Monday, November 9, 2015

Phone Records Raise More Questions

A little over a year ago, I had the first of several conversations with Bill Rausch, who spoke to me on the condition that I only use the info he gave me for my book. He told me a couple stories about Maura and their time together and provided a few new bits of information, such as how he was told the party at Sara Alfieri's place happened off-campus and how Maura told him she was looking for a used car.

I became interested in learning more about Bill recently when I was provided with information that caused me to question his character. When I spoke to him, again, he lied to me, before walking back on some of his statements, which raised some red flags for me.

I asked him, then, if he was at Fort Sill when Maura disappeared. He said at that time he was an officer with Charlie Battery in the field, helping with basic training at Fort Sill. He said he was often out of cell phone range. He provided me with two people who could verify he was there. Neither of those men would talk to me.

Last week I (along with Lance and Tim, who run a podcast about the case) were provided with cell phone records for both Bill and Maura for the month around the time she disappeared. The source of these documents will remain unnamed.

Having reviewed the documents, it is clear to me that Bill was nowhere near the White Mountains on February 9th. What follows is a timeline of interesting calls by Bill and Maura in the days leading up to her accident on Route 112.

Bill Rausch Phone Calls
* please note, Bill Rausch's phone calls are 1 hr behind Maura’s and Eastern Standard Time.

Thursday, February 5
- 11:07 p.m. There is an incoming call for 7 mins - this is Maura calling from her desk at Melville Hall, the night she became inconsolable at work and had to be sent home.

For the next couple days, Maura and Bill trade short calls.

Sunday, February 8
- 4:38 a.m. Bill receives an incoming call for 11 mins (Fred has said before that this was Maura using his cell phone to call Bill after her late-night crash in Hadley, which happened after she left Sara Alfieri's party)
- Bill calls Fred’s cell phone back at 4:49 a.m. They speak for another five minutes. This appears to be the last time Bill speaks directly to Maura before her disappearance, except for a brief text.
- 2:49 p.m. Bill calls Maura's cell
- 2:50 p.m. Bill calls a UMass dorm, probably Maura's
- 2:56 p.m. Bill calls his parents home in Ohio and speaks for 29 mins

Monday, February 9 (the day Maura disappears)
- 1:18 p.m. Bill calls Kate Markopoulos's cell after trying to reach Maura all morning.
- 1:18 p.m. Bill tries Kate’s dorm room.
- 1:19 p.m. Bill calls Maura’s cell 3 times in five minutes
- Bill calls a Durham, NC number
- Bill calls several Fort Sill numbers and checks his voicemail. These calls continue through the time Maura gets into the accident in Haverhill, New Hampshire. The fact that Bill is making calls means he is not near the White Mountains, as there was no cell phone service in that region. Given the number of calls to base numbers at Fort Sill, it is logical to conclude he was, in fact, on or near base.
- at 7 p.m. (probably 8 p.m. EST) Bill speaks West Point professor, Bob McDonald, for 34 mins. - I have spoken to Bob, who says the conversation had nothing to do with Maura Murray. 
- Bill tries to call Maura, again.
- 7:48 Bill calls his father and speaks for 10 mins
- Bill checks voicemail
- 7:59 Bill calls his dad and speaks again for 11 mins
A FLURRY of calls begins at 9:14, as Bill tries again to reach Maura on her cell phone
- 9:16 Bill calls a young woman from Ohio, "N"
- 9:17 Bill calls another young woman from Ohio "C"
- 9:20 Bill makes a call to an unknown Mansfield, OH number.
- 9:22 Bill calls a young woman named Amber
- 9:22 Bill calls another number used by Amber
- 9:23 Bill calls a relative of Amber
I received an email from Amber, today. She says "Maura was like family." But she will say no more.

Tuesday, February 10
- Bill tries Maura’s cell
- 4:48 p.m. Bill calls Kate Markopoulos’s dorm
- 4:49 p.m. Bill calls Kate’s cell (the calls are 1-2 mins, probably just leaving messages)
- 4:51 checks vmail
- 5:25 incoming call for 18 mins (This may be where he learns Maura is missing)
- 6:18 Bill calls to home in Ohio for 10 mins
- 6:28 Bill calls Kate’s dorm for 6 mins
- 6:57 Bill tries Maura cell
- 6:59 Bill calls Holiday Inn's general number
- 7:04 Bill calls the Holiday Inn Express in North Conway and speaks for 2 mins
- 7:12 Bill tries Maura's cell
- 7:21 Bill calls Tim Carpenter and Kathleen Murray
- 7:35 Bill calls AAA and speaks for 9 mins
- 7:45 Bill tries Maura's cell
- 7:47 Bill calls Fred for 8 mins
- 8:02 Bill calls his dad for 12 mins
- 8:32 Bill calls Haverhill Police Department
- 8:34 Bill calls 877-253-6575?
- 9:08 Bill calls Fred
** Bill is up for the rest of the night.
- Bill tries to call Maura at 1:21 a.m
- Bill calls a Columbus number at 2:43 a.m.
- Bill checks vmail at 4:47 am.
- lots of calls to Murray family, beginning again at 5 a.m.

A couple things worth noting about the following days
- Bill continues to check in on Maura’s number till the end of bill

- Bill calls Kate Markopoulos a bunch of times on Feb 19, trying to reach her. These calls stop after he calls Sara Alfieri's phone.

Maura Murray Phone Calls

Wednesday, February 4
- Maura calls many family members around 10:28. Julie, then Kathleen, then home.
- Around midnight, she calls Dominos. 5 min call. Then there's a second call to Dominos, ten minutes later for 3 min.

Thursday, February 5 (the night of Maura's breakdown)
- 9:56 p.m. incoming call from ?
- 10:10 p.m. call to Kathleen for 28 mins
- 12:07 a.m. call to Bill for 7 mins
* she is found by her supervisor in a catatonic state and sent to her dorm room
- 3:40 a.m. call to Dominos

Friday, February 6
* No phone calls until 6:13 p.m.
- 10:02 p.m. Maura makes a 10 min call to the Fort Sill field artillery brigade.
- Maura calls Bill at 2:53 a.m. for 2 mins

Saturday, February 7 (the night of the party at Sara Alfieri's place)
- 3:21 p.m. Maura calls Julie
- 4:13 Maura calls Reliance Auto, a used car store
- 8:54 Maura calls Kate Markopoulos's cell
- 8:55 call to Kate dorm
- 8:56 checking vmail
- 8:59 Maura calls a Springfield MA number (413-627-6927) – which is no longer in service
- 8:59 Maura calls the Umass residential voice messaging system
- 9:01 call to Kate

* Maura makes no further calls for nearly 24 hours. Members of the family have said that she lost or left her phone at Sara's.
* That night she wrecks her father's car in Hadley, on the way to his motel at 3 in the morning. The question becomes, how were the police alerted of the accident if Maura did not make the call?

