaborate, bold plan (which would take significant cash and signifcant connections) to start a "new life", why is she picking up accident forms from the police before she heads out? Would she care? Why is her room packed? If the theory is she has a tandem driver coming from a different direction (otherwise, wouldn't they be driving together)?? coming in to meet up and help her with this plan, why not just have him /her pick her up near UMASS and then they head off together. If this is her support person, her help, her contact, wouldn't this person want to get MM in the dark of night say, at some designated meeting spot she could walk to from UMASS or a location she could access through public transportation? Wouldn't her abandoned vehicle left whereever this person picked her up later lead investigators to more easily follow her footsteps?

    I've done some research and know of no "group" that offers free service to help a young woman who randomly decides life is too difficult because of her situation start anew with a provided social security number and other credentials. This is a college-aged female with a drinking problem; petty theft charges; an eating disorder; and dysfunctional relationships. Is there anything there that merits interest and attention from some yet-to-be identified secret group that harbors/and/or helps people start a new life? Wouldn't such a group be flooded with requests from victims and wouldn't the vetting process to determine who made the cut likely exclude someone with Maura's compartively minor problems?

    Would/could MM do this on her own? Nothing in her past or recent life says she has the wherewithal to attempt - let alone pull off - the complicated process of assuming and maintaining a new identity. Up to this point, what has Maura done when faced with conflict - internal, personal or otherwise? She's self-medicated; turned to the releif her eating disorder activity provides; stolen. She's not been a woman of action or change. Her demons make her decisions. More accurately, the results of her demons (car accidents; stealing; etc.) shape her life. MM to the point of her disappearance has not been a woman who has taken her life by the bullhorns and done what needs to be done to get where she wants to be.

    It's unusual, highly unusual for someone to suddently change a personality pattern. Her life pattern to date had been to engage in temporary relief to separate herself from pain/stress/discomfort in her life (booze, food, etc.) and to act out in a passive-aggressive manner.

    IMHO that was her mindset for this weekend. The same MM.

  31. A young woman in the town next to my own - 17 or so years old - rode her bike to a nearby grocery store where she had a part time cashier job and disappeared. She was spotted pedaling down Rte 117 on a bright, Saturday, early afternoon by the many, many townspeople and others who drive and walk this route which cuts through neighborhoods and past several churches. She rode her bike to work frequently, and always took the same route. She would turn off 117 to an equally traveled main road and then to the supermarket just off this road. This day she never made it.

    Based on theory, police would later surmise a driver in a pick up truck pulled to the side of the road ahead of her and as she was riding close, stepped out asking her for directions or some other question that would get her to stop and hop off the bike. Then he grabbed her, maybe he had a weapon or not, and tossed her bike in the back of the truck and pulled her into the car. No one spotted this - no one reported seeing anything, but this was the theory.

    Years later her bike was found in a town forest nearby. That was the only item related to the girl ever found.

    This is an afluent town, in the middle of an affluent community with a lot of busy-bodies who report everything. The weekly police blogs for all the towns in the area read the same: suspicious car on a road that turns out to be a contractor; kids throwing water balloons at each other,a neighbor's front door was left open, could police come check it out etc.

    If someone can be abducted in the middle of a sunny afternoon from well-traveled streets in a tony area with a lot of stay-at-homes and civic-minded people who watch everything, it could happend on a dark night in a secluded area.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I do agree with you Annie, I was expressing the absurdity of the situation with my prevoius posts.
    I thought the same thing about a tandem driver with no cell phone records to indicate that she spoke with someone;why not drive together if such a person existed on campus. I think she was commming back, but leaving the dorm, possible to move home and change her clinical site. Or she maybe wanted to check out the area while she was gone for the week.
    possible look for a job and place to live.

    1. @Aries, that's a remarkable idea: The possibility that she was planning to spend the week up in NH to (1) yes, get away from judging eyes and drink/eat/purge and (2) assess the area for her next place to go to finish up her degress.

      She's already done this - she got booted from WP and found her way to UMASS for the nursing program. So we know she's not the type to throw in the towel when a school expels her. Getting tossed from WP would have been a huge embarrassment for MM given her need to seem "perfect" to people, but she was able to recover and get into UMASS.

      She has a school syllabus in her vehicle. She didn't pack tons of stuff. But she saw to it to grab the syllabus and pick up the accident forms from the local police needed for the dad-car-accident.

      There is much investigators know that has not been released. Maybe UMASS wanted her out of that dorm. Maybe a condition of the student she stole the credit card information from was that MM be moved out of the dorm. A victim has a big say in what a judge/court can agree to. The court would have asked the victim of this fraud to weigh in with a victim impact statement and to weigh in on punishment/outcome. So, maybe she had to leave the dorm and was told she would have to live off campus or was offered a shared room in a different dorm or on her own she decided she couldn't stay there because of her embarrassment.

      She emailed her professors so she know she wasn't kicked out of school.

  34. You are not going to find an abortion clinic in northern NH, you might have luck in Concord (an hour south).

  35. A couple posters have mentioned the absence of a body. Obviously, as long as no body is found, there is always a possibility that she is alive. That said, the absence of a body must be considered in light of the fact that the woods of Northern N.H. are vast, dense, and in-general an exceptionally difficult place to search. Further, in a few short hours, her body could have been moved to similarly remote areas in Maine or Vermont.

    I grew up in Northern N.H. Every few years, a hunter will stumble across skeletal remains which are then taken to the state crime lab to identification. Sometimes the remains are from a person who was last seen many years ago. Animals such as Coyotes and Bears can scatter human remains over a large distance.

    On an unrelated note, I think Maura's academic intelligence should always be considered in light of her tendency to make nonsensical decisions and engage in destructive behaviors. She washed out of West Point--and thus threw away an education which would have been a huge benefit to her for the rest of her life--at least partly as a result of stealing makeup. Notwithstanding the fact that she had previously been caught stealing, she used fraudulently obtained credit card information to purchase pizza while at UMass. In other words, she risked hugely negative outcomes (disciplinary action, including potential expulsion, from an educational institution) for bizarrely small benefits (pizza and makeup).

    Maura may well have been book-smart, but she was not a person who thought long-term. She could not balance risk against reward. If she could obtain temporary comfort, she would to so. It did not matter to her that obtaining the temporary comfort would come at the expense of a long-term benefit.

    Fleeing the scene of an unpleasant car accident (which possibly involved alcohol) is entirely in keeping with her personality. Maybe Atwood told her that he lived nearby and she realized that was not far enough away for her to get more than a few minutes reprieve from the authorities. Maybe, as discussed above, she just didn't like Atwood's appearance. In my opinion, none of that means that she would have turned down a ride from someone else.

    1. Exactly JM.

      Not only does MM consistently engage in behavior that shows she seeks immediate comfort and numbing without considering the long term impact, she repeatedly seeks this comfort through deeply, addictive activity that in and of itself tells us she's someone who hides from her problems -not faces them.

      So IMHO, this is not a woman who is going to take on the huge, emotionally-wrought, expensive, life altering, lengthy process of assuming a new identify and staring a new life.

