Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Article on Being a True Crime Addict is Now a "Cracked Classic."

I wrote this piece for Cracked.com awhile back. It was just made a "classic" post, which is pretty sweet but doesn't come with any cool perks except maybe Internet points.


  1. I don't see an image on the post.

    I'll take a leap of faith and guess it was about Maura's disappearance that let me to your blog and my obsession with the mystery of this case.

    I remember when she went missing and didn't think much of it since the personally usually turns up in a few days but after reading the cracked article 12 years later I was blown away by the case that it was never solved.

    Nice job Mr. Renner.

  2. people can attack and discredit you all the want, but this is proof positive that you're dedicated and successful. i feel some may be jealous of the attention you've received from your work. godspeed.

  3. Good job, James. It was a great article. Love Cracked!

  4. Love your avatar image on Cracked, James.

  5. I clicked on that article randomly one day and have been following you every since! Congrats!

  6. Rachel from ColumbusAugust 19, 2016 at 5:36 PM

    Wow! I'm a huge Cracked fan and read this article when it first came out and immediately bookmarked it as one of my favorites I've ever read. Now a year later I found The Serial Killer's Apprentice at a book store, and as I'm reading each story I look up the victims on Google, which led me to a Reddit thread, which led me to your Reddit page, which led me to a different thread, which led me here, and now I find out that the book I'm reading is by one of my favorite Cracked authors! Honestly just way too cool. Picked up The Serial Killer's Apprentice as a fellow Ohioan!