Sunday, February 8
- 8:26 p.m. Maura checks vmail
- 11:26 p.m. Maura calls Fred

* Monday, February 9
- 12:55 Maura calls Linda Salamone to inquire about a condo that has two bedrooms.
- Maura then makes 2 calls to the UMass student message number, at 1:13 p.m. She left a message with someone before she left!
- 2:05 Maura calls to Stowe, VT visitors info line for 1 minute
- 2:18 Maura calls Bill (1 minute)
- Maura checks her voicemail at 4:37 p.m. * This is the last action on her bill. That means she never made another call and never picked up when people tried to call her.

When police entered her dorm at UMass they found her belongings packed neatly into boxes. On top of the boxes was an email from Bill to her which she printed out and left. The email was about Bill cheating on her.

A few weeks ago, on Lance and Tim's podcast, I said that Maura was at her best when she was with Bill Rausch. I was wrong. I was very wrong about that.

Years ago, Cecil Smith, the former chief of police of Haverhill, said something strange to me. He said that whatever happened to Maura was Bill's fault, even if it was an accident. “It was her scumbag boyfriend that made her want to drive up here,” he said. “He came out in the news and was all, ‘We loved her.’ Well, fuck you. He was cheating on her. If it was a suicide, it was because of what he was doing to her. But if it was a suicide, where’s the body?"


  1. I wonder who worked at dominos that she knew.

    1. Wondering if this person may have been a love interest....or even the one that supplied Maura w/ the CC # to use for Pizza..? just a thought

    2. My thoughts exactly. Never once did u think "oh she orders a lot of pizza." It's clear to me she knew someone who worked there and they played a role in her life when she was disturbed .

    3. If the eating disorder rumors are true, it seems like she may have just been ordering food to binge/purge in order to alter her emotional state.

    4. Interesting thought. I read this as further support that she was bullimic and would binge as a result of stress.

    5. I had the same thought, who orders pizza at 3:00 am after a stressful phone call that put her in a catonic state? A person with a food adiction like Maura. The phone call at work is the reason she left.

    6. Ha. There are a fair number of pizza places in the UMass area, but as far as cheapness + super-late-night delivery goes (like, after 2:00am during the week), Domino's was pretty much your only option back in 2004.

      Those calls aren't suspicious to me at all. They look about the length of time you need to place a take-out order, including any hold time. And look at the context in terms of timing + what is known about Maura. Pizza = perfect for a late-night binge + purge, stress-eating food. And isn't pizza what she ordered with the dormmate's credit card # a couple months prior?

      - Marie Helena

    7. Marie Helena... please tell me you're a different person and not Helen Murray checking out this blog ;) That would be a shame .... lol

    8. I am indeed a different person!!! I'm sorry for the confusion. I use my first two given names in writing about most things online...I don't think I've used my surname in writing about this case anywhere, but whatevz, it's not super-secret or anything.

      I grew up in New England and went to UMass-Amherst from 2003-2007, lived in the dorms all four years (YAY MAYHEM - actually, I was an RA there for a few of those years, and it was mostly fun, for real). I still visit the area a few times a year to see family + friends.

      I should dig out my ancient UCard (UMass ID) + scan it as proof, huh? I'm pretty sure I have that stashed in a memory box of sorts. I kinda hope it's as embarrassing as I remember. ;-)

    9. I use to order pizza at all hours of the night when I was a unv. student. not strange at all and doesn't mean she has a disorder. lets not read more into this then necessary people.

    10. carroll, no it doesn't in itself mean she has/had an eating disorder. But since there have been rumors that she had an eating disorder it's a possible explanation for all the pizza calls. Eating pizza doesn't equal eating disorder however an eating disorder does equal a lot of pizza.

  2. James...if Maura and Bill could contact each other directly (they shared a phone plan, right?) why would she need calling cards?

    1. Hi Jackson.

      I recall people using calling cards back in the early aughts because they had inexpensive plans with limited calling zones, or limited long distance minutes. Still, I have some doubts about this too. There were other people back then who had lots of calling cards because they had reasons to be making anonymous calls.

    2. Sorry .. not anonymous ... I said that wrong ... untraceable is what I should have said.

  3. Hmm. On an earlier podcast, it was stated that Kate Markopoulos vanished off the map for a few days the same time Maura disappeared but unlike Maura, she eventually resurfaced. Billy's phone records say he called Kate the day after Maura disappeared and they spoke for 6 minutes. That makes Kate's short absence more confusing. Did Billy ever clarify what that conversation was about?

    I'm surprised Billy would make so many calls to Kate even before Maura went missing. Had they ever even met?

    1. I would imagine a close school friend would know how to contact a boyfriend.

    2. Even if he had not met Kate or Sara, it is possible that Maura had (at some point since being friends with them) called Billy from one or both of their phones. I know when I was her age I called my boyfriend from my friends phones at college if my phone was dead, just wanted to check in, forgot my phone, etc. He didn't necessarily have to be close with them to have their numbers.

    3. My thoughts exactly. Someone will have to correct me on the details if I'm wrong but according to that podcast, Kate vanished for a few days the same time Maura did. Nobody could find her and nobody got an account for where she was during those few days. When she "got back," didn't she say she found out about Maura's disappearance from the track team?

      But according to those phone records, Billy talked to Kate on the phone for six minutes the day after Maura vanished and at that time, he obviously knew Maura was missing. So how could Kate not find out about Maura being missing until a few days later? Obviously Billy would have told her.

      Again, someone will have to correct me on the details if I'm off about that timeline but my gut instinct that Kate is a liar feels stronger now.

    4. "I'm surprised Billy would make so many calls to Kate even before Maura went missing. Had they ever even met?"