      She's a year or so away from earning a nursing degree. She would have to toss all of that away - none of those credits would be available under a false identify. She may have a dysfunctional family, but that's what Maura knows - dysfunction. Under a microscope, people recognize the dysfunction in her relationships. But when you live with dysfunction, it becomes normalized. Maura likely didn't recognize her connections with her family as anyting but normal. So, she is going to sever all future ties with what she knows?

      I agree here with the Atwood response. A priest coudl have offered her assistance at the accident scene and she would have left. She's intoxicated. She wants to get away so the police don't find she's drunk and arrest her for DUI. Certainly they would have run her name and the previous accident would have popped. She would have had a field sobriety test.

      Maybe in her intoxicated state she figures she'll leave the scene, wander about, eventually get picked up by a police officer, or even she will call the police from some well lit place, say a store, or somewhere where she has cell service, saying she was in an accident; hit her head; got disoriented - but she'll do this only when she knows the alcohol has worn off and the risk of a DUI is gone.

      Not all abductors are serial abductors. Not all killers are serial killers.There are as many crimes in criminal history of people who commit a crime of opportunity - especially rape. There are no patterns or statistics for crimes of opportunity. They don't happen on certain nights. Some young, good looking guy offers her a ride, she's cold and intoxicated, and gets in the car. Maybe he pulls over and she tells him what has happened and that she just needs a warm car to sit in. Then something goes wrong.

  36. This shows that Maura is poly-amorous and often relied on intimate relationships with men for comfort and perhaps for acceptance. This is slightly sad really for a girl so attractive and who had so much going for her in all departments. But who is anyone here to make a moral judgement about that? Judge not lest ye be judged.

    What is clearly interesting in light of this is that we know Maura was distressed the night she vanished and possibly highly distressed in the week beforehand (the upsetting phone call when she was on duty). Did Maura reach out to one of her male 'friends' for comfort? Perhaps the reason she bought so much alcohol and took it with her from the car is that she was travelling to an intimate meeting? Then did something go wrong at this meeting with this mystery man? Perhaps a revelation of pregnancy, perhaps jealousy or betrayal?

    This is clearly a sensitive area of research but Renner has a responsibility to the truth, as do we all if we wish to find Maura. With Maura being so pretty I always felt the motive, if another person was involved, was always likely to be sexual in nature. Hearing about the possibility of multiple sexual partners in Maura's life only increases the likelihood of this possibility.

    It certainly adds weight to an argument that I had perhaps prematurely dismissed, that Maura was going to meet a guy to drink with the night she disappeared.

  37. Annie, can you rank for me how likely you feel the likelyhood of outcome might be based on what you know of her behaviors etc..

    !) run away
    2) suicide
    3) dirtbag


    1. JWB, IMHO, based on her behaviors/profile, someone picked her up and something went wrong. Maybe this person raped her and then became frightened and/or she accidentally died and he disposed of her body. I also equallly believe she could have died out in one of the many wooded areas.As you've previously noted, people die out in the Whites all the time with bones found years later. Animals scatter bones. Molly Bish's bones were found years later in a very, very, very small wooded area where her body had been for years, never discovered, despite ongoing and massive searches. MM isn''t healthy. She's a longtime bulimic which means her electrolytes are always off balance - especially her potassium which regulates heart. Most bulimics who die do so from their heart suddenly stopping. Factor in the longterm alcohol abuse and she's a ticking time bomb. So both of those share the top "liklihood spot".

      Based on her behavior, I don't believe she was suicidal. She didin't display any symptoms of depression in the months leading up to this trip. In fact, she was a survivor. She found tools - however dysfunctional - to live with her shame and desire for love and drive to show the world she was this perfect girl: Alcohol, food, men. These are tools people with internal pain use to continue to live. Also, in my experience, people who want to kill themselves do it without a lot of fanfare. They make the decision and they take a bottle of pills or they drive to bridge and jump. It's too much planning for a suicide - too involved.

  38. @Jared, I like your opening sentence, it captures the essence of MM and men: "This shows that Maura is poly-amorous and often relied on intimate relationships with men for comfort and perhaps for acceptance." This is a tool she uses for comfort and acceptance, just like she uses the self-medicating tools of alcohol and food.

    So let's say she has plans to meet someone in NH. Maybe this person is the one who ended up finding and booking a hotel room for them to stay. He wouldn't be someone from UMASS or even someone in the UMASS vicinity (say county) because then surely they would have driven there together.

    So it's someone she met on line, or someone she knows somehow, but someone she would have had to communicated with to plan the trip and get the details straight. There would be a communication trail - phone calls, emails - something. Investigators would have obtained all of the emails incoming and outgoing and all phone records - something would have panned out.

    The idea she had a "burner phone" doesn't seem realistic. She doesn't hide her activity. She hangs out / parties with people including men and isn't secretive about it. Her secrecy is centered around her binge drinking and eating and stealing. She wouldn't need a second phone for that.

    Also, is she had a "burner", she would need to buy minutes. If she purcahsed these on line, investigators would know. If she bought phone cards, it would be at stores in the area - remember, she didn't drive her car much and when she did it was in the general UMASS area. I'm sure investigators inquired at nearby stores.

    Then, if there was a room that had been booked at a hotel in the area and a young couple checked in that night or the next night, again, investigators would have found out. Every hotel in the area would have been contacted, and hotel staff aware of this big news story certainly would have reported a booked hotel room where people never showed or cancelled last minute.

  39. Annie,

    Question: where you a friend or are you affiliated with the Murray family in any way?

    Thank you

    1. @JWB, no, I'm not affiliated with the Murray family in any way. I remember the newsstory when she first went missing. I have a son, he's 15 now, but I remember thinking at the time what a nightmare this must be for her family, and how the pain of "not knowing" if anything happened to my child would be unbearable. A friend of mine mentioned this blog and I decided to check it out. That's my minimal "connection".

      Along this thought....I think it's impossible for anyone to understand Maura's dad. I've read here and through REDDIT and other blogs as well as have had conversations with folks who say the dad acted odd; is uncooperative; knows more, etc. But truly, what do we know? We don't know what he told investigators. We don't know the extent to which random people and all the people writing books and articles about the story call him and show up at his house. We don't know his level of emotional pain, and what that pain would do to him.

      But for anyone who is a parent, like me, we do know if our child went missing we would scrutinize everything police did and did not do. We would go crazy mad begging police and the FBI and investigators (real investigators, not random people who are intersted in the case) to do more. I know myself, personally, if anything tragic happened in my family I would not speak to the media. I know my entire family would be this way as well. We would hire a family lawyer and have a family spokesperson and we would work only through these avenues. We would not want a 3-ring circus to take place; we would not want to feed the frenzy of the many people out there who take pleasure in tragedy and twist is and make it their own Vietnam because they have an empty or sad life and feed off frenzy.

      I don't know her dad, but I do sense he loves his daughter and lives with great pain and internal ugliness and whatifs. People tend to act from the inside out. People who are insecure lash out at people who are secure. People who feel ugly tend to find fault with people they feel flaunt their beauty.

