Monday, January 12, 2015

A Stalker Returns *** UPDATED: TIES TO MAURA? ***

This is weird and disturbing and may or may not have to do with Maura Murray so I'm just going to lay it out there in chronological order:

Back in 2013, someone began sending me disturbing emails. I get a lot of threatening emails, but these were a little worse than usual.

Murray was a white trash ho.   Fucked the entire track team, including her "assistant track" coach (who is apparently now in Taiwan, putting that PhD of his to good use designing sneakers-I am sure it galled him to give up all of that  white, American, undergrad poontang, poor guy), and lord knows who else at UMASS and in the surrounding community. 
Something tells me she is still alive and the greek ho knows all of this.    It's a shame the cops can't water board her, 'cause requesting information from  her nicely doesn't seem to be getting the job done.

All these messages were coming in from

We tried to find out who was behind but he covered his tracks well. An IT guy backtracked his IP, only to discover he was using proxies and encrypting everything he did, online. All we could tell was that this same person had been put on a RIPE list in the Netherlands for some kind of illegal or threatening activity overseas.

Then I was contacted by a very frightened escort from New Jersey who sent me the screen caps of a conversation with a potential client (the images are above), who first used the email to communicate.

John Green did some digging and found that the emails were bouncing around a relay in an empty field in Wichita. Others traced the emails to Canada.

He went away for awhile. Then, last week, returned. "Look into Michelle Church," he said.

tee-hee!!!  Michelle Church holds the KEY to all!!!
P.S.  She is an adulterer ya know....ya might want to bring that up when you interview her...just sayin'!  ;)  Also, make sure to ask her what she did with that baby name book I gave to her! :)  Goodbye Jimbo.....I am off to masturbate while thinking of you.  ;)  tee-hee!: )

And this.

CHOO CHOO!!!  the Fuckbuddy Express is getting ready to chug right on through your town, Jimbo.
We learned today that this man goes by the name Douglas Morrison, from Whiting, NJ. Before that, he lived in Greenville, SC. I spoke to him on the phone. He admitted it.

I've had a lot of fun with you, Jimmy. It doesn't have to end.

For anyone saying I'm in this for the money, there are easier and safer ways to make a buck.

Some people have found a possible connection to UMass and West Point. I am attempting to verify this information.