      That's interesting. I was just pondering that, and I had a college-flashback. I went to school out of state, 1500 miles away from my boyfriend. He had never visited, or met my friends, but knew some of their numbers because there would be times I'd call him from their phones when I was with them or at their dorms. I specifically remember an incident where he called 2 of these friends, whom he did not know. I had found out he had been cheating on me. Of course, he lied, but I knew it was true. We had a couple of long phone calls discussing it (I was a MESS!), but the rest were short, angry calls where I'd pick up or call him in tears, yelling at him, fighting, etc. He was panicked I was going to break up with him, so one day/night he began calling 2 of my friends on their dorm lines and cell phones, attempting to reach them and talk to them about the situation, plead his innocence, etc. to try to get them to talk to me about it. I'm curious if it could have been a similar situation with Bill calling Maura's friends!

    5. Exactly, on Tuesday at 6:28 Billy called Kate and spoke with her for 6 mins.
      Kate said she found out about Maura's disappearance on Sat at her track meet. Which was Feb. 14 V- Day
      Why would Kate lie? Did Billy not tell Kate Maura had disappeared?
      Did Kate have a roommate at the dorms? If so, then Billy could of spoke with that person and not Kate.
      Seems Kate wants to distance herself as much as she can from Maura's disappearance, but Why?
      This was her Best Friend, wouldn't you want to do everything you can to help find her? Unless she already knows what happened..
      Perhaps Maura was with 2 friends in NH and something bad happened to Maura and her two friends covered it up or they helped her run away from her life.

    6. That is exactly what I believe happened.

  4. So... suicide from distress about the relationship with Bill? That's where we're at right now?

    1. I don't think so... because no body. But maybe? I'm not sure where we are. I got the sense that we were away from new life and moved to murder.

    2. I think so.

      I think we all find interest in stories like these and whenever you run across one that is eventually solved, all of the mystery and movie-like intrigue tends to get wiped away and you find the reason is rather straightforward.

      There was a case about an accountant on Disappeared. He was highly stressed over a business merger, possibly had committed accounting fraud and the day he went missing he left a note for his wife that had all of their bank account numbers and passwords. But the episode and the internet were both all over the place as to what could have happened. When you look at it like real life and not a Lifetime movie, you have a stressed guy who was possibly going to jail leaving his wife instructions on how to access their money without him. And wouldnt you know, they eventually found him dead of a suicide.

      Regarding Maura Murray. You have a girl who:

      -has a possible poor relationship with her dad/family
      -maybe/who knows hit that kid with her car on campus
      -crashed her dad's car
      -got kicked out of West Point(?)
      -was arrested for stealing a credit card
      -maybe/who knows was drinking a ton while not knowing she was pregnant
      -had her boyfriend cheating on her

      Add that up and I think you have a girl that is emotionally distraught at a high level.

      The key to the whole case IMO is that email she left neatly on top of her packed belongings -- just like the accountant's note to his wife. She wanted someone to find that email and it's content. That email means something.

    3. Hi Richard, I agree very much with your perspective on mysteries.....I often think of them as magic tricks. They can seem very perplexing until the 'trick' is demonstrated, then you fell a bit like an idiot for not seeing that possibility beforehand.

    4. If you're referencing the John Glascow case featured on Disappeared, no, he was not committing fraud and no, no suicide ruling has been made in his case. He suspected fraud on the part of others. His body was found in a ravine about 2/3 of a mile off a difficult hiking trail, one hikers were warned to alert park rangers before attempting. His car was found near a lodge on the mountain, but no scent trail was found leading away from the car.

    5. AnonymousNovember 10, 2015 at 8:45 AM

      He was at the very least suspected of it, and that certainly added to his stress and mindset at the time.

    6. I'm from Massachusetts. In the late nineties I lived in hingham. One of my father's truck drivers hit a deer. My father had the deer brought home , to see if meat could be salvaged.
      When it was discovered that the impact messed up the venison, he had me bury it out in our back woods/back yard. It was winter time and the ground was frozen (January/February).
      I scratched a shallow grave and covered it with leaves. It was a two hundred pound deer. Two weeks later I checked the site. All that was left was a ring of fur/hair and a couple small gnawed on bones. The 200 lb. Deer fit into my hand. The wildlife devoured it. Not even the skull remained.
      A suicide or murder in the new england woods during winter... It's an all you can eat for hungry wildlife. A 120 lb. Girl wouldn't last even two weeks.
      It's quite possible that , if she is dead, that anything would ever be found even after a short time. I lived in the suburbs, her disappearance was in the deep woods of new Hampshire.
      I hope that she "just ran away" to a new life.
      But that isn't the feeling I get.

    7. I agree, Capt. Titus. All of the speculation that she must be alive somewhere simply because her body has not yet been found seems too optimistic and unrealistic to me. A tremendous amount of time has passed and there may not be a trace of her corpse left.

    8. That doesn't mean the perpetrator isn't still out there and I have a strong feeling it was the father . The rag in the pipe was him to disable the car he described the crash scene without seeing pictures like he'd been there refused to talk to police for the first two years of the investigation and could be placed in the area at the time with a motive . Just want this to get solved they need to reopen and hit him hard

  5. It looks like Maura had a lot of time to kill in the early morning hours before (I'm assuming) she medicated herself to sleep. She must have been doing something. Can that time be accounted for? The first thing that comes to mind is internet activity. And not just browsing, but chatting, instant messaging, blogs, groups, all the ways people interacted online eleven years ago.

  6. This is an mix of good evidence and unfortunate speculation about Bill Rausch. I really am against it -- it is impossible that the number of people that have had their past mistakes exposed (instead of best left behind them) then could be involved in her disappearance. This is more tragedy additional to a tragic disappearance. He and Maura were both young. There was a long distance relationship, both apparently involved with others closer to home. The evidence might suggest that the 12:08 call caused Maura to be upset, but we can't blame him for making his own choices, (or her as she did) if that particular call had anything to do with the her upsetness. Nor can we assume that that was the issue, as she did try to call him afterwards.

    1. Mr. Leone has an issue.......!!!!!

    2. I also see nothing TOO weird with the phone logs. It's clear M no longer uses her phone since arriving in NH, whether it's because she can't or purposefully lost it, idk.

      But I was just trying to think of what people would assume when looking at MY phone log. I think because it's pretty likely Sara did tell her father the truth, that her longterm disappearance wasn't something she WANTED to happen.