      I also think .... for many people...the thought that Maura is living under a new name gives the feeling of hope. And for others, the thought her Dad is involved gives that pack mentality often surfaced over political debate a "bad person" to blame. There are people who will rally around Casey Anthony's house and chant, and then there are others who will quietly cry and pray and mourn her dead child. All of this detracts from the facts - IMHO.

  40. I appreciate you replying to my question but I disagree with her fathers behavior and that of Citigirl a supposed relative of hers. I can understand frustration and anxiety but I don't understand minimal cooperation with LE.

    I think what happened before and after the Corolla crash is very important to understanding why she fled. After all, if she didn't flee then she would not be missing. Why she fled might give some answers unless it was a random dirtbag.

    Maura had a ton of demons to run from including Fred IMO.

  41. Annie,

    I dated a girl in HS and although I cared for her she showed many of the same behaviors as Maura. I recently found out that she was molested by her dad. I wonder if we may have the same situation here.

    1. She could have been molested. Anyting's possible. But I don't think her relationship with her dad is related to her disapperance. My understanding and sense in reading articles and firsthand accounts about her Dad and the investigators is he believes the police who responded and those initially involved in the search did a crappy job, that they were a bunch of local, keystone, bumbling cops who didn't act quickly enough. His contention is MM hit her head, was intoxicated, disoriented, and fled the scene by walking away from the accident down the route in the opposite direction from whcih she came. The police never sent a car out to look for her immediately after they arrived and realized she wasn't at the fact, it would be Feb. 11th - almost 48 hours after the accident - that the first official search in the area took place. My sense is MM's dad feels great anger about this delay. His sense is if police had sent a car out immediately to search for her, she'd be alive.

      What is the uncooperative activity you are aware of? I read he went to police interiews with a lawyer. Anyone with any brains should always go into any interview with police with a lawyer. Think of what politicians, wealthy, and other people with resources do: They go in with a lawyer.

      No offense intended to anyone from NH, but many of these small NH towns have insular police and "town hall" departments. If my child went missing in rural NH I would tap into every resource my extended family had and call in private investigators; call my senator; request the FBI and altogether be very difficult to work with in the eyes of the local, rural police department because I would question everything they did and didnt' do while my child was still missing.

  42. woa woa wait a minute Annie,

    If a daughter is molested by her dad the why put so much meaning into what the dad has to say about the events? You certainly have a Fred Murray slant from what i can read.

  43. Being molested by her dad had nothing to do with her disappearing??? Wow!!! If sh was molested by her dad and just crashed his car and then she took off how can you possibly say it has nothing to do with it,

    1. No, if she was molested - and we don't know she was - I do not believe she was running away from the man/men who were molesting her; got in an accident; and then fled that accident to continue to escape these men and eventually move on to a new life where she would remain hidden from these people.

      Nor do I beleive a secret "network" of do-gooders helped her escape a life of abuse.

      IMHO, MM is secretive; addictive by behavior; has always found a way in her life to get what she wants; seeks her ideal of perfection, but as she's aged and her negative, addictive behaviors have gotten in the way, her ability to present to the world that she is "perfect" became more difficult. Thus, because this ideal of perfection is important to her - the very drive that feeds her bulimia - , she's found other, passive-aggressive ways to obtain tis ideal/get what she wants.

    2. In short, up to the point MM disappeared, I do not see her as a "victim", other than a victim to her own behaviors; fears; and ideals.

      In fact, up until the point she disappeared, based on what I've read to be true and verified about her behavior and events, I see MM as more of a victimizer personality.

      To me, it appears she's learned what to do to get what she wants - although not in a direct, functional way. For example, I think she printe that email exchange about her bf's cheating as a way to allow herself to acknowledge it and release anger about it.

      I also believe the petty stealing (which, we know of two incidents but likely throughtout her life there are many - people don't suddenly steal in that manner), displays this passive-aggressive way in which she's embedded: The stealing gives voice (releases) feelings she has about someone/something which she can't release. (I'd venture to say she disliked some of the people in the dorm where she stole the credit card or maybe disliked peers in general who had more money than she did and had mixed feelings about WP).

      So, along this line, I don't see MM as a "victim" fleeing for her life when she headed to NH, or a "victim" fleeing a horrible life to start with a clean slate. From what I've read that's been verified, I see MM as someone who takes care of MM and gets where she wants to be and gets what she wants from people.

  44. Annie, you said if your child went missing you would not talk to the media....only Law Enforcement and Private Investigators??? Are you serious??? Are you aware that OVER 2,000 people a DAY go missing in the United States? Most do not get media attention - even a sentence written in a daily newspaper (especially if they are adults)! I work with families of the missing and believe me, they talk to WHOEVER will listen about their missing loved one - because that is how there loved one will likely be found - by attention from the media and tips from others/the public!!! Also, parents of missing children (even adult children) will open up to the authorities about what was happening in the life of that person before they went missing. Frankly, for a parent (FM) to say that it makes no difference what their loved one did in the weekend before their disappearance raises red flags!!! Yes, indeed it makes a difference! You had me until you made that statement. You also talk about her (Bulimia), alcohol, stealing, possibly sex. Addictions come from inner shame...shame that often comes from being molested, as well as other family dysfunctions in the household. I definitely see a Fred Murray slant from you.

    1. In the beginning, yes, after the initial disappearance, I would speak to the media as suggested and directed by the detectives working on the case. They tell parents what to say; the tone to use; what to wear; what photos to show. But no, I would not go on "Nancy Grace"; I would not speak to random people including reporters and those interested in writing a book; people with their own agenda.

      Regarding any molestation, let me clarify. It is significant in that of course is she was molested it would have impacted her behavior and psychology. But I don't think she was "running away" because she was looking to "get away" from her Dad as has been suggested. If she wanted to "get away from her dad", she would cut ties with him. It doesn't sound like he was paying for her school or providing her with monetary support she needed to survive. Why not just refuse to see him and not visit him like people who don't like/want to be around their families do?

      There are a lot of odd and complicated theories I've read about MM staging an accident to cover damage to her car; planning an elaborate runaway rouse with some new boyfriend so they could run off an be together and she could leave her life behind; of a network that helps battered woman helping her go into hiding. But nothing supports any of this. None of her behavior. Not the process - the long drive to NH with her school syllabus and her room packed up back in NH; her dysfunctional yet comparatively simple life life where she showed no signs of depression or being frightened for her life. I mean, if she has a new boyfriend, what's stopping her from just going forward with her life with this guy. She's close to being a nurse - it's a great career from an earnings potential. If she hates her Dad and wants to start a new life, she's a year away from graduating and she and her new beau can then move whereever they want and start this new life together. Who is she hiding from? Whose the boogey man and what are these life-threatening things going on in her life that require her to not only run, but do so in this elaborate scheme people are suggesting?

    2. LGR, what is a "Fred Murray slant"? What do you know about her Dad that tells you, that points to her Dad being complicit in her disappearance? In the few interviews I read, he comes across as being rough around the edges; a self-medicator like his daughter; bitter; angry and fully grieving. Tell me what is it is - what behavior is reported and known that suggests he either knows where she is and/or killed her?

