Saturday, October 17, 2015

New 'Missing Maura Murray' podcast is up.

The podcast continues.

This week, Lance and Tim interview New Hampshire resident, John Smith, who claims to have the inside scoop.


  1. Maura was at the Saturn about 15-20 mins before she disappeared. The red truck was about 10-15 minutes ahead of her. Could she of been waiting on this person to arrive or turn back for her?
    If Maura had passed the stage shop then she would of known there was a store not to far back, most likely with a payphone, she could of used her calling cards to call someone to get her out of there.
    Also didn't Fred in an early interview say that perhaps she broke into a cabin? Perhaps she did and called someone to help. Could she of been heading to Andrea Connollys family's cabin or could she of made it there to stay for a day or two?

    1. The idea she broke into a cabin (or tried to) is really intriguing because every once in a while a missing person is found lodged in the chimney of a long abandoned house or cabin in a remote areas. I remember a case in Michigan and another in the south and now this one: It would really answer ALL our questions if that is what happened to her (God forbid).

  2. J Smith makes me sympathetic for Fred Murray. I do not think its odd locals stayed in doors that night. It was icy and dangerous and NH people keep to themselves. I think its odd she would not accept a ride or to just stay warm with a bus driver. Despite his appearance at that moment in time a bus driver is a better than average person to accept shelter from. Unless she was so wasted she wanted to avoid a DWI or new somebody was on the way. In 2004 I think sprint Next Tel Walkie Talkie Phones. I think Bulima I think 2004 Oxy Cotin. I find it odd that Fred arrives into Amherst a night after a raging NE snow storm that closed school on friday. I keep returning to the hit and run on Petrit Vassi and dad was running damage control. At the time they were clueless if he was going to live or if their were witnesses. The fight at the hotel after wrecking his car was pretty bad. And they must of had words. The state needs to release that ATM footage. Rumors about suicide and pregnancy in my opinion were started while Vassi was in a coma to through people off the trail and keep her hidden. I dont believe the dad new anything and she was probablly teaching him a lesson not to be so overburdening and pushey. Rag in tailpipe ,not without peril all bullsit to protect her until Vassi fate was figured out. Mark Ruddock would be a good podcast. He needs to give a better interview. Would like a Podcast with Tim Carpenter. Now keep in mind she is still young early 30s all promises of her coming forward our emptyless this is 2015 . Nobody thought the internet would be what it is today. The stress of reliving this again could be detrimental. If something sinster did happen to her somebody make an anonomous tip. Fred Murray is aging quickly over a decade of stress if justice is never served tell this poor man so he can live his final days looking forward to see her again. There are plenty of us with money even attorneys that would probablly help pro bono. I think proceeds from a book of lifetime movie could help Vassi and help stress on future college students . Japan is currently having a huge problem with helicoptering parenting children and cortisol levels in young adults are high. At a young 30 if alive she had help. Logic dictates freinds and family not speaking out tell you they know what happened. I hope Fred Murray gets his answers and peace before his death. But just like bloggers who have theories there a bloggers in the know who will rag in the tail pipe and stray you from the truth when you get to close. Back to Basics. I really would like to see a podcast with Billy Rausch too. Heard is over protective mom a lot but not a lot directly from him. If he loved her so much why the low key silence. Its time to end this nonsense ; nobody cares what you did in college. Hell Petrit Vasi moved on. But if Fred Murray goes to the grave without peace , then something is wrong with humanity. Something else that bothers me a bit too was there a lot of Iranian Students on campus and would she pop up on a Goverment most likely to be covert having been to West Point? Would love to see cell phone records a week leading up to her moms death on her birthday too. So Sad.