  7. It seems from the back and forth phone calls from Bill to Maura,Sara and Kate, he knew something was up with Maura. I think and have always thought that her issues with Billy was the main reason for her leaving combined with everything else. Are you able to discuss your received information that questions his character? It sounds like from the these calls, the family and Billy knew she took off, possible to harm herself. Any thoughts or information about what the family thought of Billy. From this phone log, Kate and Sara do not seem concerned? Interesting!!

    1. M and B had a longish convo before she left for NH. It was no doubt emotional. So yes, in all his human faults, he likely knew her emotional state

    2. Isn't it interesting that Billy never called Fred, but everyone else in the group? Wonder if Fred's phone records were ever produced...

  8. James, can your post the text from the email in the body of this post? Also, and I could be crazy, but didn't Kathleen say she didn't or didn't remember talking to Maura the night she was "catatonic"? I have to believe that there would be some indicator during a 28 minute call that something wasn't right and that K would think of it a few days later, at least, when her sister went missing. I have to go back and look at the info on what K has said. Also, do we know if Maura knew any of the Ohio women Billy called?

  9. Only one call on Billy's cell bill to a Springfield mass. # and then only one call on Maura's cell phone bill to a different Springfield mass. #.

    They have never called this number b4 in the history of either cell bill.


    1. I want to know this too!!! It stood out when I read through the list!

    2. It does not mean the person live in Springfield. Any cell number activated for a 413 number in Hampden , Hampshire or Franklin county says Springfield on the bill. In Berkshire county, also 413, all cell numbers say Pittsfield. Everyone I know with a cell phone that is 413 says Springfield though none of us have lived there. My mom even switched her landline to her cell and her number now comes as Springfield. It could be anyone who lived in one of those three counties when they got the number.

    3. Could the Springfield number be from another person's cell? Maybe that person was letting the receiver of the call borrowing it if their (the reciever's) cell phone was dead (meaning needed to charge).

  10. I'm really starting to see that Kate is the one with the answers.

    1. Yes indeed....kate n sarah hold the TRUTH

    2. "- Bill calls Kate Markopoulos a bunch of times on Feb 19, trying to reach her. These calls stop after he calls Sara Alfieri's phone." Sounds like Sara may be the one with answers, Bill is quite busy on the phone until he talks w/Sara. JMO

    3. Wasn't the truth told to her dad?

      From the fb page, the family may know everything that led to her being in NH. But the fact that no one knows where she is/what happened tells me she was a victim of opportunity.

      Also, Bill could've love her. Being a controlling person doesn't make someone incapable of love. It means that person has their own demons.

      Trust me on this.

      I think his calls mean he was worried.

      No one knows why he cheated. No one knows their relationship. She wasn't a prude, for sure.

      I refuse to judge either.

    4. Them refusing to judge will leave you stradling the fence post. This info should be judged because a human being is missing and those closest to her need to be judged and vetted.

      It's clear their relationship was at best dysfunctional; at worst toxic. Both cheated. He we know with her sister. Her with the track coach and a few members of the male track team in an orgy--possibly with Kate. This known. It can and should be judged in order to get a clear picture of who she was, and who she associated with.

      Kate is the key IMO, James. Maybe Sara, too. Sara claimed to tell Fred the truth about the party. Think about this: if someone has to hold the events of a dorm party so secret that it could disrupt the search for a missing "friend" of hers, then something big went down; something beyond booze and chatting. I don't trust or believe anything about Kate or Sara until they come forward and speak with the thousands of people online looking for their friend. They could either help or expose something....or themselves.

    5. I re-watched this 20/20 episode today about Maura. It's interesting to listen to Billy talk about how wonderful his relationship was with Maura. Wonder if the family has any contact with him now?

    6. Is the 20/20 episode on youtube?

  11. Here is my theory I think the 12:07 phone call from Billy is when he told her he was cheating and wanted to break it off causing her catatonic state and in turn causing her to want to take off. I am wondering if Billy cheated on Maura with one of her friends??? This would most definitely send her over the edge and IF it were Kate then this would explain why she is not talking. I still do not think that Maura took her own life. I have a feeling that Kate was with her.....I hate saying this but what IF she was???? AND what if they had a fight and things went terribly wrong???? It is obvious that the 3 of them are covering something up!

  12. Have you ever read that email she left James? Very curious to know what it said

  13. Of all the hotels in the white mtns why the holiday inn in North Conway? After speaking with someone in Kate's dorm he cAlled holiday inn and then specifically the one in North Conway. There are dozens and dozens of hotels in the whites.

    1. Yes that is interesting considering it is also and hour and 15 minutes from where She went missing.

    2. I just looked at a map. It seems that if Maura had not had the accident but had continued on 112 East to the end, she could have taken a road north for a short distance and then have arrived at Holiday Inn Express in North Conway, NH.

    3. Oh yes that I know I am very familiar with the white mountain region. But there are dozens of hotels along 112 And off 112. Why that exact hotel?

    4. not mysterious to me: he called the main HI number first and probably asked for HIs in northern NH. The only one in northern NH is in North Conway. He was from Ohio and probably unfamiliar with the geography. In the short call the receptionist probably told him the distance.

    5. He may simply have called a chain to expediently make a reservation.

  14. If Maura was riding tandem with someone or meeting someone, I believe it was NOT a love interest. IF it was, why the need for two rooms? Wouldn't you just share a bed?? And I'm sure it would be cheaper for a 1 bedroom, than a 2 bedroom.

  15. Why would Billy call a motel in North Conway?If he was looking for a place to stay while searching for Maura he was looking and hour and a half away . Lincoln would have been a better and more logical choice.

  16. I find it odd that Maura did not make or receive any phone call from Fred on Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning. If the plan was for Fred to go to Amherst on Saturday to buy Maura a car it seems that they would called each other to confirm plans.I don't think there was a plan to buy a car. I think Maura told Fred something after he arrived in Amherst and that is why he went to so many ATMs to get $4000 cash.

    1. I think this thought.... wouldn't they have had a conversation prior to his trip about him coming to visit and (if it's true) looking for a car? I suppose they could have spoken on her dorm phone or made plans prior to that Thursday for him to come to her? Still weird that his number does not appear... or at least wasn't mentioned...

    2. Exactly what I was wondering.. You would think at least on Friday they would of spoke to one another to confirm him coming into town..

    3. He could have called her landline dorm phone...

  17. When I first watched Disappeared, my very first thoughts were " is this girl bipolar?"

    As I've read some of these blogs, I think "Bill sounds SUPER controlling."

