Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Majority of Readers Believe Maura Ran Away

When I began researching this case in 2011, the majority of people believed Maura was the victim of foul play. Since then, this blog has uncovered new facts and information that suggest otherwise: credit fraud, theft from Fort Knox, uncooperative witnesses, an affair with a track coach (during which she spoke about running away), problems with her father, sightings of Maura with her friends an hour before the crash, etc.

Now, 55% of the people who responded to the recent poll believe Maura ran away.

I think if you look at all the circumstantial evidence, it is clear that was her intention when she left Umass: to leave and never come back.

But what happened after the accident in Haverhill? How did that alter her plan?

How would we view this case if she hadn't crashed into the snowbank?


  1. Was the accident part of Maura's plan--staged to allow her time to get out of the area? She may have figured the police would begin by searching for her in the woods and investigating "dirtbags." Meanwhile she was picked up by an accomplice and long gone by the time the investigation began.

  2. Kind of a tough one... if you run away & don't want to be found but no way of communicating to LE, James Renner etc that you are fine & have started a new life. How would you do that exactly without putting your new identity at risk?? If Fred & family, Kate/Sara know Maura deliberately went missing, will they pay back taxpayers dollars for the searches conducted? Can they replace all the wasted man hours on this case? Why agree to participate in the Disappeared episode and draw more attention toward her being found? This case STILL makes no sense.. I feel no more clearer about it now compared to 5 years ago!

  3. Hi James. I know you don't respond much, and I don't comment much, but I'll ask anyway. I would think it would be hard to disappear with your own car. You'd want to ditch it somewhere. Do you think she crashed on accident? It seems weird to me she would have to accidents in such a short time span. Or do you think the wreck happened accidentally? Thanks. Enjoy the blog.

  4. The problem is that the various options are not mutually exclusive.That Maura ran away is a known fact.The questions are why, and what happened after. She may have fallen victim to a random murderer or kidnapper. She may have wandered into the woods and died. She may be living somewhere today under a new identity, and so on. Knowing why she left would do a lot to help us decide which of those options is more plausible. Still, that knowledge would not automatically be dispositive. If she fell victim to a random psychopath, it doesn't much matter what brought her to that place and time. If she were dazed after the crash and wandered into the woods, again, her previous intent doesn't much matter.

  5. Hi Cannon, I don't know if its been discussed much, but I wonder what the chances are her first crash at that intersection was a first attempt or practice of some kind? I always thought that two crashes so close together was an outlier, even for a young woman.

  6. Maura was planning to get away, but only for a few days - not forever. If she was why would she have bothered to take her textbooks with her? And staging the wreck? That seems so implausible. It's obvious to me she was drinking alcohol - either her favorite vodka/wine mixture or just wine - in that coke bottle. Why risk drinking and driving if the end game was to stage a wreck? And the timing it would require to have her accomplice swoop in to pick her up after the wreck and before authorities arrived would take military precision. It's much more likely her car stalled, she wrecked and then panicked at the thought of getting a DUI, accepting a ride from someone she otherwise would not have trusted under normal circumstances.

    1. I'm not sure but...

      My primary theory is that she wanted to run away and planned with friends to do so. She crashed her car the second time to cover up the first accident (where she hit someone while drinking). The had the books in the car to throw off investigators. She is alive living under a new identity. Her friends' behavior suggest that they know this is the case.

      Otherwise, my theories are the same as others. It is certainly possible Maura was kidnapped and is still alive, was kidnapped and murdered, killed herself (least likely, IMO), or succumbed to the elements.

      There was also the crying phone call. That fits all theories.

  7. I first heard of this case today 2/25 via Disappeared. The show mentioned the sizable alcohol purchase but did not imply that she was with anyone at the time. She obviously intended to escape the stresses of her life--something we can all relate to, especially in our college years. I do not believe she meant to stage her own disappearance to "start anew" somewhere else. That simply makes no sense. Had she had this so called "help" she simply would have picked a time and place to be picked up and whisked away to her new life--completely unrealistic in both planning and execution. (Most kids would say, Dad I'd like to take a semester off.) Sadly I think she was a little buzzed, scared about the cops coming to (another) crash site, panicked, and succumbed to the elements sometime in the next 24-48 hours. This leaves the problem of her body, but remember, very often remains are found years later much closer to the original site than expected. Of course she could have met with a random human predator but I'm guessin not the case. Regardless I pray for her and her family.

