Friday, September 11, 2015

A Quick Reminder About My Comment Policy

This site is getting a lot of attention again, thanks to the podcast and the upcoming release of the book. Because of this, many people want to comment and weigh in on the clues of the case. That's great. I think we get closer to the truth the more we discuss this case.

However, due to a few persistent trolls, I must monitor and approve every comment before it posts. I try to do this in three batches during the day. So if you post, your comment will eventually appear (sometimes rather quickly, sometimes not).

The following kinds of comments may not be approved:

- Any comment naming uncharged suspects which imply they did it.
- Any comment including a phone number or address of a subject or suspect
- Any comment that suggests a police officer murdered Maura (that simply didn't happen)
- Any comment that is needlessly cruel or mean

Other than that, let's talk shop!


  1. James,

    Do you think this case will ever be solved in our lifetime?

  2. James,

    Would LE close this case if they didn't have active leads to pursue? I'd like to hope they are still seriously looking for her.

    1. The case will remain open until MM is located alive or a suspect is charged or her remains are located and ruled a suicide.

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  5. Does anyone know when Maura was informed of her mother's cancer? I understand that her mother, Laura, died of cancer in 2009. Could that have been the telephone call she had received which left her in tears? Personally, what little I know of this case, I believe Maura just wanted or needed to get away for a while to clear her head or decide what to do about her problems concerning the traffic accidents and credit card used fraudulently. I also think that after she crashed into the snow bank, she might have had the smell of alcohol on her breath and that's why she refused help from anyone offering to call the police. Unbeknownst to her, however, several people who witnessed the accident did call the police. Maura might have been hiding when the police arrived and then, after they left, she started walking. Sometime afterwards, it is my belief that someone came along in a vehicle and either abducted her or managed to gain her confidence enough that she willingly got into the car. She would have been cold and tired by this time and probably would have accepted a ride if the person or persons looked to be no threat to her. Whoever picked her up or grabbed her in all probability killed her. Her remains might never be found in that wooded area.