    A naturally controlling person and an unbalanced person is NOT a good combo obviously.

    It kind of sounds like he was a mind-player. I am writing this with some personal experience. It sounds like to deal with relationship stress, Bill cheats. Then pretends nothing is wrong. This would affect many girls.

    I wonder how Cecil new that, what he told you. Was he told by a family member?

    At this point in time, I think Maura needed time away from everything and because she clearly acted stressed on calls with Bill, he knew he should be worried about what she was about to go/where she would go.

    Starting to think she WAS hit by a car and it was covered up. ie she was taken somewhere. idk The truck in NH is baffling though.

    I think Bill's only part in this is how he emotionally affected her.

    But I just wanted to point out that from the beginning, I thought M might be bipolar.

    1. Since the term Biopolar became " vogue" everyone is now thought to be Biopolar. Formerly known as Manic Depression, this is a very serious mental disorder. I have never read ANYTHING known about Maura that points to her as being a manic depressive. To be Biopolar is now a " catch all " term and I hate to see how the term just gets thrown about by ppl that know nothing regarding serious psychiatric disorders of which this is one.

  18. In response James to what Cecil Smith said at the end of this blog; I remember that Billy had said to his mother that the police where questioning and treating him like Scott Peterson. Has Fred ever accused him of any wrong doing or blamed him for Maura leaving? Where the cell phone records of Sara and Kate ever checked?

  19. There may not have been a one bedroom condo. A two bedroom may have been the smallest in the area.

  20. Couple of things:

    Don't we know for certain that Maura was also cheating on Billy? If so, does that make it less likely that his cheating on her is the thing that pushed her over the edge?

    However, if he was the cause & her friends knew it, that could explain why they don't pick up when Billy calls or call him back.

    1. Yeah we know because someone spoke to her coach, was it James ? He toldJames that she told him she wanted to leave Billy R

  21. .....sounds like Cecil Smith knew/knows something LE hasnt released to the public. ;)

    1. They have pushed the suicide thing since night one. There was a suicide attempt in Littleton and hour before Maura went missing and one right after the Maura accident . Smith's next call when He left the scene was to lime Kiln rd. for a suicide attempt by a student from the Beckett School.

      Maura or who ever the driver of the Saturn was.....DID NOT PUT THE RAG IN THE TAILPIPE.

    2. I got caught on that too. How did Cecil have any insight whatsoever into Maura's personal life? Am I missing something?

    3. also, remember in one of the podcasts~ Bill was quoted as saying (to Fred if Im remembering correctly) "they think I had something to do with this" OR something to that extent. Struck me as odd since he was 100's of miles away.... it may have been Ep.8 Fred's Letters. I'll have to replay it.

  22. When Maura was upset over that late night phone call, her supervisor said Maura said the words "My sister" and seemed devastated. She talked to Billy right after she talked to her it possible her sister and Billy had an affair and that's what the email is pertaining to? That might be why the family is keeping the earlier events so hush-hush...

  23. Interest info. I Will say that I wont necessarily hold out for a straight forward explanation.

    There might be a wild card here, you never know. All of these pieces of the puzzle might point to one thing but then a random occurrence happens such as getting hit stranger by a car or say even being killed by a stranger. Don't dismiss the curve balls.

  24. Interesting....Billy says he was told the Party was off campus. So either Kate/Sara are lieng or Billy is. IMO the party wasn't at campus.
    The two men that can verify that Billy was at Fort Silll, wouldn't just say "Yeh" Billy was here on the day Maura disappeared.
    This case has a lot of people who just won't talk. If people would start saying the truth, and what they know , the answer to Maura's disappearance would be a lot closer..
    Why is the Thursday Feb 5 call to Billy never mentioned ?
    Billy didn't speak to Maura again after the 4:38 am call on Sunday Feb. 8 -11 mins
    And 4:49 am -5 mins- Billy calls back
    Something was clearly going on between Billy and Maura. Why would Billy, Sharon, and Exspecially Fred say there relationship was perfect, they were going to be engaged, Maura move to Oklahoma.when its obvious that's far from the truth, at least at that point in there relationship. Kathleen says they weren't getting along and possibly Maura was heading up there, to sort her troubles out with Billy.
    After these calls, Maura didn't speak with Billy again but she did use her phone again.
    Maura only uses her phone twice on Sunday.
    On the day of Mauras disappearance Billy tried calling her all morning and then at 1:18 pm he calls Kate Then calls Kates dorm
    Seems Kate wasn't answering Billy's calls either. Then at 1:19 billy tries Maura 3 times in 5 mins.
    Who did Billy call with a Durham, NC number?
    Who was he calling at Ft. Sill?
    9:14 - Flurry of calls to Maura
    9:16-call to a young woman from Ohio
    9:17 another call to a young woman from Ohio
    9:20- unknown Mansfield Ohio number
    9:22 calls Amber on 2 different numbers
    9:23-calls ambers relative number
    Seems Billy was desperately trying to get a hold of Maura or he was trying to cover his tracks.
    Who's Amber? Who's the other women he was calling and why was he calling them.
    All Amber would say "Maura was like family."
    Another person, who won't say anything...
    Billy said he usually didn't have cell reception.
    Looks like he had cell reception just fine, at least on these days.
    Why did Billy call Holiday Inns general number and Holiday Inn Express in North Conway on Feb 10? Tuesday
    On Feb. 19 billy calls Kate's phone a lot and then the calls stop once he calls Sara phone. 10 days after Maura disappeared...
    IMO- maura was running from Billy- she was done with him and I think he knew it..
    Its almost like Billy knew she was Gone before she was reported Missing.
    Did the police check to see where Billys phone was pinging from?
    IMO Kate/ Sara know more...

    1. "This case has a lot of people who just won't talk. " That's bingo for me. I've seen quite a few cases where people weren't talking....and you figure they're likely the guilty ones. Here, it can't be so simple. Too many 'guilty' for it to be true. There is a core truth (maybe more than one) that explains most of the silence, a sort of domino effect, but I'm afraid we're never going to know what it is.

    2. I 100% agree. It just cant imagine what kinda big core secret could still be so relevantly important 11 YEARS LATER!!!💁💁💁

    3. I 100% agree. It just cant imagine what kinda big core secret could still be so relevantly important 11 YEARS LATER!!!💁💁💁

  25. James- Seems like you have changed your mind again (Reddit) as to whether Maura is alive or not. Can you expand on that? Did the new evidence fizzle out?

