Thursday, May 26, 2016

True Crime Garage Completes Their Coverage of Maura Murray's Disappearance

Check out the final chapter in True Crime Garage's coverage of the Maura Murray mystery. I'm on this one and we talk about EVERYTHING!


  1. I'm not sure I want to listen to this until I've read the book.

  2. James, I finally caught up with your blog and I thank you for responding to my email about Alden Olson's sick inspiration for his "Happy Anniversary" video. I ordered the book today, and am awaiting its arrival tomorrow. I truly hope after all the hard work you've done, the awareness you've brought, and the crazy shit you've experienced that everyone involved whether they've been for you or against you finds answers, peace, and the resolve to not give up.

  3. Fantastic episode! Probably the best podcast episode on the case so far.

  4. James, thank you for your contribution to the show. I support you and your theories, so what about that damn rag in the tail pipe? Also, I'm sure this may upset some people, but why wouldn't Maura get an abortion secretly? She seemed to be a pretty private person. In your opinion anyway...

    1. Well maybe it went against her religious beliefs or maybe she worried she would need to pay a large sum of money to do we know what the Murray family's beliefs are?

  5. In other news, according to Mr Frosty, Alden has been getting threats as well. Now he knows what it's like. Still, that's not cool.

    I think some folks reading these blogs really need to get it together and stop the crap. It's about a missing woman, not THEM.

    Y'know ... get outside and get some sun.

  6. ancientexplorer1989May 29, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    i hate that damn rag herring!

  7. Just finished the book. I think you did a great job. Too bad, the people closest to Maura didn't want to talk with you and give some insight. It hurts the case by being so secretive. When somebody is being secretive, there's a reason. Are they protecting Maura or Someone else?
    I find it interesting that Fred says, he stopped working with the League of Investigators because there was nothing left to do. If my child was Missing, I would Never stop working with
    Investigators even if there was nothing new.
    I think the police nailed it. If we knew what was going on in Maura's life previous to her disappearance then we might can figure out where she was heading and why?
    IMO - KATE and Sara aren't being truthful with everything they know.
    Who and what are they protecting?
    Are they protecting Maura??
    Why didn't Julies boyfriend want her to talk? It's her Sister who is Missing..
    Something is a secret. Finding out what that is, could be important.
    In the book, it says that Billy told you that he met Maura when she got caught stealing a granola bar, and he was counsel for students who got in trouble. Did Maura steal make - up or a granola bar? Or did Maura get caught stealing several times at West Point?
    So, one of the men from the track team was questioned in regards to Maura's disappearance.. Did any of these men own a red truck with Mass plates?
    If Maura didn't run away and successfully start a new life, then I think the answer of what happened to her lies with someone she knew.
    If that's the case, my question would be Who knew she loved the White Mountains? Who had access into her dormroom? Did everyone she knew have a solid alibi?
    Its interesting that Kathleen moved to a town that was right on the border of Canada.
    IMO- its very odd that Maura's mom, didn't go to New Hampshire, to search for her daughter.
    Hopefully if Maura is Alive and living a new life, she found happiness.

    1. Maura's Mom was in ill health (she passed from cancer) and I don't believe she was able to travel and help with the searching.

    2. Maura's mom past 5 years later, due to cancer. At the time, it was said she didn't go to New Hampshire because she had a broke foot.

    3. This is just really strange to me. I just broke my foot and I continued on to our planned vacation to Disney...I can't imagine letting something like that stop me from searching for my child.

  8. Just finished the episode on True Crime Garage. Great episode! I have been caught up in reading anything I can find on the Maura Murray case for the last couple years. It's so interesting to me because it is still a mystery. I have a couple of theories of my own about what may have happened. I'm looking forward to the book!

  9. 1.Is there any evidence that Maura's friends Kate Markopoulos and Sara Alfieri joined in the search for Maura?
    2. When did LE show Butch Atwood a picture of Maura so that he could identify that she was the person he spoke to on the night of the accident?

  10. I can't help feeling, people are looking way post the most likely scenario all the time. Crashes car, DUI, decided to hide out in woods until she sobers up, succumbs to the elements. I know there were searches, but, they aren't always successful.
    To me, this is the scenario with the fewest assumptions made, which, statistically , is often the right one. I hope I am wrong and she is alive and well somewhere.

  11. Read True Crime Addict on my Kindle. Loved it. Great read.

  12. JR, first off, I sure as Hell hope you're right and she fled for whatever reason. I still wonder if that picture found online in 2014 of a woman with curly hair wasn't her. If you're right, she SHOULD let her family and friends know. She has not. I don't see her not letting someone know, child or not.

    It's for that reason I don't believe she's alive. It's taken me a long time to become settled with that feeling. It doesn't matter if a missing person is a young white woman or an old black man, it's terrible to come to the conclusion a person is gone forever.

    Which leads me to this: Back in the fall, you received "alarming" new information that caused you to "rethink" the whole investigation and how you were then incline to feel she was no longer alive. Is that information the testimonies of the women BR worked with in DC? Or is it something else revealed in the book? Or not? Was it dismissed?

    Also, will that Butson's/Shaw's clerk be willing to go on a podcast?

    Thanks again. Will read the book when I finish "Not Without Peril".

  13. We've always heard about Fred but what about someone on Maura's mom side of the family. Could someone from Maura's mom's side of helped her run away?

  14. True Crime Addict was very good. I couldn't put it down. The way you portrayed your demons and Maura's was just brilliant!

  15. Just another example of the weirdness around the Maura Murray case..
    I follow the MM page by Helena on FB and noticed an Esther E Reed had left a comment, stating she hopes Maura is found. Now, I clicked on her profile, and sure enough, it features pictures of Esther Reed and listed her school as Columbia. If you don't know, Esther Reed is a convicted identity theif who stole the identity of missing Brooke Henson to attend Columbia University. Thinking it was a sock puppet account, I commented that it was in poor taste for someone that steals the identities of missing young women to comment on the site of a missing young woman. After I commented, I see that the profile is still active, same pictures and information, but she changed her last name. (she does love to do that). Just thought that was.... Strange.
    I loved your book, James! I was so excited to see it pop on my Kindle. Great work! Plus, I'm kind of in it,so that was pretty cool ;-)