      I would love to know more about his behavior so I can try to fit it all in to what happened - at least how IMHO I see it fitting in. The only thing I've read that's been substantiated is he visited her the previous weekend; they drank together; she damaged his car and went with the tow truck driver when he towed the car to his hotel; he could be angry with her; and may have molested her.

      Please fill me in on what you know other than all of this.

      Thank you!

    3. Annie - enjoying your analysis tremendously. I think for the most part you are spot on including putting her family issues - whatever they may or may not have been - into perspective.

    4. The Rouse suggested came from a blogger response 4 or 5 years ago entiled " Maura Murray is not a missing person " it surfaced 4 or 5 years ago , many people have examined it , it seemed to be written in the correct tense presumably by a friend or family member. It seemed authentic , too well written and too elaborate to be a hoax. And when it really started to get attention it was quickly deleted. Some astute blogger had already copied and saved it. I dont remember if its been ruled out as a hoax or not.

    5. Hello Annie, everyone. I want to preface by saying that I've followed this case a while, and I love the whole armchair detective stuff. I do it all the time, and with other cases too.

      I don't believe there is any harm in speculation and different ideas being discussed. Even if the ideas are a bit strange, it still contributes to the discussion. 

      Something has been bothering me, and I've seen it happen enough times to comment here about it.

      I *really* don't understand how people can "psychologically evaluate" someone they only know from a few appearances on television. Or unsubstantiated rumours they have read online.

      Unless you have a case file, or work with a client one on one, you really can't provide a psychological profile of any worth. 

      It's fun to think you are really in tune with people, and understand their motivations and behaviour. I can totally understand the drive to dive in and provide whatever insight or "profile" of someone who is hard to understand, or is mysterious, as Maura appears to be.

      It can even be somewhat helpful.

      However, let's not delude ourselves into thinking we can profile Maura or her father Fred with the paltry information we DO have.

      From a professional point of view (CYC/psych) I find it kind of disturbing and self-aggrandizing for someone claiming to be experienced in psychology to believe they have the ability to remotely evaluate someone psychologically having both A) never meeting/having a session with them or B) not having a large case file on the person.

      I am troubled by the few people who have "profiled" the conclusion that Fred *may* have molested Maura. Based on what exactly?

      Someone who claims to work in the field of psychology should know the gravity of accusing someone of molestation with little or in this case zero evidence.

      I'm saying this with all due respect, Annie. If you do the same kind of baseless accusations in your practice you may end up getting sued by somebody you wrongfully accused.

    6. @ jjholly

      "'Maura Murray is not a missing person['] ... seemed ... authentic , too well written and too elaborate to be a hoax. ... . I dont remember if its been ruled out as a hoax or not."

      There is little dispute that a Topix user named "Suzanne" wrote it. I was the first to suggest it, others offered analysis and even James was convinced that Suzanne was the author.

      Suzanne created elaborated hoaxes. She pretended, for example, to be a Boston Globe photojournalist named Suzanne. I telephoned the real Suzanne from the Globe -- she had never heard of Maura Murray.

      Suzanne, the Topix poster, also posted as "Lauren," "adagio," "whitenoise," and "Holmes," among others.

      I highly doubt that "Suzanne" is related to Maura. The text is almost certainly a hoax. I would still be interested to hear Suzanne discuss the reason that she authored the text.

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    8. @Jotunn Dodge: You are absolutely right about that, but I still think that brainstorming can lead to something...I wish this was a private/ invited friends blog, because what we are writing about family and friends is abusive...They could be not involved at all.
      @Annie Blanchette
      Part 1 A different approach and counter-hypothesis to your thoughts
      Some parts are verified, but most is my attempt to fill the gaps and therefore I present (like Annie does) unvalidated hypothesizes. Don't take it personal, but I disagree with your scenario...
      Maura was highly intelligent and certainly an adult at the time, but emotionally I don't see her as a grown up...
      We don't know if she was sexually abused and *if* by whom...
      But Renner found out some pretty harsh details about her family life and we can be sure that she was emotionally abused
      Maura's mother was an alcoholic and had a very shady boyfriend, who later murdered his brother...
      Maura was used to fulfill the wishes of others: She was into team sports, but quit, because she was better at running and her father trained her and her sister Julie hard. Julie excelled in it. Maura didn't... Maura followed her older sister Julie into West-Point. Julie sometimes behaved like a dictator towards Maura...Maura was punished for underage drinking at West-Point/or stealing a lipstick and Billy was the one in charge of her... I see this relationship as a result of the abuse Maura suffered in the family...She always attracted powerful men, because she! was easy to manipulate and complied to the wishes of the men.
      Many women surviving sexual abuse find themselves in a cycle of abusive, dangerous situations or relationships and sometimes prostitution...Some women, who are sexually abused by their fathers, uncles stay in this kind of relationship even in their adulthood...They can't break it, because that is the only love they know and their self esteem is so low, that they think their abusers are their lovers...

      And since we don't know much about Maura's personality or how out of hands her alcohol abuse and anorexia was, I would be careful with assumptions like she was a "big girl" and could have gone anytime she wanted...1) Again you use offensive vocabulary..2) Maura had a complicated relationship with her father and I don't know, which kind of abuse, beside emotional abuse was going on...

    9. Part II: But my interpretation is this: We know that her mother exposed her bulimia at a Christmas party: "making/cooking all of the food was a waste on her, because Maura would purge it anyway". Since she never had a loving mother, Maura turned to her father and was a "daddy's girl". He was an abuser himself. He wanted his girls to succeed, to fulfill his dreams and accomplish , what he couldn't. Track and West-Point were his dreams. Maura wanted to please him and did everything he wanted...She saw his father as the only loving parent and maybe even the only loving person she had. (Kate and Sara both said that). She did not speak about his father at all with her track team coach, because of Billy/or because she knew her father would never accept him as a son in law... The track coach said to Renner that after Maura went missing her father did not participate the searches and "danced naked on top of a mountain". Very offensive and suspicious. He didn't try to reach her cell phone after or before she vanished. It was an important call, because of the car accident and forms Maybe Maura had a second cell phone and her father knew about it. Maura had to fill out.
      Her cell phone was put on the family plan of Billy's family. Again a sign her surrounding wanted to control her. Fred refused to be interviewed by the police for two years and so on...Maura's younger brother wrote a poem suggesting that she runaway...

      The first big disappointment for Maura's father and strain in the relationship was her being kicked out of West-Point. She also changed subjects changed from chemical-engineering to nursing! Probably this was her first own decision...Maybe she was not aiming to be a doctor, because he knew of her demons and was underachieving...

      For her Father: Billy was a Symbol of West-Point...He was a trophy, something her Father was could be proud of...Billy was an abuser himself and slept with other women..., so Maura was still in his Fathers possession
      Because Billy slept around.