    1. True. Well maybe not changed his mind but definitely not as "hellbent" on her being more than likely deceased as we've seen in the past few weeks. It must be frustrating James to have to react a certain way to all of this and answer questions when you have more information being fed to you that you can't give out!

    2. I saw that too. I wonder if it didn't pan out of it led to another conclusion?

    3. Just for the record ... after spending a lot of time thinking about this case two years ago, the conclusion I landed on is this: whatever happened, she is dead and her body is within a mile of the accident scene.

  26. All the frantic calls after her disappearance make it seem like maybe Maura threatened suicide at some point previously, and Bill, after not hearing from her or being tipped off that she'd left, started to panic, thinking "oh no, she was serious this time" or something along those lines.

  27. This is a quote from Bill's mother Sharon in a New Hampshire Sunday News article by Nancy West on October 28, 2007
    "The Kahlua, vodka and Bailey's Irish Creme Maura reportedly brought with her would likely have been about a week's worth of the drinks Maura liked, Mudslides, Rausch said.

    When visiting the Rausch family in Marengo, Ohio, Maura would add Bailey's to her coffee in the morning and drink Mike's Hard Lemonade with lunch, she said. Maura and Billy always had their stash of alcohol because Rausch doesn't drink, but she said Maura didn't drink excessively."

    Seems like she didn't go very long without alcohol.

    1. I always found that quote amusing. Yeah, she did not drink excessively, but she poured booze in her morning coffee. Indeed.

    2. Right ! In my mind you have to be hooked to put booze in your morning coffee

    3. yep exactly. i honestly have never heard of anyone who has a normal/healthy relationship with alcohol drink it first thing in the morning with their coffee..

  28. How are all these people staying quiet? It goes against human nature. This case just gets weirder and weirder. I feel like the real answers are going to be very simple once all the parts line up just right. Did this girl have anyone in her life who truly had her best interests at heart?

    1. Only reason I see to stay quiet is to protect themselves

    2. The only thing that makes sense to me is to protect Maura. James seems to have information about BR that would make Maura want to leave him and be safe/quiet about it. It has been said without being said by people close to her that he was abusive, so we already knew that. Therefore whatever info James has, has to be worse than that. I can imagine I would take info to my grave if it would keep my friend safe and alive. The only part of that scenario that doesn't make sense is not telling the cops. But then again, we have no idea what Sara/Kate told the police. Maybe they did tell them that she's running from an abusive bf, but until they find her, they'll keep looking so they can be sure that while in the process of running from a bad situation, she didn't find another.

    3. Agreed. They have NOTHING to gain from keeping quiet except protecting themselves. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that they don't care about Maura or what happened, it points toward them knowing she's not coming back (by choice or not) and wanting to protect themselves (or someone) from trouble because they know this...

  29. Does Maura know somebody at Dominos?
    On Feb4 around midnight Maura calls dominos for a 5 min call and then 10 minutes later calls again for 3 mins.
    Thursday- Feb 5 she calls Dominos around 3:40 am. This was after her breakdown at work.
    From 3:40 to 6:13- her phone wasn't used
    Perhaps she was with someone and didn't want to be bothered.
    Sat Feb 7 at 8:59 Maura called someone in Springfield, Ma. Who was she calling?
    Then Maura calls Kate at 9:01, then no calls for almost 24 hours. Supposedly she left her phone at Sara's dormroom.
    Who called AAA and the police on the night of the Toyota accident?
    What time did Fred say Maura/ Kate dropped him off at the hotel?
    Sunday Maura makes 2 calls..
    Who did Maura call on Monday around 1:13 pm on the UMASS student message number
    There was 2 calls.. Was it Sara/ Kate?
    At 4:37 maura checks her VM and no more activity on her phone.
    I feel Maura was cautious of who she called from her cellphone because Billy and his mom could see it all.
    Very interesting- on what Cecil Smith said.
    Even if it was an accident, it was Billy's fault..
    So Cecil caught on real quick, that Maura and Billy's relationship was in shambles and not perfect like Billy, Sharon, and Fred were making it out to be..
    IMO- Maura was running because of Billy

    1. The Dominos calls jumped out at me too. I mean we could totally be overthinking it, but isn't 5 minutes an unusually long time to order pizza/s?

    2. Ever consider the possibility that her calls to Dominos were to order not just pizza, but to talk to an employee to order booze or pot, and the pizza was just a cover? OK, so did anyone ever check on WHO actually delivered pizza to the dorms? Perfect cover for a drug connection.

  30. Just a hunch. Could that one call to the unknown 627 number be her activating a burner cell? That would explain how she was able to call police after thw accident since 911 is a free call. She used her dad's phone later and kept the prepaid a secret. Back then a prepay would have needed minutes from a catd to use. A little detail but I think it is key. The gas stations around here all sold prepays and the cards needed for adding minutes.

  31. If I remember correctly, 877-253-6575 was the phone number for a phone card company. I used to call my girlfriend a lot back in those days, and it rings a bell that this was the number I'd call to reach her.

    1. Interesting! Granted the number could have changed, but I just looked up the number and it seems to now be the national phone number to the fraud prevention department of a credit card company / bank.

    2. I have to call the fraud department of my credit card before I leave the state. Any out of state charges flag my account and put a freeze on my account. Sounds like she may have been preventing this.

  32. One thing I've always thought about that probably didn't play into the disappearance, but had to be awkward and unnerving was the encounters Maura surely had in the dorm with the girl whose CC she swiped ( numbers) to get pizza, etc.

    I mean, it had to be tense and embarrassing I bet. Not to mention the shame of having the police roll up to your dorm, pull you in the hallway, and snap a photo. That had to be a scene.

    James...have you ever tracked down the person whose CC she swiped? It would an interesting tidbit to get her story.

    1. That girl posted on here a couple years ago. I believe she said she never crossed paths with Maura.

  33. I agree with Cecil Smith. Being cheated on caused her to be inconsolable that night. Her drinking to numb the pain made her accident prone. She was wanting to get away to clear her head and get a grip on her emotions. She was vulnerable and predators are able to sense weakened and distracted people.

    1. she had been having a relationship w/ Hossein Bagdadi & reportedly others. Why would Bill cheating on HER be such a shock? ......nah that note left on her packed belonging never made sense. She told HBagdadi (info from a podcast - she was getting increasingly uncomfortable w/ BRausch. Just another bread crumb she left behind.....

