Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chicago Meetup to Discuss Maura Murray Mystery

Do you live in the Chicago area? A group of Internet sleuths get together in the city every few weeks to discuss interesting cold cases. Their next meeting is May 10 and it's all about Maura Murray. Click here for more details.


  1. Capture it; put it on The Podcast.

  2. I've been following this case for few years and my opinion is that she has passed on. I can't understand why it hasn't be solved but there are many cases that have been unsolved longer than Maura's. One thing I've learned after reading stories about murders is that it is usually a person that is right in front of you or someone that returns to scene of the crime. They also try to distract attention from themselves by putting the blame on others. If there is someone that may have these characteristics, that might be the person who did harm to her.