Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Welcome, New Visitors

This frustrating mystery has gotten renewed attention, lately, thanks to the new podcast, Missing Maura Murray.

If you're new to the case, you may want to check out the extensive police records and documents I have gathered over the years. There's also a cast of characters. And a list of new info uncovered since this blog began.

I am taking some time off from regularly updating this blog to support my novel, The Great Forgetting, which will be published November 10. It's a love letter to conspiracy theories. If you like the X-Files, you'll dig it, I think. It's the novels that let me get away with spending so much time and money on these unsolved cases in my spare time.

Unless there's a major break in the case, I'll return in the Spring!

James Renner


  1. Very interesting james.......Chemtrails and fluoride.......X-Files.......All stuff I am an activist against.

  2. SPRING?!?!

    I just recently got interested in the case and spent about 5 hours on this blog the other night instead of studying. I enjoy your style of writing & am interested in checking out the novels. Good luck even though your hiatus will slowly kill me.

    1. Are you following Lance and Tim's podcast. It will help a lot in getting through James's hiatus. Like you, I came to this case recently and binged on this blog over the course of a day.

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  4. Damn I'm hooked on this blog! Where can we discuss the case now????

  5. With there being no media coverage of the case since the 10 year anniversary, there probably is not much more to write about it. At first it seemed like James Renner favored murder at the most likely possibility, then seemed to change towards her starting a new life with help, and now seems to be heading back towards murder by someone she knows. Such is the way with Maura Murray's case. I think everything is about as statistically possible as flipping a coin. I think the case revolves around Maura Murray. I do not think Fred, Kate, Sara, or anyone else is involved or has any knowledge as to her whereabouts.

    The title of this blog and the podcast got me to thinking. We all think in terms of now, that Maura would be hiding from the general public, but in 2004 she had no way of knowing a blog would be written about her, much less a book about the case.

    Sometimes you wonder if Maura Murray committed an Edgar Allen Poe, wanting to get disciplined at West Point knowing it would result in her removal. If she wanted to get booted or just wanted to leave for some other reason, it is doubtful she went back into the military. But with her love of nature, I think sometimes maybe park ranger or something like that. How she would do that, I have no idea.

    When I first saw Maura Murray's case I thought she was murdered by the bus driver. The more I looked at the case, the doors being locked, AAA card left on the seat, rag in tailpipe, either the bus driver was a very perceptive person or he was not the last one at the car.

    Whatever happened to Maura Murray, the biggest problem I have with the case is perceptiveness. I cannot understand why someone who writes an email to professors about a death in the family does not wait until they get to their destination to start drinking. As for the bus driver, since he was the only witness, did Maura Murray smell like she had been drinking? If someone who was smoking was with her, did the car smell like cigarette smoke?

    Until we have the same information as the police it is going to be very difficult to come to any solid conclusions about what might have happened to Maura Murray. The case is almost 12 years old and she has not been heard from. The only correct answer as to what happened to Maura Murray is probably I don't know.

  6. While I will miss your updates I am VERY excited to hear you have a novel coming out in November... I wish it would come out a few days earlier so I could read it on my flight to Chicago on the 6th, haha. Off to preorder!

  7. Well, that sucks. I'm sure I'll be checking in every day regardless.

  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2015/10/14/in-42-year-old-cold-case-suspected-murder-victim-turns-up-alive/?tid=pm_national_pop_b

    This article describes the case of a person who was thought to have been very likely the victim of murder but who as it turns out is very much alive!

  9. Thank you and best wishes!

  10. Hey guys! I am new here but I have spent the past two days reading and going through all of your blog posts..this case caught my attention years ago when I saw the episode of "Disappeared" Since then I have been thinking of what happened to Maura. This is strange for me because I watch a lot of "ID Discovery" type shows and no case of a missing person has ever stuck with me this way.

    Anyway, I am glad I found your blog and I am happy to see that others are just like me! I have two questions I hope you can answer, James or anyone else!

    1- I remember a while back when I first discovered this case that I was reading something on the internet about UMass being involved with her disappearance. Something about experimental drugs? Is there any credibility to those accusations?

    2- Another thing I stumbled upon was that a police officer spoke with Maura after her crash and that was left off all official reports? Is that true?

    I appreciate if anyone can help me out with these two questions! I really enjoy this blog