    2. For a girl who wasn't exactly monogamous, being cheating on wouldn't push her over the edge. Now, a controlling boyfriend would, especially with other things that were negatively affecting her.

    3. Because it's different for females. When a female cheats with another male, it leads to the possibility of a child not being the female's male, thus it makes them (the male) feel weak. When a male cheats with another female, then it's emotional. The cheater's significant other wonders what went wrong.

  34. Okay Kate and Sara.... time to speak up, you've waited long enough

    1. I know it's been 10 years but given how everyone at UMass and Billy are living happily, I would imagine they have no idea where she is/what happened in NH.

  35. This entire missing person's case is so twisted that it truly could be portrayed as a film drama. I know you guys had spoke about that before. What really shakes me about all of this, is the apparent secrecy with these people that were close to her. I'm really beginning to think that everyone in her line of people know or knew something that had even the smallest portion of triggering her disappearance. The shady egos, the lying and embellishing to twist people's thinking, and the unusual behavior of everyone at the events that unfolded into the ultimate event, her disappearance. These days, it's not a coincidence that everyone acts silent and mysterious. The fact that most of them appear not to have any soul makes me wonder if they really ever cared about her or loved her at all. I don't know her now and didnt know her then, but I feel so sorry for her if she was murdered.

  36. On Monday Feb 9- day of Maura's disappearance
    1:18- bill calls Kate after trying to reach Maura all morning
    1:18- Bill calls Kate's dormroom1:19- Bill calls Maura's cell 3 times in 5 mins
    Monday Feb. 9-
    2:18 pm- Maura calls Bill 1 min..
    Billy's on a different time zone, so wouldn't his 1:18 call be 2:18 Maura's time..
    Maura called Billy at 2:18- 1 min ( most likely got VM or hung up quickly)
    If Billy had been calling Maura all morning, why didn't he pick Maura's call up
    1:18- billy calls Kate's cell
    1:18- billy calls Kate's dorm
    1:19- calls Maura 3 times in 5 mins
    Billy either thought Maura could be with Kate or Billy was trying to tell Kate something important about Maura
    All these calls and Billy doesn't call Sara??
    Also Maura e- mailed Billy,
    I love ya stud, but honestly I don't fell like talking with anyone, I promise to call later
    What time did Maura send this e- mail?
    Perhaps Maura sent this e- mail to Billy so he would quit calling her, and not be worried about her. Whatever Maura's plan was, she didn't need Billy interfering by him calling people looking for her.
    What is Kate not saying?
    Has it been verified that Maura went to work at the Art Gallery on Sunday? Sara has said she was there but is there other co workers who saw Maura/ time clock?
    If so, did they notice anything about Maura deamenor? She did wreck her fathers car, only hours earlier...
    Did anybody see Maura at campus on Monday?

  37. A lot of people are missing the point by focusing on the reason she left and whether she meant to come back or not. I believe she left because of stress and accumulating pressure from many directions.
    That doesn't alter the fact that she very likely had the car accident and got picked up by a bad man.
    The rag could've been placed by someone who saw an attractive girl driving alone through the mountains in order to cause the car to break down. Then as a Good Samaritan, they'd pick her up and disappear.
    Either way, I don't think the reason for her leaving UMASS had any connection with the predator that abducted her.

    1. I'd like to know what made fred assume she put it there, by saying he told her too under such and such circumstance.

      how weird to assume that

  38. So after having being escorted back to her dorm in a so called catatonic state MM Called Domino's ? Did they deliver her something ? Surely that could be checked out. If they did it shows she was bulimic...she crashed out and wanted to eat to compensate....

  39. In three ways, Maura's calls are consistent with Fred's statement to the UMASS police.

    First, she is not that active on the phone during the period on Saturday afternoon and evening that Fred said they were together, first looking for a car, then hanging around his hotel with Maura using the gym there. That would make sense.

    Second, and more importantly, during the time Fred said they were looking for a car, aside from calling sister Julie, Maura's only other call during that time is to used car lot.

    Third, I have independently confirmed that Kate was indeed at a track meet that Saturday. It was in Warwick, RI. I've seen the schedule and results. Her coach was quoted in a student newspapers as saying that Kate had an especially strong meet. Kate would have returned around the time Fred says Maura talked to Kate on the cell phone. The calls to Kate on Saturday are consistent with that scenario. It would take a hell of a coincidence for all that to line up if Fred was fabricating the time line for Saturday.

    Because of this, although I still don't understand why or how it made sense that Maura or Maura and Fred picked up Kate in a "student lot," I now tend to view Fred's statement to UMASS police with less skepticism.

    As for how police were alerted to the Corolla accident if Maura did not make the call, I doubt she would have called even if she'd had her phone. She was probably buzzed or drunk. Another passing motorist could have called.

    1. I really believe we're all just convoluting this by discussing shit that led her to go to NH.

      I think the common sense answer is: girl was feeling stressed to the max, girl ties up some loose ends so people expect her to be gone (yeah I know she lied about the reason), and she left. She had with her school stuff, personal grooming items, and basic things a lot of people accumulate in a car.

      I think because she left her shit in her room like that, one can assume she was planning on leaving when she returned. OR she was making it easy for people to move her stuff out?

      idk I myself am pretty picky on who I let touch my stuff so I'd never leave stuff lying around. And she clearly wanted people to see the email.

      She MIGHT have wanted to leave school when she returned. And made it easy for her to return and simply load it all up.

      Yeah I know I wrote a bunch of random shit.

      I think James is right on one thing. That is a LOT of shampoo. I have one bottle in my house right now. I dont stock up on it, ever. Thats me.

    2. Did anyone ever check the police call logs for that day to see how the police where alerted to the Corolla accident? Wouldn't the call logs show who called to report the accident? They do for the accident in Haverhill.

      I have always thought that maybe she wasn't alone when the Corolla accident happened. For that matter maybe she wasn't driving either. Everyone assumes that Maura was drunk when she crashed her fathers car. I don't think that any officer would let a drunk driver off the hook. It is funny that when James asked the officer, he got the cold should from him.

    3. The officer let her go because when he called it in they told him that she was a Confidential Informant for UM LE and they wanted to protect her. IMHO...

