Friday, October 30, 2015

CNN Profile

CNN has an article and video today about my work using social media to prompt new clues in cold cases, and focusses primarily on the Amy Mihaljevic mystery.

Renner is one of a growing cult of sleuths who see potential in the Internet to solve cold cases. The term "crowdsourced" gets kicked around, but Renner calls is "open sourcing" because his investigations combine a mix of approaches - shoe leather journalism, Web searches, long conversation threads - that he puts out for the world to see.

Check out the full article, here.


  1. Honestly, I know people ask, "how does one just vanish?" But in 2004 before the internet went apeshit with newscycles, and given the remote area, she could conceivably be living under a different name elsewhere. A middle school friend of mine moved away with her mom and brother and they all assumed new identities to escape an abusive father. NONE of her childhood friends know where she is.

    Also, if a person is THAT psychotic, they could cut her up into little pieces and either bury her deep in the woods or feed her to a hungry animal. Gruesome, but we're talking about a tiny town.

  2. That was awesome James. Thank you for everything you do. We also feel this way about missing people and unsolved cases. It's literally something that eats us alive. Great article!