    1. I completely agree Chad there is NO WAY she is in Canada.....she met her demise that evening and I feel her remains are very close to the crash site somewhere.

  8. Two cars following each other. One doesn't notice the other following at the next intersection. Turns around. 7:28 later the second car comes into view from behind a house on outside of an about 90°turn.

  9. Now stop right in the road. The only person(s) who can see "you" are across the road. The house is blocking the sightline. Pick her up and turn around. This is good form D.U.I rescue. Flag down your buddys and continue to destination. Car got "stolen".

  10. I've often heard that the last 48 hrs are the most crucial in a missing persons case because it can often show what could of happened. The dad came to UMASS that past weekend (2 days before her disappearance) in which he claims they went car shopping. Which wouldn't there be someone somewhere that saw them that day if that's what they were doing? Could it be that they were in the New Hampshire area planning on what was going to happen. Just a thought. It'd be interesting in seeing the phone records for that day to see if and where they pinged. Then they went to a pub with her friend Kate. Supposedly they dropped Fred off and went to a party at the dorms. But neither remember who was there. I'm curious did police question others at campus about a party. Was it her friends saying there goodbyes because the plan was going to happen early Sunday morning. Could that be why she drive back because she was ready and accidentally crashed the car or was suppose to be her car not her dad's so it botched the plan? Her father leaves Sunday sometime. what was maura doing after he left? Was this the night she was very distraught at work? On Monday we know a couple things she did but did anyone see her around? Then around 4 she decides to leave campus and go to some destination. She prints or goes and gets the accident reports, withdraws most of her money, and buys a lot of alcohol. She wrecks around 7 pm. Witnesses said they saw her at the back of the trunk area. Could that be when she put the rag in the pipe as a sign to her dad that there on to next step. Her dad said that she was suppose to call him around 8 pm that night. Her accident was at 7 was she suppose to call when she got to her destination around 8? Two separate witnesses came forward one that she saw maura and two friends an hr before the wreck and the other was one that said a red truck past them as they walked slowed down and stopped at the store when she got in light they headed towards the accident. The witness said it was like they we're looking for someone. Was this person the one maura was with? Could it be that one they were waiting on her to run to the vehicle ( didn't ex spect much people out) she was a good runner. Or could it be she was following them and when they didn't see her they got concerned and turned back. Making the accident merely just an accident. That would explain why there was a full tank of gas and since she wrecked they decided that was the spot. Picked her up and left. Curious did anyone see the red truck pass back by. The police supposedly didn't look that hard for her that night so it would of been fairly easy for her to get out of there. Just a thought.. Where did she fill up on gas? It couldn't of been to far from there because she had a full tank. I read somewhere that Fred's phone didn't ping any towers from 6 pm to 7 am. Is that true and if so is it because he was there and had no service either. Could they of really bought a different vehicle that day and didn't tell no one. ( like a red truck) I'm wondering if some of Fred's words is the key to solving this. (The rag, the time she was suppose to call, buying a vehicle, I heard that on disappeared he said this is where she should of exited, was this said near the accident? Maybe she wasn't supposed to go all around the curve but accidentally did where there were witnesses. Why wouldn't family and friends talk unless they know? If it was my family member I'd be saying everything I knew. I wonder if her friends cell records were checked? My theory is she walked away to start new somewhere. It's not as hard as people think to get a new id. I knew a guy that was under a false name for eight years five of those we never knew. That's my theory. It seems like most of her actions were to go away for a while. Maybe she was unsure whether she'd be back but when she wrecked that made her mind up.

    1. I was just thinking of how my parents would have reacted if I hadn't called them at a prearranged time. If Maura was supposed to have called Fred at 8 p.m. on the night she disappeared, and she neglected to do so, why didn't Fred call her? I know my parents would have probably waited an extra hour, then called me to check that I was ok. Why didn't Fred call Maura after she didn't make the call to him to discuss the accident report on Monday at 8 p.m.?

