Thursday, June 9, 2016

In-Depth Interview About Maura Murray's Disappearance

Check out the latest episode of True Murder, where we discuss the intricacies of Maura's mystery for 90 minutes. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


  1. So the person who wrote that "they had saw Maura in Canada and said hi to her, she turned back and said hi and then looked shocked and quickly walked away", WAS Someone Who use to be a classmate of Mauras?
    Also, what else did Tim have to say about Maura and there family dynamic?
    James, did Tim tell you what he thinks happened to Maura?
    Also, didn't Maura have a Citizens bank pen in her car?
    It's interesting that this person looked up Maura's name and it came back to an open account with an active car loan attached. Perhaps, Fred and Maura Did find a car on that Saturday in New Hampshire and not in Massachusetts. If this was Maura's account, perhaps some of that 4,000 went into this account to pay for her car payments.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode of True Murder. I had some new thoughts, what if Maura went to her dads hotel room to take the $4000? Maybe Fred was asleep like he claimed, I always thought it was weird that Maura used his phone to call Billy. What if Kate and Sara knew of this plan that's why Sara didn't want to "get anyone in trouble" and Kate claimed she didn't know about them looking for a car. Maybe that's why Fred pleaded to Maura at the beginning to come back they could work things out. I personally feel that $280 wasn't enough to even go away for a week, especially when you're getting a room and you use $40+ on alcohol alone, fill your tank with gas, etc. maybe the cabin would've been feasible, but otherwise things just don't seem to add up. Unless, again, you were not alone and others or someone is sharing the expense.

  3. There seems to be a major contradiction in your theory. You seem to suggest that Maura left to start a new life because she was a protective mother who feared her family and didn't want to have a relationship with the baby's father. All of these facts point to a "mother" who cares about the well being of her child. Yet, you also suggest she was piss drunk and bought a ton of alcohol. How do you marry those two discrepancies? The two cannot co-exist, they are on a head-on collision with each other. Loving mothers who want to keep their babies safe don't drink a ton of alcohol.

  4. Maura may have been pregnant and might not have wanted to keep the baby. She and Billy were not getting along, and she had slept with the coach and possibly others. Who was the father, if she was pregnant? What would Billy or her father think of her pregnancy at this time in her life? We now know that Billy has a temper problem, especially with women. She may have decided to abort the baby by using her birth control pills, which she had brought with her when she disappeared. If you take too many of them at one time, they work just like Plan B. Then the alcohol use would not matter. She *may* have been worried about the amount of alcohol she had drunk between conception and the time she found out she was pregnant and decided to abort the pregnancy, fearing fetal alcohol abuse syndrome. Hence, the computer search for pregnancy and alcohol. She may have decided to abort the baby on her own and decided to take a trip to do it so friends and family would not know. Could she have brought her two female friends with her for moral support? I'm not saying this is what happened, just giving an alternative scenario. Also, the amount of money she had with her still bothers me. It is not enough for even a few day's stay at a motel and the cheapest food. She had to know this was not enough money, even if she planned a day or two at the cabin. Did she have the $4,000? Why was it so urgent to get Maura a car that specific weekend- urgent enough that her father drove through a huge snowstorm to get there, when she rarely used it? So many unanswered questions.

    1. Taking multiple birth control pills at once does not act like a plan B pill...

    2. Taking multiple birth control pills will not act as the same as a plan B...Birth control pills prevent implantation, not cause abortions.