Friday, April 29, 2016

May is True Crime Addict Month! Get Ready.


  1. I watched the Disappeared episode years ago and just recently watched it again. Wondering if any progress had been made on the case, I googled Maura Murray and found this blog and the podcast. I'm surprised at how much interest there is in this case. It's definitely interesting and thought-provoking, but unfortunately it's far from rare. There are hundreds of people who disappear without a trace and are never found, including some cases that (IMO) the disappearance was even harder to believe (a dark road? Try a 6'2 man disappearing from a crowded college bar). After this long, the only thing we can hope for is a deathbed confession from her killer.

  2. Cannot wait. I will be taking the day off from work to read it from front to back.

    after this book comes out and gets received and digested by the readers, if you ever feel the flame to look into someone else, i'd love to see you look into the bryce laspisa case in depth. (i'm sure you've forgotten more about that case than i'll ever know) it's one of the only other cases i know of that reminded me in some very sparing ways of MM.

  3. Unless you live in the UK and then June is true crime addict month. Sulk sulk sulk

    1. Do you mean unless your from the US I'm from the UK and I'm and I can't wait to read this book

  4. I am so anxious to read. I think I will wait, and get a signed copy in Hadley Ma in June.

  5. I hope all your dreams come true! You are a good person!