Thursday, February 11, 2016

Publishers Weekly Likes True Crime Addict!

True Crime Addict comes out May 24 but you can preorder today.  Trade journals have begun releasing early reviews and PW is first. Here's a snippet:
While this is clearly the definitive write-up on Murray’s story to date, Renner’s personal involvement in the case—and his self-destructive, relentless dedication to confronting the darkness at the heart of it—is the more noteworthy component of the narrative. 

Read the full review here.


  1. Congrats James! I loved Primrose Lane. I just started The Great Forgetting and am looking forward to getting lost in your prose again. Can't wait for True Crime Addict to come out.

  2. Somehow, some way I'll read this for sure.

    It could be any case at the center of this. Bottom line, people LOVE a good mystery. I just wish this one wasn't real and unresolved.

  3. Awesome job James............... I can't wait to read it either it's been ordered for sometime now