Friday, October 21, 2016

Another Cold Case: The Abduction of Amy Mihaljevic

Along with this blog about the disappearance of Maura Murray, I maintain two others: One on the modern-day Crucible that is the Lisa Pruett case. And the other, on the first unsolved mystery I became fascinated with, the abduction of Amy Mihaljevic.

Next week is the 27th anniversary of Amy's abduction/murder, so I thought I'd share this recent three-part segment Crime Watch Daily did on the mystery.


  1. Each time I look at that curtain I am reminded of the farmhouse I lived in when I was 18. Not as in there is a connection to that specific curtain...but what I mean is it was a very, very old farmhouse and me and a roommate rented the top floor from her parents who lived below. And the closet doors in the farmhouse were narrow compared to regular doors. A few of them were missing and instead of paying top dollar for solid wood custom doors to match the rest in the house, her mom would make and hang curtains like this green one over the doorways. I was just thinking that if a curtain was missing off of a window, people inside and outside of the house would notice. But if it was missing off of a closet, it may not draw that much attention. Though it does seem odd to me that a curtain was used instead of a more obvious wrapping like a blanket. It makes me think the killer grabbed the closest thing he could find in the room he was in to hide what he had done, either from someone else or oddly enough, his own repulsion. That would especially make sense if this killer never killed again. Maybe if people thought of the green curtain as possibly being used out of the traditional context of a window covering, it may jog someone's memory? All I know is that I remember watching the nightly coverage of Amy's case as a kid and being scared and then so very sad when they found her dead. :( I really hope this gets solved soon.

  2. This cold case is reaching its 30th year in 2019. The teacher is probably The Guy. I don't see the curtain alone as solving this one, though.

  3. I'm proud of you, James. It's a shame that there are so many perverts out there. What in their brain chemistry compels them to act this way? Very sad.