Friday, February 5, 2016

The Scene of the Accident

Here's a really decent map of all locations related to Vasi's hit-and-run, which gives you an idea of where Maura was in relation to the accident and how far Vasi traveled.

Thanks to John McGrath!


  1. I've thought from the beginning that Maura wasn't involved in the hit-and-run because her supervisor or one of the other managers would have noticed that she was gone. But if by some miracle, the several cards flew perfectly in place and she WAS able to pull it off and somehow DID strike Vasi, this map would just raise more questions.

    First, we would have to know from her manager Karen if Maura had a habit of sneaking away from her post while she was on duty.

    If she did sneak away, where was she going? Not being familiar with the area, I looked around on Google street view on the blocks leading to the accident scene and all I see are homes and residences. Not businesses like say a Starbucks or a Taco Bell where she might have wanted to get something to eat or drink to take back to her post.

    If she wanted to go to the Domino's Pizza, logic says she would hop on University Drive which is a straight route and the quickest possible drive to and from Melville Hall. The direction of the hit and run driver was about a dozen blocks to the west and far of course for that to be her destination.

    Did she know anybody who lived around that area? I assume some of those buildings must be student housing.

    The one thing that has always nagged at me the most is WHY would she even risk sneaking away from her post to go someplace (in a snowstorm no less) when she only had a little over an hour left until her shift was finished anyway? That makes no sense to me.

    1. Perhaps Maura didn't sneak away. She should of had at least 1 15 minute break, possibly 2. Maybe even a short lunch break. The law requires a person after working so long, to have at least 1 break. Maura's shift was supposedly between 7 pm and 2 am.
      IMO- the question is when did Maura take this break.

    2. That's the thing about the accident that has always kept me from thinking that it could be Maura or her car. There is nothing down that way. There is Bruno's pizza (my personal fav) and a Cumbys at the intersection of 9 and Southeast st. That is it. Bruno's delivers and why run to Cumby's when you pass the dairy mart to get to Cumby's. She would not have had time to visit anyone living down that way and not get caught away from her desk. Maura nor her car hit Mr. Vasi. Case closed.

  2. Of course Domino's delivers so......Why would she ever leave work and risk to go for food.

    The timing is right as weell, why would she choose to leave so close to the end of her shift.

    The other thing i would like to see is THE BROKEN MISSING PIECE OF THE SATURNS FENDER. What ever happened to that..?

    and WHY was the lebanon / Hanover logs not released in conjunction with Maura's case and the FOIA release. THIS IS STRANGE TO ME....!!!!!

    1. two points: the hitting car was headed towards the college so if it were MM she was returning from wherever she went and if she went to Domino's, which isn't supported by the geography, it was not to get a puzza but to see whoever it was that she knew there.

  3. In the 1st Bolo, the police put out: female wearing dark coat, with black hair, hanging past her shoulders, 5'3 and 120 pounds.
    2nd Bolo- height was corrected to 5'7- brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes
    IMO- the first Bolo doesnt describe Maura and goes along with Butch saying the woman he saw didn't look like the picture That was being shown of Maura.
    Did Maura know anyone who was about 5'3 with black hair past there shoulders? Was Kate or Sara around 5'3? Did Billy know anyone who matched that description?
    Did Maura dye her hair before leaving Amherst? If the police have an ATM video, what color was Maura's hair and was it up or down?
    The police should release the video, what would it hurt after 12 years. If they would of released it 12 years ago, more witnesses might of came forward realizing they had saw her. Just odd, to not release the video, that 100% shows Maura alive and what she was looking like at the time of her disappearance.

  4. "In the 1st Bolo,..." Those are great points! I do think there's a chance it wasn't Maura driving the car. Could it have been one of her friends? Or a hitchhiker?