  40. James- I'm sure you've already researched this, but wanted to share what my search has found in regards to the (877) number on Billy's outgoing calls, just in case you hadn't seen it. 877-253-6575 is a national call center number for Visa Fraud used by a massive number of banks, credit card companies, etc. Basically if you use a visa credit card / visa bank card at a place you wouldn't normally (ie; out of state / out of country) it may trigger a "fraud alert", and this call center will call you to let you know the alert was triggered on your account, and ask you to verify that it is in fact you using the card. It's also the phone number you're supposed to call if you notice suspicious activity or fraud on your visa account. So my thoughts are Bill either a) Got a call from the number when his card use triggered the fraud alert, didn't answer, and was calling them back (I know that not all the calls are listed, so check your records and see if there were any incoming/missed calls previous to this outgoing--it wouldn't necessarily show as the same number since it was a call center and an (800) number- the (800) may be unmasked..., or b) noticed suspicious activity on his account and called them? My other thought was did Maura have a credit card of his? Was he possibly checking to see if it was used (though I don't know why he would call the fraud department and not the bank or CC company themselves).

    Here's a blurb from one of the (thousands) of banks that use this call center, discussing their # on their website:

    "We do have an outsourced Visa Fraud system that does make calls to help our members prevent fraud on their accounts. The legitimate calls will never ask for sensitive information. The numbers from which the calls will come is 877-253-8964. You can call the number listed with confidence that it is legitimate. Unless the calls come from this number or the credit union directly, members should consider the call fraudulent."

    1. I have found no evidence that ties that number to the call center. The quote you give is a different number. How were you able to determine the 6575 number went there too?

    2. anyone notice Cecil used the term scumbag ~ just like Fred did right from the start? of allllllll the terms - they both use the same one. hmmmmmmm.

    3. Well, a NH officer wouldn't know anything about a Mass woman's personal life or friends. And fathers do often dislike their daughter's bfs. And Fred no doubt has had extensive conversations with cops in NH.

      When I read that quote from Cecil, I just assumed he had talked to Fred.

      I do believe the family thinks a random person grabbed her.

    4. Not the same term. dirt--- vs scum--- - would not read anything into it

  41. Do these Maura's cell phone records have any sign of the "Londonderry Ping"?

  42. The email about Billy cheating on her has never made sense to me.

    Regardless of why she left UMass, why leave an email that serves to put her "death in the family" absence in doubt? If she was just getting away for a few days, the email would help people discover she lied about why. If she was leaving forever & didn't want anyone to know, it would alert people that she'd left on purpose & was out there somewhere to be found vs. just disappearing without notice so people would think foul play. (Of course, I don't know what the email said exactly--perhaps the key is in what it said.)

    Also, is it possible that Billy wasn't some dangerous person who abused her, that maybe he was just a guy who cheated on her? And is it possible some of the conversations she & Billy had were about breaking up, that he told her he was going to come to Amherst so they could talk it out (which, granted, is overbearing if she told him she didn't want to see him), & that she took off because she was truly done & just didn't want to see him?

    1. I'm making a lot of jumps and assumptions here but I think there may be some logic behind her behaviour before leaving.

      Lots of "emotionally vulnerable" can cheat for attention purposes, to satisfy an immediate needy crave for physical attention. Perhaps Maura suffered from this. However, it's also possible that in spite of this, she needed the "comfort" of a "proper/emotions" relationship with Billy, and finding out that this may no longer the case, could badly effect her.

      Billy may have been shocked, upset, remorseful about how he had effected her and would do the logical thing of "I'm leaving right now to come and see you and make everything better".

      It's possible that Maura may have not wanted to see him, and/or be struggling to deal with a combination of events surrounding her so felt the need to "get away for a while" so when an "insistent Billy" wouldn't take no for an answer she knew that she couldn't stay in Amherst.

      So, how does she do that. She creates a scene in her room that once found an initial reaction might be "she's gone, everything's packed up, she's left so quickly she didn't even have time to take everything" type thing.

      Add to that, if you're an insistent Billy and won't take no for an answer, you eventually get in to her room somehow and think "why would she leave like this?" And then, voila, right on the top is his answer: "because you cheated on me and I lost the emotional crutch I needed".

      Obviously all complete speculation, but, perhaps it does create an "innocent" back story to why the sudden take off. She was very emotionally upset, she had been thrust into a situation that she didn't want to be in or deal with (Billy coming to Amherst) so now she has to remove herself from it which is running away whilst making it clear to her boyfriend that he's the reason she's gone so leave her alone knowing her other alibi is safe with the university as he will probably not want to admit publicly about his cheating and the fact he was the trigger for her being pushed over the edge and to running away?

      Anyway, I'm just saying that it's possible that it might not have been as calculated and pre planned or planned as a long term thing as some may think. It fills be a semi-knee jerk reaction to an unexpected situation that she felt Ina le to deal with given her emotional state.

  43. I think you're close ECook. Plus, her last phone call activity before she disappeared was 4:37pm - the "accident" was approx. 7:29pm. Apparently its fact "she" stopped at a State Liquor store in that time frame. WHY hasnt LE ever released the store camera/video photos??? Was she in disguise? Was someone disguised AS her? Did it catch another person accompanying her??? Wouldnt it be LE common practice to release last known photos after someone goes missing??? You guys got your hands on the phone records after 11+ yrs maybe you can get your hands on the liquor store pics.....

  44. OHmyGosh. Domino's!!! Domino's DELIVERS, correct??? Back to the Petrit Vasi accident??? Who was using Maura's vehicle to deliver pizza & hit Vasi??? That would explain the 3:05am call after going back to her dorm "catatonic". and the calls to Domino's the next day....

    1. Possibly a friend of maura's was using the saturn that evening, YES, Maybe even to deliver pizza for Domino's. Was this person also involved in the CC fraud and gave Maura up..?

      The Domino' s are tumbling right down Russell st. in Amherst

  45. On Feb. 19 billy calls Kate many times and then he calls Sara, which the calls stop after this. This was ten days after Maura disappeared.
    Fred at first was pleading directly to Maura, to come back they can work through it, like they always have. Wasn't it about 10 days after Maura disappeared, Fred changed his tune and started saying a Local Dirtbag grabbed her? Wonder if this is when Sara told the Real story to Fred?

  46. Being someone with a former eating issue, I bet you money the dominos was binging.

  47. The 877-253-6575 is a credit card fraud number

    Not surprising in this case...

  48. Great post, James. I'm certain Billy knows what pushed Maura over the edge and led her to N.H.