Thursday, October 1, 2015

New "Missing Maura Murray" Episode Is Up!

Lance and Tim interview journalist Clint Harting again this week.

Harting and I disagree about some of the finer points of this case. He's a firm believer in the "suicide" theory. And I think he is too quick to believe the statements from the Murray family. But he raises some interesting questions and uncovers some interesting new clues.

Check it out.


  1. I am just shaking my head about Mauras mom saying that she was trying to get a ride from co-workers to the crash site. What about her two other daughters or other family members in the area? There is no excuse for not being there the next day.

  2. this podcast is changing my opinion.

    I have a feeling the red truck is involved. either a tandem driver or a random stranger/abducter

  3. Very good episode. Interesting info on this article? Will this ever be released for others to see or only Clint, Lance, and Tim?

    James, can you get access to this?

    It seems like Clint's information bolstered the Runaway/Tandem Driver theory or even abduction more than suicide.

  4. Question for Clint. My recolection was thestate trooper pulled up to Mrs Or way and not an ambulance. Do you have ino that says otherwise?

  5. Interesting that Maura entered UMASS as a Chemical Engineering student. Hossein Baghdadi earned a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington University, and pursued a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering at UMASS. This would be an additional connection to Maura besides his position as track coach at UMASS.

    1. Good catch! I just came across a picture of him and his wife today. He certainly has a "type"!

  6. I've always been on team tandem more than team abduction, but not by much. I've never thought it could be a suicide/wander off because I feel like you'd've found a body. But after this episode, I'm even more team tandem... big time. I'd love to see the articles he referenced, too. I don't know about anyone else but I found some things about Clint's delivery weird... like in the beginning he was like pushing something hardcore (I listened last night so I can't remember exactly what it was) and then the rest of the interview he was like, "I'm not saying it was totally that!" I don't know... I can't explain it. I do find, though, that he always brings something to the table I wasn't aware of. Like the whole thing about the supervisor and the phone call... and now the red truck.

  7. Very good episode, I really enjoy hearing about Clint's research. The red truck did seem more like a tandem driver, or a big coincidence in time. Interesting to hear about the early articles. I wish we could have head more about what Clint was dancing around about regarding the articles the family wasn't happy with/not easily found online. --AV

  8. When Maura started UMASS in spring 2002, was she a freshman or sophmore?
    Maura's friend Katie from high school said" maura didn't tell them about transferring to UMASS until afterwards. Sometimes they think there's more to the story." In my opinion I think this shows theres a high chance there's more to the story than being told. I find it odd that Maura knew after the first semester at West Point that it wasn't for her, but attended another 2 semesters and missed the deadline for getting into UMASS. Could she of been being pressured into staying at West Point? . Since she got caught stealing in 7-01, about a month and half before school started, could she of had to stay at West Point for the semester, to do her punishment for the theft?
    Its strange that her only friends to appear on the Disappeared show were her high school friends. It seems Maura had pulled away from them. Once Maura started UMASS, her and Katie didn't live to far from one another but they never visited each other at school.
    Even if Sara was passed out when Maura left the party, wouldnt she of known who else was there before she passed out. Sara said it was a small get together but Kate said it was standing room only. If it was a small get together among friends, wouldn't at least one of them remember something about the other people there? After all they said they were there "Friends".
    Kate remembers a male walked her and Maura out but doesn't remember anything about this male. In an email to Renner, kate says she hadn't seen most of them ever again. Who hadn't she seen again? Who were the other friends at this party?
    How long did Kate know Maura? In this article she says" if she can't figure it out after 3 years of friendship, than nobody might ever know." Maura had been at UMASS for about 2 years.
    I believe the red truck could be the tadem driver. Too many quincendances to not think there's a possibility this red truck had something to do with Maura's disappearance. Rhonda didn't feel threatened by the truck, just felt they were looking for someone. The truck was in the area pretty close to the time of Mauras disappeance. Rhonda believed they had Mass. Plates and there possibly was more than one person in it. I would be shocked if the red truck didn't have anything to do with Maura's disappearance.
    The cashier believes she saw Maura with two friends an hour before the crash, and Rhonda thought there possibly was more than one person in the truck.
    So Maura was planning her honeymoon in the White Mountains, but she wasn't engaged. Perhaps she was being pressured about marriage when she wasn't ready. Frequently its mentioned that Maura and Billy were going to be engaged and married soon . But one of Mauras friends said Maura wasn't looking forward to moving to Oklahoma. I think there trying to make there relationship out to be perfect and solid,and there's no reason for Maura to runaway, when in reality Maura and Billy had many issues in there relationship.
    Sara, kate, and Katie all said Maura was mysterious and secretive. Hossein said Maura never mentioned her father. Maura's roommate from West Point said if Maura wanted a new life she could, and I believe she's alive, just a feeling I've always had. I believe this shows some of Maura's character and if Maura is Alive, shed have no problem with being secretive and staying hidden.
    Seems Maura's disappearance fits right in with what her friends said about her. Secrecy and mysterious.

  9. I'd like to know more about the article with Maura's mom?
    Will these articles be posted online for everyone to see?

  10. Just listened again and realized that the newspaper snippets that you posted today were discussed on this episode...

    Regarding the red truck, I was really struck at the conversation between the three of them, marveling at the level of detail that the witness remembered. It really confused me--why WOULDN'T she have remembered these details?--but then I realized that the three men probably have no frame of reference. For a woman walking alone at night... the appearance of a strange vehicle prowling an otherwise abandoned road is, more likely than not, going to make her hyper-vigilant and attentive to detail.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work. :-)

  11. Loving your podcast. Listening to it now: introduction.