Tuesday, July 12, 2016

***Final UPDATE*** Frightening New Troll Claims Murray Family Has Identified Maura In New Video

Last week, I told you about the anonymous Facebook account that posted photos claiming to be from a video of Maura Murray that nobody else had seen before. That person was posting under the name "Joseph Cpaw" using a new Facebook account. Something about this case brings out these weird types who create multiple fake accounts and toss out bits of info to see how excited everyone gets. It gets their rocks off for some reason. This is only the latest, but perhaps the most alarming since Alden Olson.

Yesterday, this person took to Facebook again with a long tirade. Buried in the deranged and delusional manifesto was the claim that they have shared a link to the original video (which they found on a "public site") with the Murray family and that " Initial response was they believe it to be Maura."

They go on to taunt and chide others for not actually helping the investigation, even though this person was too afraid to go directly to the police for fear of losing their anonymity.  Here's a few choice quotes.

"Idiots, fuck-tards, phonies, pet detective wanna-be's...that's all you people are."

"From the bottom of my heart and with all the contempt I can muster...GO FUCK YOURSELVES!"

So much hatred and rage, there. But there's any truth to this troll's tale, there's a video out there somewhere, which was just delivered to the family and not detectives.

Family spokesperson Helena Dwyer Murray just dropped this statement on Facebook:

This morning I was contacted by somebody questioning whether I had made a comment regarding a video which some believe is Maura. this was my response, "I'm pretty much alone, but I think it is Maura...but earlier than 2004, regardless of the date it was I uploaded 

 ***2nd UPDATE***
A Redditor by the name "PippaPuppy" whose account is one hour old has found the video. Everything about this is suspect. Check it out. The resemblance is very striking but I don't believe it's her. It's close enough that investigators should check it out, though. The ski resort is Mountain High in California.

***Final Update***
We and the family have been trolled. Here is another video of the same woman, in which you can clearly see it is not Maura Murray.

Another Redditor was able to nab the IP address of the troll via Facebook. It tracks back to a man who is well known to the online community. His social media profiles were taken down recently after he posted threatening messages. It appears he is suffering a breakdown of some sort and may have purposefully orchestrated this new story as some kind of public performance commentary.

We're not going to dox him so I will not approve any comment that mentions his name. He's enjoyed enough of the spotlight already.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New 'Missing Maura Murray' podcast makes the UMass cabin look very promising.

Lance & Tim are back with episode 29 of the Missing Maura Murray podcast. This week they feature an interview with Rick Graves who was involved with the search for Maura on the ground for about three years. He says the news about the UMass Outing Club cabin is new and believes it makes sense this could be the destination she had in mind the night she went missing.

He also, in my mind, puts to rest the notion that Maura's body could be near the scene of the accident after having wandered into the woods. Of course those woods were searched extensively. Graves was there for it.

Lots of good stuff in this one.