      Maura did the same thing and turned the table.
      She got herself in another cycle of abuse...Maybe she needed the alcohol to break out of being shy and a loner and THAN become manipulative. BUT she was always described as very polite and shy...Abusers pick women like that...So since bulimia often goes with personality disorders she could have one. But I'm not an oracle, so I don't know which one and I posted this whole thing with literature suggestions over an year ago on this blog...

    10. Another thought: She quit the track team..Why? Her times were bad.., but maybe the secret track party's were another reason, why she quit ...

      Also her relationship with Billy was at an end..She was eventually pregnant, had an abortion or was fleeing Amherst to get an abortion...and very confused: Did she want to runaway, committing suicide OR comeback...You can think three things at once. So she packed up her room. Maybe kangaroo court thrown her out, or the girl she fraud-ed lived next door now, or a better dorm was available, we don't know...Only Fred could help us with that. Also: Why did he thought at first she was suicidal and later developed this evil dirt bag grabbed her theory... ?

      Her mental breakdown at work was it real or manipulation??? I think it was real and either something happened before or Maura was realizing how awful her family situation was and all the abuse would not stop if she did not change her life drastically. She could not numb her feelings anymore since her intelligence or reading about women helped her understand the situation she was in and she finally reached out to someone trustworthy or non-trustworthy. The thought of the underground women railroad organization is far fetched, but could explain why Maura never was found. Organizations like that (in my country) help illegals, prostitutes and see petty crime just as a result of mental illness or hunger etc.

      Furthermore the letter to her profs might have been an attempt to get attention, a cry for help: She said there was a death in the family..Reading between the lines, she probably thought of herself: committing suicide or "murdering" the unborn child in her womb...
      And why was there a need to send a letter to her profs. She should have rather informed her friends. They should have been the once worried: I attended a different university in the US as an exchange student and the rule was 2 unreported absences were possible and no one would say something, but after that you needed a very good reason...So if Maura would only miss one week of classes it would not bother anyone..(I'm not familiar with Amherst rules, so it could be different)

      PS: I have experienced one party like that myself and reported it, but the university (a different one in the US) was not interested and did not take it seriously...They said to me: I had difficulties to get the American culture and boys just brag about stuff like that, which never happens...I clearly saw a drugged girl, who could not have given consent: at first with her boyfriend, touching her and I heard on campus that later some boys joined in and she was passed from boy to boy: a real slut. I left the scene earlier, because I was approached from all sides and couldn't stand to say no. I also approached the girl in question on campus (did not know her name), but she denied that this ever happened and she was beyond angry with me for telling anyone. Very ugly scene...I was invited by an exchange student..We both were shocked, but besides him I don't know any names, like Kate and Sara... )

    11. All good ideas and thoughts and insight @ Blogwesen. I'm catching up on some posts, this being one.

      A couple of rebuttals:MM was born in 1982. Eating disorders usually start with the onset o fpuberty. Let's say she was 13 when she started with anorexia nervosa. She started limiting her food to lose weight/stay thin. Then, from here, she blossomed into gorging and throwing up/using laxatives. This would have been the mid 90s. I can tell you from experience with a family member who was dealing with an eating disorder at that time that there was very little available for help at that time; little was understood about the disorder; treatment was experimental; and a cloud of secrecy and shame hung over the disorder. I would imagine her mother and siblings (I mention mother because we have the quote about the mom saying something at Christmas) watched her lose weight and watched her gorge, hide, steal food and heard her engage in eliminating the food. A bulimic consumes astronomical calories in a single day - tens of thousands. Her mother - herself a self-medicator - would have begged her to stop; wouldn't have understood this was a deep issue that even a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists back then didn't have a program of treatment readily available for; and the food bill would have to be astronomical. It would be like watching your child sneak off to use opiates, all the while denying anything is wrong. At some point, her mother would have been frustrated - specifically about the pretending and secrecy. Everyone in the family would have known MM was gorging food and throwing it back up. And everyone for a period of time - years probably - would have pretended it wasn't happening. And then finally her family would have just had enough and stopped pretending. I can see the family at Christmas and in the days preceeding MM sneaking to get food when no one is around and the frustration building - and the fear, they know this is going to kill her if she doesn't stop - and then on Christmas with everyone around watching her pile an astronomical amount of food on her plate - it took hours to prepare the food and a lot of money to buy the special meats etc. - and then looking away, pretending it wasn't strange that this tiny girl had a pile of food that you'd expect to see on the plate of someone obese, and the mother with booze in her, just snapping. No, it's not the way eating disorders should be handled. And yes, today, the disorder is commonly known and better understood. But I can understand how the mother snapped - out of frustration and out of a desire to finally say what no one else was saying, to stop pretending. My sense is the mother didn't say this as part of some ongoing effort to shame her.

      Regarding her quitting running, how could she compete? Throwing up on a regular basis messes with your electrolytes in a very deadly way. (Karen Carpenter, her heart stopped). Add the drinking and it's surprising she could walk.

      With all the college rape/swept under the rug incidents coming to light recently at even some prestigious schools, I definitely buy into your theory MM could have been sexually assaulted at UMASS, perhaps likely when she was at parties and inebriated. Not that I think she was "running" from that, but just that it would certainly add to her overall "picture" at the time of her accident.

      Just a few thoughts.

    12. Yeah, I know about electrolytes and bulimia, posted that before it was confirmed...You can also see some comments by John Green:

      And here a few post to catch up

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  46. Replies
    1. Anonymous person, who is John Green?

    2. @ Anon 9:05,

      Me and my blistered finger (from paging down so much) were thinking the EXACT same thing!

  47. @Jotunn Dodge. I think you raise some valuable issues but is it not possible that a layperson could come up with an insightful psychological profile knowing everything that's out there about this case (which is quite a lot)? Annie has in the past offered some pretty concrete bases as to where she is drawing her conclusion from (coming from the same area, knowing many girls of similar background, etc). It may not be the way a clinician would approach the task - but that just makes it a different approach.

    I don't think Annie's conclusions are 100%. For example, there are cases of people who did indeed drive to a remote favorite spot like the mountains to commit suicide. But much of what she's come up with rings quite true. I'd say she's not bad for an "amateur."

    Regarding the "molestation" issue - I agree that bandying that about carelessly is irresponsible - but it was this blog that sowed that seed to the best of my knowledge (see the trespassing/ rummaging through garbage posts from a couple years ago). Annie responded to jwb that her theory doesn't hinge on that one way or the other because she doesn't see Maura's disappearance as having much to do wiith her dad either way. That's how I read it, anyway, but I'm sure she can respond for herself.

  48. @Jack Spencer. None of us knows Maura, not really. Family and friends excluded of course. Yes, we all know quite a bit about a singular event in her life, and we can work with what we have to try to understand the *event*, but not so much the person.

    I agree there are some facts about Maura that have come to light that could possibly be used to infer what may have happened to her. Some of her behaviours she exhibited before her disappearance could fit in to the larger picture of who Maura was, and what motivates (motivated) her.

    Inferences and guesswork do not a psychological profile make.

    I agree some of what Annie has contributed has been great, and at times thought provoking.

    I do not agree that a layperson can create a useful psychological profile from the information we have about the case. We can understand the event, but not the person.

