Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drama on Reddit Leads to Censoring of Several Crime Podcasts

If you're into cold cases, you really should subscribe to the UnresolvedMysteries subreddit. You'll learn about new cases every day. It's also where you'll hear about the latest episodes of crime podcasts. Or used to. Something weird happened yesterday.

It started with this thread from the moderators, in which they implied all links to podcasts and blogs would be henceforth be relegated to a separate subreddit that nobody follows.

It didn't take long for their readership to say, "Uh... what?" The majority of commenters didn't support the change and when it began to sway toward other ideas, the post was "unstickied" and buried.

This is all very insider-baseball, I know.

But if you like Unresolved and you enjoy hearing about these podcasts, message the mods and let them know what you think.


  1. Yeah, I'm not crazy about having yet ANOTHER subreddit to check. I go to /r/unresolved quite a lot, and I don't feel like that sub is plagued with self promotion. I *like* finding out there's a new podcast or whatever available in one convenient spot.

    But WHATEVER! I'm not in charge.

  2. old is gold. what a stunning picture

  3. Just to encourage everyone that cold cases do get solved. I just learned that a case I have been following for years, the murder of 16 year old Joyce Mclain in 1980, has finally been solved as of March 4, 2016. It may have taken nearly 36 years, but truly a case where it's better late than never.

  4. Could this be an email from Maura posted on a newsgroup a few months before she disappeared? Curiously using a Canadian email address. Hmmm.....

    Who is "farbhhzcc1*at*" and why were they sending out spam emails about colon cleansing to someone from the Utah Natural History Museum? Is it our Maura, or someone else coincidentally with the same name? or a random spambot generated name?

  5. Yeah, that happened to me too. Where does is say that those blogs are copy righted? It's not like I recorded them off a radio/TV show and illegally uploaded them on YouTube. That's illegal, but I'm pretty sure those internet blogs don't fall under that.

  6. This is off-topic but I just reviewed the YOUTUBE video of a mock-up of Maura's last drive from the highway through Rte. 112. to the final accident scene. What a long drive and I saw no street lights, whatsoever, on the side of the road. Would a single girl travel this unfamiliar route by herself, and at night? Why would she? Watch the video and see for yourself. Unbelievable! Could someone have been chasing her and she panicked?

  7. Given her criminal and or drunken behavior, I do believe she could of run away, but I feel in the time she has been missing, chances are she would fall into trouble again. Im sure the government has her prints (West Point) and if arrested her prints would show up. Speculation but its hard to do a 180 and stay out of trouble with the frequency she had been in.