Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Read Maura Murray's Yearbook, Online

Another shout out to Clint Harting, who found Maura's yearbook online.

Click here to check it out.


  1. Maura's blurb starts out with "Certainly not M2". This reminded me of something I saw on a wedding website dedicated to one of Kate Markopoulos's friends (who is also named Kate).

    Here is a link to the website (Kate's picture and blurb are about halfway down):

    Kate Markopoulos and her friend Kate refer to themselves as K2. Obviously this is speculation but the idea of using "M2" or "K2" when friends have the same or similar names may actually be something Maura used back in high school (as evidenced by this yearbook entry) and I thought it would be interesting, if the connection is indeed accurate, that Kate is still using it.

    1. There are two M's in Maura's own name so I think that's what she is referring to, not another individual and herself.

    2. Even if that's the case, it is still an interesting connection to Kate Markopoulos. It would mean she is using Maura's idea to this day. There's no way she thought of such a similar nickname convention on her own.

  2. "To laugh it up and defeat all odds."

  3. Questions - what was left in the car when it was found? I believe some alcohol and text books were among the things. Sounds like she was going away for a few days to study, relax and re-think her life.
    Why did she pack her college dorm and leave the email about Billy cheating. Answer - as she was packing her room - someone said she was switching dorm rooms, she was keeping the email front and center to remind her of his infidelity and why she needed a break from the world.
    The accident - she was alone no one in tandem. Why would someone follow her - why not just meet up somewhere and drive together.
    Scene of accident - many strange issues here - when there is an accident in front of my house, I typically run outside FIRST then call the police after checking on accident victims. I find it strange that the neighbors called the police and never went outside. The bus driver - yes he stopped but again if it was me,. I would put my vehicle - even a bus in front of the disabled vehicle so that it couldn't be hit from an oncoming car and I would wait in my bus.
    The neighbors all know what happened and aren't talking.

    1. There is absolutely no way, for a minor accident such as Maura's, that I would leave my house and stand in a dark icy street to wait for police with a stranger. Butch Atwood and the neighbors only had a moral duty to call the authorities and that's exactly what they did.

    2. It wasn't a minor accident. Her airbags deployed, she spun around and had enough damage to render the car undrivable - I would have come outside and gave assistance - but this is me. I have done a lot of things like that to help other....

    3. Who said she was switching dorm rooms? Also, it would be logical to call 911 first and then go outside. The reason Butch Atwood didn't wait is because he suspected Maura was lying about the fact that she called AAA since there was no cell service there. He then went home and called the police himself.

    4. I don't think it's odd that he left after she continuously denied his help. I wouldn't stay after someone seemed uncomfortable with me there. That is slightly aggressive. He did his duty. He lived just down the street and probably could have never imagined what was going to happen .

    5. Anonymous @ 9/30/15 10:29 PM-- Agreed. What more was he supposed to do? There's no evidence that Maura had visible severe injuries, or was acting in some manner which indicated that a person should stay with her until help arrived. After he contacted the police, Atwood could reasonably believe that an officer would arrive shortly, which is exactly what happened. Maura was an adult. When she refused Atwood's help, he had no reason to linger. He then called the police. Those actions and reactions are entirely normal, at least as far as I'm concerned.

    6. I doubt the neighbors know anything, honestly. Atwood mainly has been looked at closely, and in the end, we're talking about older, married folks directly by the accident scene. If anything, I'm surprised neither houses watched the entire event unfold. But, it wasn't like it was in their front yard so I understand the lack of attention in a way.

      I still very much believe Maura got into a car.

  4. Does anyone else see the irony in that Maura was in Students Against Drunk Driving her sophomore through senior year?

  5. Her profile says "To laugh it up and defeat all odds."

    This seems strangely prophetic.

    Is she still alive and laughing at the efforts to find her?

    1. She might be still alive but I highly doubt that she takes any pleasure at all in the events of the last 11 years.

  6. In addition, Maura is in pages 15, 74, 80, 130. Even in page 20, West Point is listed as her future school.

    1. I can't seem to find her on pages 15, 20 or 74. Could you point her out?

  7. Kind of ironic that she was in SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving)!

  8. Pages with Maura:
    - 25
    - 64f
    - 67 "math team"
    - 78 SSAD seniors
    - 85 group picture
    - 92 mentioning of Kurtis Murray
    - 96 mentioning Maura broke the bed in Nauset
    - 130 few pictures of Maura on the running team
    - 196 group photo
    - 204 (?) Group photo
    - 214(?) Few pics
    - 220 West Point stated as Maura's future school

    1. you can also go up to the link in the toolbar (when you are looking at Maura's senior yearbook) and switch years, so you can see Maura's junior yearbook as well. You may even be able to check out the sophomore and freshmen years as well. Julie Murray is likely found in some of those as well

  9. Maura mentions a few people in her blurb and I thought it would be interesting to know who they are, as they were likely her best friends, and the internet world could do some searches and see if there is anything to learn. I figured most would be other seniors, but that may not always be the case.

    The best possibilities to who Maura mentions are:
    * No idea. There is a senior Laura E Doyle, who does not mention MM and I don't see her anywhere else with her
    * Katie E. Jones - mentions good x's with MM, as a few others do.
    * Andrea E Connolly (SAAD) mentions MM and some of the others. Was on X-Country and spring track too
    * Amy Corrigan also mentions good x's with MM
    * Don't know (Laura Gainey was with MM in SAAD)
    * Likely Carly Muise - not a senior - but on math team and SAAD juniors
    * Erin Devine also mentions MM and in pic on page 4 of supplement 'senior banquet', and in spring tack
    * Elizabeth Drewniak - her good friend from the disappeared show and is in many groups and pics with MM
    * Erika L King - does not mention MM but was in SAAD
    * There is a Laura Billings on X-country team.
    * Don't know - Julie M Burke was in SAAD
    * Kristy L. Zamagni- mentions MM and the unknown LD and was in Winter and Spring track

    1. LDx4 is almost surely Elizabeth (Liz) Drewniak.

  10. Here is another recap of Maura's mentions and pics in the yearbook. You can't go by the page number in the url, as there are a couple of inserts and supplements, and it along with the page you can scroll to in the bottom don't match, nor with the page numbers printed on the pages, so I went by page number as on the actual page of the yearbook.

    25 - Photo and blurb
    62 - "Class Athletes"
    64A - group of girls hanging out
    64F - Kiwanis MVP Dinner
    67 - Math team
    78 - SADD
    80 - Powder Puff and Rally
    85 - Powder Puff group
    92 - "Will" mentioning Kurtis. It's kinda weird how she says 'years of ghosts riding bicycles into bushes" like her disappearing 'into the bushes' at her accident scene, and "then sprinting to catch the bus", like Renner's theory of her catching a lift with a 'tandem driver'.
    96 - Remember when "Maura broke the bed"
    130 - Cross Country - multiple pics and a quote
    139 - Panther Girls - Winter Track
    Sponsor section - Elizabeth D has an entry from her parents, MM does not
    180 - More of ED - and other friends
    189 - Potentially her in the group
    193 - Restaurant photo with ED again
    Supplement page 4 - 'Senior Banquet'
    Supplement page 14 - 'Spring Track'
    Supplement 20 - 'Future Plans'

  11. Her address was Joanne drive, and the person who claimed she worked at that casino in Vegas said her name was Joanna. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

  12. Is this her?