    I worry that people on this blog are creating facts from suggestions. I've heard things repeated, or treated as facts when there is no concrete evidence. I have been guilty of this myself.

    I don't think it would be quite as distressing if the people giving their opinions about Maura's behaviour maintained that what they are saying was just that. An opinion.

    We all have opinions on this case. None of us has the kind of psychological profile on Maura that some commenters have suggested or flat out stated they have.

    Knowing someone who kind of reminds us of Maura, or someone who has exhibited similar behaviours has only a limited capacity to be useful as a key to understanding Maura.

    For example I noticed JWB state that he dated someone who had similar behaviours to Maura, and later he had learned that her father molested her. Now, most of us would probably agree that this information is helpful. It can point us in the direction of trying to find facts to fit the hypothesis.

    Taking it at face value can be problematic, as human behaviour is far too variable to say that "behaviour A means (or even suggests) trauma B". I'm not trying to pick on JWB here. I am aware that he did not state that Maura was molested based on his own experience knowing someone who was. He had just asked if it could be connected due to the similarities in behaviour.

    Other people (again myself included) have made similar inferences. I just urge caution when building inferences from things we have no evidence for. There is no evidence that Maura was molested.

    You mention Annie, that Maura's disappearance has nothing to do with Fred either way. Okay.

    Then why are we talking about the possibility of Fred molesting Maura?

    I think that if one believes that Maura was abused by her father (sexually or physically) that it would inform us quite a bit about Maura and her disappearance. A large part of the mystery is the interplay between Maura and her father (i.e how did Fred respond to the corrolla crash, what happened at the hotel?). If Fred wasn't so integral to the events directly before Maura disappeared it'd be a different story.

    I don't think one could honestly say that Fred had no role in Maura's disappearance. Fred himself has stated some remorse in how the corrolla crash was handled (something to the effect of "maybe she felt she let her father down")

    Others have suggested Fred played a larger role.

    Anyway, i really enjoy this discussion. That's probably why I'm so invested in keeping things intellectually honest. Without the posters here I would not have the wealth of information and insight/opinion on this intriguing mystery.



    1. @Jotunn, that's a very wonderful post, very calm, you raise some good points.

      Regarding Maura's Dad, when I say I don't believe he had anything to do with her disappearance, I mean I don't believe he has any idea where she is; I don't believe he was the tandem car or followed her or harmed her in anyway after the accident.

      That being said, as a parent, did he impact MM? Of course. Was some of that impact negative? Of course. Every parent impacts their children's psyches. Every parent eventually, at some point, looks back on their child's life and has regrets.

      But no, I haven't read anything that's been proven to be fact that in any way suggests he harmed his daughter after the crash; that he knew she was heading to NH or VT and/or for what reason; that he had any untoward plan in place when he visited her at UMASS.

      My sense is people don't like him. He's not a warm and fuzzy person with eloquent speech; he's rough around the edges; and when compared with photos we've all seen of the smiling Maura, it's easy to see her as a Princess and, comparatively, this man as a villian.

      Right now I'm most interested in learning more about the contractor who reported potentially coming across MM around 8:30 the night she disappeared.

    2. "My sense is people don't like him. He's not a warm and fuzzy person with eloquent speech; he's rough around the edges; and when compared with photos we've all seen of the smiling Maura, it's easy to see her as a Princess and, comparatively, this man as a villian. " You're grasping at straws here.

    3. Becki, what is exactly is wrong with this interpretation? I can easily see this fitting an "image" of FM. When he was hunting around for information, there were quite a few people he encountered who claimed he was "rough around the edges." I think you're vendetta against Annie is getting out of hand, and I'm not the first person to mention this....if you're going to throw out "You're grasping at straws here", instead of waiting for Annie to reply for an explanation, why don't you save us all a bit of time and just write out what is so wrong with her observation of Fred and Maura?? We're ALL trying to figure it out....

    4. @Becki, yes, as fromanotherstarh as eloquently noted, if you have a rebuttal about the content of what I post, please provide some explaination or theory for that rebuttal. I get that you don't "like" me. But this isn't high school or some social media site. Play like a grown up in the blog sandbox, OK? My sense is everytime you lash out at me, it distracts from why people are involved with/interested in this blog and this mystery. Again, as I've offered, you are more than welcome to reach out to me offline with your real identity for any issues you may have.

      Annie Blanchette

    5. Yo jotunn, I'm just curious, what does "CYC/psych" refer to? I'm not familiar with that term/designation.

  49. Here's a question I have: Does anyone know anything more about this contractor who 3 months after the accident reported this to police: (Text pulled from Wiki):
    "At 8:00 to 8:30 pm, a contractor returning home from Franconia saw a young person moving quickly on foot eastbound on Route 112 about 4 to 5 miles (6 to 8 km) east of where Maura's vehicle was discovered. He noted that the young person was wearing jeans, a dark coat, and a light-colored hood. He didn't report it to police immediately due to his own confusion of dates, only discovering three months later (when reviewing his work records) that he'd spotted the young person the same night Maura disappeared"?

    I'm interested in knowing more about this person; where he lives; what is known about him; age, etc.

    Thank you!

    1. Mr. Forcier (born: 1965) lived on the street where the Saturn was found (next-door to the Marrottes). He no longer lives there.

    2. Part 1

      I understand he was "cleared" - that's what I've read at various sites, not how he was cleared or who cleared him, but that he was cleared.

      I'm troubled by the manner in which he conveyed/explained reporting potentially seeing MM at 8 or 8 15 pm the night she went missing on a nearby street, a few miles away. I'm only going on what I read was what he reported and the reason for his 3 month delay in reporting it.

      Given the situation(a well publicized missing young woman), his v. close proximity to the accident/site MM went missing, and the fact he frequently travelled home through the immediate and general area at or around this time, it would seem he (like everyone on that street/neighborhood) would in the hours/days following the disapperarance "place" themselves on that night. It's what people do: "Where was I when this happened". It's a normal, psychological reaction people have during tragedy. It's not even a conscious decision initially: The question comes to mind and then the person goes back through their day; through that hour; and starts recalling detail.

    3. Part 2
      So, I find it odd he didn't stop to think at least that next morning or the next day after the news broke, "Wow, a young woman went missing on my street; there was an accident, where was I?"Upon which he would think, ok, you know, I was driving home around that time, I drove right through that area. In fact, it's human nature for people to want to be part of a solution and/or to be part of an event, however tragic. Even when there's a simple fender bender in front of someone's house or at the end of their street, people in the area are interested. "Where on the street did that happen. Let me go check it out. You know, I was in my living room and I heard it or I was driving home from work, that could have been me". And then there's the social conversations immediately - especially immediately - following the event. "Wow, that girl went missing from your street." or "Dang, that was your street. Were you home when it happened? Did you see anything?" In short, there would many, many prompts over the course of the days to follow that even if Mr. Forcier didn't have the typical psychological response to ask himself and take inventory of where he was that night would have otherwise certainly prompted him to (1) recall where he was that night/time (2) upon remembering he was driving home start racking his brain to recall every detail he saw from that night and the imgage of a young person fitting MM's size and expected demeanor (hunched, moving quickly) would pop into his head. Certainly he would have been asked many, many, many times by famly and friends and neighbors and coffee shop patrons etc. about that night and if he, being a resident of the street, saw/heard anything.