  11. I'm sure this is just a coincendance but I'm going to say my story anyways.
    Yesturday evening around 5:30 my husband and I were on our way home which we live about 20 minutes from the outskirts of Tallahassee Florida. The road we take to get home is a long stretch of country and it heads toward the coast. We came upon a black Xterra that was going 45 in a 55 mph zone. They had a big travel bin on top and you could tell they weren't sure of where they were heading. I decided to pass them and as I did I noticed there tag said Quebac. I thought about the Maura case and how it is speculated that she's living somewhere in Canada maybe Quebac.I immediantly thought to myself that's strange because you normally don't see a tag with Quebac on it especially in this part of the country. The tag was a temp tag. I went on about my day and thought nothing more of it.
    Later that evening my husband and I had to go back into town(about 20 mins) and on our way back we stopped at a circle k which is at the beginning of the hwy that we take home. I pulled to the side parking lot and up at the front to the far end was the black Xterra.NY husband and I both said that's strange. My husband went inside the store to get a fountain drink and I stayed outside by our vehicle. I wanted to get a look at the tag again and it definetly said Quebac. The guy came out of the store to the vehicle. A few minutes later my husband came out and we left the store.
    As we were driving home I started telling him about the case and how there is rumors she's in Quebac. And how that was strange to see that car with quebac tags. His response was why didn't you say something earlier we could of got a better look at the woman that was with him. I said I didn't know there was a woman with him. My husband said I believed there was when I was getting my drink the guy and a woman were at the restrooms and they briefly spoke with one another and the man went to the restroom and the lady went to the coffee pot. We left the store before the woman had came out so were not sure what vehicle she went to.
    When we got home I showed my husband a picture of maura and he said it looked like her but an older version.
    I'm sure this was just a bizarre coincendance and is nothing but I thought I'd share the story.

    1. Very interesting. If you can give me a pretty exact time and location of the gas station I could probably get the video. Email me at jameswrenner@gmail.com please

  12. Did anyone ever back track and see where Maura would have been when the call to her phone pinged off the Londenberry tower? Did she have cell service? Was the caller letting her know they were on there way? Why wouldn't the caller come forward exspecially after all these years? I'm curious if the police retrieved records of her friends to see where there phones were pinging.
    I find it ironic that Billy said he received a VM that sounded like Maura crying and shivering but they say it traced to a Red Cross worker. Maura had Red Cross calling cards. If this was Maura then it'd put her alive after the accident. Didn't she call Billy after her first accident in her dads car so why wouldn't she do the same here? Maybe she was having second thoughts and was reaching out to the person she felt most comfortable with.
    Why did the police wait so long to search? I thought leaving the scene of an accident was a criminal act? Would there be any footprints left after so many hours had gone by? Did more snow fall between her accident and when they started the first search? Cars had passed by that could of ran her tracks over.
    Didn't witnesses say they saw several vehicles pass by? None of the witnesses saw what the vehicles looked like? None of the people who passed by saw her?
    Did Fred or family members know someone in that area? Did her friends know anyone there?
    It is clear someone is hiding something, now what it is we don't know?
    I'm not sure where the witness saw Maura and her two friends at but how far is it from UMASS? Did the times match up? If not could it of been one of her sisters? Don't they say they look a lot alike?
    If the times match up and it was her does the descriptions match up to her friends?
    The witness said they bought a pack of smokes along with alcohol. Didn't one of the witnesses at the crash said it looked like someone was smoking? The family said it was a cell phone charger light or phone light? (Not sure which one) Maura was hidind a lot of secrets so why not be hiding smoking cigarettes? Did anyone around her smoke?
    I wonder if Fred told her friends to keep quite because he was afraid they couldn't keep the story together. When a lie is told usually you have to keep the lie together which can be difficult but when a truth is told it'll be the same statement as before.
    Have they tested the rag for DNA?
    If the friends would talk then I believe this case could be solved or could point in a direction of getting it solved.

    1. It's been confirmed the call wasn't Maura (James wrote a blog entry confirming this). Billy had applied for emergency leave, which the Red Cross handles, and a worker attempted to call him twice. It seems like the phone didn't fully hang up when they reached voicemail, and it was background noise. The person who called has been interviewed, and the calls place back to the Red Cross worker sorting out his leave.