      Yet, in all of this, he never placed himself? It took 3 months for him to remember he was driving home through the immediate neighborhood the night MM went missing?

      My bigger question is: What prompted him 3 months in to suddenly take an inventory of his whereabouts that night and then recall seeing someone who may have been MM? He came forward with this information for a reason. Maybe he never saw anyone and was looking for attention. Maybe he wanted to inject himself into the investigation because he liked the idea of working with LE- an ego-booster so he thought, well, it's 3 months later, no harm in saying I may have come across her when I really didn't. Maybe he started wondering if somenoe who knows his vehicle saw him that night driving in the area at the time of MM's disappearance and it would be to his legal benefit to admit to maybe being a man in a truck who could have driven by her. Maybe someone close to the investigation told someone in this small town - a wife, a sister - who told someone who told someone who told Mr. Forcier that the FBI which had since joined the investigation these 3 months later had eye witnesses who may have seen something, and Mr. Forcier wondered what was reported and decided it wuold be best for him if he placed himself potentially in the vicinity of MM that night just in case someone gave LE a description of his vehicle and/or his name came up.

      That being said, my sense is something is not truthful in Mr. Forcier's reporting of "likely" seeing MM or "potentially" seeing her. I'm not buying it the way his "remembering' played out.

      Something is wrong with the Forcier picture. Something isn't truthful.

    4. Annie, I believe Forcier's story was that he was looking through some sort of business records several months after his sighting and only then realized that he might've seen Maura.

      I am in agreement with you, though. For all the reasons you state, Forcier's story just does not make sense. I believe Forcier was working as a contractor (or some similar position) at the time of Maura's disappearance. Is it typical for a contractor to look at his records which are several months old and somehow be able to affiliate the various things stated in those records with observing a person run down the road at night on a certain date? The whole thing just strikes me as weird.

      Everyone in Northern NH (at least everyone in Northern NH who was not completely disconnected from the rest of the world) knew about Maura's disappearance almost immediately, e.g., within the days after her car went off the road.

      A post by another commenter (JW) on June 22, 2013 states as follows:

      "When Forcier was first questioned by police, ten days after Maura disappeared, he did not mention seeing the girl running because he was confused about the dates and mistakenly thought it had been two nights after Maura's accident. Nearly three months later, after hearing numerous news reports about the search for Maura, Forcier checked his work records and realized it was the same night as Maura's disappearance. Forcier told his story to Fred Murray, who relayed the information to police. On April 29, Forcier was interviewed by State Police Lt. John Scarinza who checked out Forcier's time records at his job in Franconia and confirmed that his story was credible.”

      The post further cites two newspaper articles as sources for the above. Newspapers are sometimes inaccurate. But, assuming that the facts stated in the above post are materially correct, Forcier’s decision to tell Fred Murray before informing the police makes his involvement all the more unusual.

    5. Con't:

      Some time after Maura's disappearance, Forcier said something along the lines of how she was a great cook. The implication was that she was living with Forcier at mobile home, which was located near where the accident took place (see Renner's post of August 3, 2011).

      Of course, Renner's August 3, 2011 post also states that the mobile home Forcier was living in at the time of Maura's disappearance was searched by police when it was moved off his property (I think to make way for a new home). The police stopped the transport vehicle and then searched the home. I think that in NH there is probably an exception to the warrant requirement for a search of cargo incident to a traffic stop but I am not sure. Anyway, the post cited above goes on to mention that Forcier's neighbors think he is a good guy. Accordingly, Renner's opinion is that Forcier is not a suspect. He reaffirms that opinion in a post from January 17, 2012.

      I don't place great value on either of the bases cited by Renner--the apparent lack of evidence obtained by a police search and the subjective opinions of Forcier's neighbors.

      Still, given Forcier has seen a lot of police scrutiny but has never been charged with anything, I think it is more likely than not that Forcier had no involvement in Maura's disappearance.

      I recall reading somewhere that Forcier refused to have his mobile home searched by police when he was living in it (e.g., prior to the move) unless they got a warrant. I don’t read too much into this. There are a ton of wholly legitimate reasons why a person would not want to have their personal belongings rummaged through by the authorities unless they had a warrant.

      I suspect Forcier is just someone who wanted a few moments in the spotlight and that the story of the mysterious hoody-wearing jogger was his way of getting just that. Noteworthy investigations tend to attract all sorts of false leads and bogus information.

      Track athlete or not, Maura was at the very least shook up, and quite possibly intoxicated, in the moments following the accident. It is possible that she ran from the scene, but my opinion is that she did not.

    6. Thank you for the round-up Joe. We are in agreement then. There is something "not right" about Forcier's story. Whether it's that he actually made up this "memory" of seeing someone who could be MM that night for attention or other dysfuctional purposes or he is somehow involved - there is definitely something fishy. Like I said in previous post, it may be he wanted to be in the spotlight or to reach out to MM's Dad for false hope or whatever may have been going through his mind. But there is no way he wouldn't have "placed" himself that night as previously discussed and been prompted to remember seeing someone in that area that night.

      There is something altogether unsettling about his account; his actions; and he may very well be a suspect. Truly, we know very little about what LE knows.

  50. Also, in response to a few who have responded to posts here, you'll note I said, "IF" MM was molested. There's no proof that I've read she was; just some suggestion by an aunt that she thought is "odd" her brother-in-law (?? assuming this was an in-law not his sister) took his girls camping.

    My point has always been in response to suggestions from others she was molested that in and of itself any molestation would certainly contribute to her behavior (her drinking; her stress; her eating disorder), but I'm not buying the idea that's been floated that she was "running away" from her Dad because she feared him and was his victim.

    There's no proof of that - and again, MM is an intelligent adult at the time of her disappearance. If she wants to sever ties with her Dad or sisters or her WP boyfriend and take up with/marry/cohabitate with/have children with/have an abortion/change schools/change career pursuits, she's a big girl and would simply just do it. In fact, if you look at what is known about her life, she's pretty much done what she's wanted: WP; running to championship status; recovering from the signficantly embarrassing set back of the WP booted-out to UMASS - these are all willful accomplishments.

    IMHO, my sense is people are painting her as a life-long victim; as a weak, malleable, impressionable young girl under the thumb of men out to take advantage of her; people who are out to destroy her good spirit and sap everything from her.

    But I see MM as ultimately as somewhat of a manipulator, and someone certainly strong enough and intelligent enough to make the tough WP admission cut; someone who is passive-aggressive; wants to appear "perfect", and in her inability to maintain her ideal of "perfection", has sought refuge and control in behaviors as discussed.

    It's her behaviors up to the point of her disappearance that are adding stress and chaos to her life. Yet in a cyclic way, she's at the point now where she's addicted to her behaviors, and so the behaviors continue and the fallout continues and thus the stress continues.

    Ultimately, in my book, MM is always running from herself. She has the will to get into WP and be a championship runner and make the school grades. But she doesn't have the internal tools, the sense-of-self, the self-actualization ifyou will to face herself; to be true to herself; all of which feeds her addictions.

    Just my 2 cents.

  51. So Annie are you saying that Fred could have molested Maura but you don't buy that she could have been runningg from that situation or are you saying that you don't buy the fact that he did molest her in the first place ? Sorry if you answered it already but I haven't had time to read up.

  52. JWB, I'm saying given Maura's apparent difficulties in dealing with real life (the fact she self-medicates; leans on an eating disorder by way, in part, to feel in control of her life; sexual behavior), it is possible she was molested. But, I haven't read anything proven to be factual that says her father molested her.

    I definitely do not believe Maura was fleeing anyone except, in essence her self, and then only for a break from her reality, a mini vacation to get away.

    Maura IMHO had no or limited, functional tools at her disposal to communicate her true feelings (thus the self-medicating; the eating disorder; the passive-aggressiveness displayed in petty theft; catatonic behavior to get off work; etc.), and deciding to head off to NH or VT or anywhere where she could be alone would be for MM a "rational" way to express/deal with her feelings of stress/frustration/disinterest/etc.

    So no, I don't think she was running from her dad or her boyfriend or a mystery person/or persons out to kill her/harm her/ and/or running to a "new secret life".

  53. On a positive note , another missing NH girl was found today , just thought id share....,.,

    1. I read this earlier today and it was so amazing to read. I have a friend who lives in a nearby town, and apparently they have known for awhile where she was, but working with her to get her to agree to come home. A good ending.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. And on a sad note , the homicide of Celina Cass in the region goes to cold case:

  55. Do you think that Abiigail Hernandez being found can give some hope to Maura being found?

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  57. I have a question about the photo on this page of MM, and the photos of her that come up under images when her name is Googled. What are the most recent photos available of her - the photos closest to the time she disappeared? She looks really young in the photo on this page. The reason I ask is because in every photo of seen she does not appear like she's suffering from an eating disorder. Are there any known photos of her (available) that show what she looked like in the months/weeks before she disappeared?

    1. Maura was 5'7" tall and weighed 120lbs at the time of her disappearance. She was definitely slender, but 120lbs is still well within the healthy weight range for her height.

      A person can binge and purge and still maintain a normal appearance. I don't think Maura could have been engaging in extreme, prolonged periods of binging and purging because there is no evidence of damage to her teeth, knuckles, or fingernails. She also had thick hair and good skin. If Maura had been throwing up on a regular basis since her early teens, all of these things would've been shot to hell by the time she was 21.

      It's interesting that one of the tell-tale signs of bulimia in patients who otherwise appear to be of average height and weight is a puffy face. Maura's face was always round and full so any swelling due to vomiting might not be easily recognized.

    2. Bulimics can be overweight...And even overweight bulimics can have serious health issues...
      ...(1) We don't know if she started with binge eating or anorexia (2) Teeth... With flossing, hygiene and a good dentist you're teeth might be good for a few years...(3) Some bulimics can purge without sticking a finger up their throat...(Trained stomach muscles help a lot.) Others use a toothbrush...(You can watch the documentary "Thin"...Nearly all (upper-class) patients have good teeth and there is a disturbing bathroom scene at the end...)
      Here are the 3 links were Maura's bulimia is discussed:

  58. "Before leaving the UMass campus on Monday, Maura packed some clothing and toiletries, including a toothbrush and floss. Maura was especially conscientious with her dental hygiene, according to her mother Laurie Murray; she would never go long without brushing and flossing. She also brought along her birth control, according to private detective John Smith. " - So according to a detective familiar with the case, she brought along her birth control. She apparently then, planned to continue taking her daily BC pill (assuming this is what she was using), which, I would imagine she wouldn't bother with if she was planning to kill herself or if she was pregnant.

    1. Yeah, reading between the lines: Maura's mother thought of her daughters bulimic tendencies...This time probably relieved that her daughter packed her toothbrush and floss...For Laurie probably a sign that Maura was not suicidal or at least undecided.

      Also that a detective is specifically mentioning birth control pills is odd..I guess the theory -that she might have been pregnant- was already out...(But women often have their toiletries packed and maybe Maura did not throw out the pills) So it is difficult to say, if it is important or not...

    2. Blogswesen, good call on the BC pill - it could have just been something she always kept packed in a toiletries bag she took with her and not anything she consciously packed.

    It interesting to go back to the beginning and read articles about the accident. This above web site has a five part story about Maura Murray. A local reported wrote it from Hanson I beleive. For instance, there is talk about the Red Truck and the woman who was out walking and observed it. Also, which I did not know that there was a local convenient store "Swiftwater" which was a mild away from the crash site. Maura would have passed it on her way. Which, perhaps that's why the trooper on the scene went west to look for her because there would have been a phone and help. Maybe the red truck was back tracking too? If it was someone she was drving in tanderm? Interesting, why she did not walk back to that local store? This makes you, well at least me, narrow down possible options of what happened. Did the red truck back track and pick her up or did she run east and someone else gave her a ride.

  60. 34 y.o Nathaniel Kibby of Gorham, NH charged with kidnapping Abigail Hernandez. Any connections between he and Maura? Red truck???

  61. He lives only 54 some odd miles from where Maura was last seen.

  62. I was thinking the same thing when I heard about Kibby's arrest. As the story around Abby Hernandez continues to unfold, he should be checked out. Does he have a history of violence towards women?

  63. If Maura got help from men in exchange for sex, then why would she have to sleep with at least 3 guys in one night? 1 would have been enough..

  64. Anne Blanchette could you please have no idea what you are talking about. Apparently you have read a text book about Borderline Personality Disorder and you think you know this poor girl...You have no idea what happens for this woman, in her private world, in her thoughts, feelings. You know what theory states. You speak all clinical and you have no idea what it all means when you put it together. Maura was or is a very hurt and wounded individual that did not "use sex to get what she wanted". She was alone and afraid and she had lived like that her whole life. You minimize every aspect of this woman's mental health issues, addictions, and the strategies she has developed to survive. You cannot do an analysis on someone without meeting them and talking to them. It actually sounds like you are just copying paragraphs straight from a book on PTSD or Borderline Personality Disorder. How is this at all helpful? Or insightful? Even a profiler needs to give better background info and summation, than just ongoing theorizing out of thin air. I can't tell if this is transference or countertransferance, but it's unnecessary.

  65. Annie B

    "Statistically, there is a zillionth of a precentage point for unplanned pregnancy."

    "When taken as directed, the statistical chance of pregnancy while on birth control pill is less than 0.1 percent."

    You can't claim you're simply using statistics when you put those 2 comments in back to back comments.

    .1% is 1 in 1000, I'm not going to waste time adding a period and zillion zeros before the 1 in your next example. .1% would mean if she had unprotected sex, say 25 times, that's a 1 in 40 chance of getting pregnant.

    Don't pretend you're using statistic to rule out something when you're actually using such hyperbole.