  13. Was it ever proven that there was a phone call at Maura's work that made her so upset around 1 AM? Could it be that someone was actually came and saw her and not called?
    If there was a phone call maybe it was someone letting her know that Billy had found out she had been cheating and not the other wAy around. I'm wondering of her sister had called to let her know.
    Or maybe one of her sisters had told Fred about Maura's troubles and that's why she uttered my sister.
    Didn't the Vasi hit and run happen on the 5th and they found him on the 6th? Then on the 7th Fred shows up to buy a new car for Maura. In which her friends don't remember anyone mentioning car shopping and her car had passed the Massachusetts inspection 4 months before she disappeared. Could she of hit him, knew who did, or let someone borrow her car and they did? Was that the phone call, someone saying they hit him in her car?
    The other thing is I found an old blog with a copy of Fred's phone records, if those were really his. Let's say they are, it seems interesting that on the 7th there's about 8 calls that are fairly short, on the 8th there's about 19 calls that are longer, and then on the 9th there's hardly and calls (3) and they were short. Is there a second page with calls from the 9th or is that it?
    I'm not sure what SID is exactly on the bill but on all the calls between the 7th and 9th they hit on (4106, 4162) under the column SID. Would that of changed if he had really headed home on the 8th?
    Why haven't the police released any of the video with her at the ATM or Liquor store? I thought that when someone is missing and there's video surveillance they release at least one picture so the public will know what she was wearing, how she looked and acted.
    The other thing is on the accident forms found in her car, shouldn't the police of found video surveillance if she had picked them up, or record on her computer if she printed them from it? Or did the cops at the accident in her dad's car give them to her? I know a guy had backed into my truck and I called the police so we had a report and they asked me if I wanted us to fill them out or them? If they filled it out then the guy would of got several tickets but if we filled out then he wouldn't get any tickets. Could that of been the case that night so Maura wouldn't get in trouble?
    I wonder if she was evening drinking the night of her second car accident or was it made to look that.
    I know it's possible that someone did pick her up (person unknown) from the 2nd car crash and hurt her but I find the timeframe difficult and witnesses being around for them not to see it. Statistics show that usually someone is murdered by someone they know and not a complete stranger. So I believe if something bad happened it was done by someone she knew.
    Did her friends and sisters talk with police or did they shut down to them too?

  14. I found an old blog with Fred Murrays phone records from the 9th- 10th if these are his. The records are pretty interesting. On the 9th he made about 15 calls. Then it looks like his phone went silent from 6:30 pm to 8-9 am. On the 10th after 8-9 am he started using his phone again?
    What time was the Londenberry ping on Maura's phone?
    I noticed on the bill in the column where it shows what kind of call it was there is a couple that say (3) which is rerouted calls. Is this because the phone was hitting off other towers or did he have a phone that when you called it it forwarded to his cell phone? Like a house phone, for example Maura calls house phone and then it forwards her to there cell phone.
    If they couldn't trace the Londonderry ping, then was someone using a "throw away phone"that was hard for police to trace.

  15. Could the ATM surveillance be of the Woodsville sighting and not when she left? Or could they have a video from both? If Fred went there looking for it, wouldn't the police go and ask to, or did the police not know about it either?

  16. Has John Walsh featured Maura's story on his show? That would go a long way towards resolving this. Just a thought.

  17. I have a hard time believing Maura stepped out of her car and ventured off into the woods to die. She had sneakers on. There was snow on the ground. It was cold and dark. Being able to get far enough away and hide her body well enough to elude searches would be a remarkable feat.

    More so, the idea of a staged accident and assuming a new life is even less probable.

    She took a ride from someone.

    I really think the woods would have yielded at least a small clue if that was the direction she went.

    I don't see her as suicidal, and even so entering the woods simply to escape police is sensible but not to travel aimlessly and get lost. Seems to be a crazy method of escape. Even if you are really keen on the suicide theory, it just seems like a really punishing choice and not quick and easy like most prefer.

    I'm pretty convinced her body is likely not far from the scene but I doubt you'll find it on any public property.

    1. I've always wondered what shoes Maura was wearing in Haverhill. Could you please provide a source for that? It doesn't seem logical that she would be wearing sneakers if there had been a major snowstorm at UMass a few days earlier, and that she was headed north on Monday. She was familiar with the terrain/weather in New Hampshire, and I would think she would be wearing more sturdy,snow-friendly shoes. Think of it as as the same weather as a ski area. Who wears sneakers at ski areas? She would need a shoes with good treads or she would be slipping or falling.