Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chance Encounter Provides Possible Explanation for Maura Murray's Disappearance

As an old-school shoe-leather reporter, there's nothing I love more than a good bar story. This one has all the hallmarks of a legit run-in with someone from Maura's inner circle - and they provide an explanation that took me years to bring myself to.

There's also enough identifying info here, that I'm confident a websleuth with a little time can track this down.

Here it is:

I went to college at Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass, class of **. In
the fall of 2004 (it was football season), I was in a bar called
Moynihans on Main Street, close to the campus of Clark University. It
was a Saturday afternoon because college football was on TV. The bar
was half empty, and I started up a conversation with this guy who told
me he was a grad student at Clark. He told me he had recently
graduated UMASS.

An Army football game highlight or score came on the TV, and I stopped
the conversation to watch. The guy asks me why and I explain its
because my dad graduated West Point and we always went to games when I
was a kid, and I still rooted for the team. He then started talking to
me about the missing girl who had gone to West Point and then to
UMASS. I hadn't heard about it at the time and he explained to me what
I now know is the MM case. He told me that it was an open secret among
people who knew her personally at UMASS that she ran off on her own to
get away from an abusive relationship. He said that he knew people
that knew her and that had been in on the whole thing, and that people
freaked out once the police and newspapers and media had picked up on
the story. I remember thinking at the time that it was an interesting
story, but that she'd eventually be found out. When I got back to my
dorm later that day, I looked it up online and read a newspaper
article or two, but then totally forgot about the whole thing until I
started reading your blog and the wikipedia on MM.

I know my story doesn't prove anything, but it's interesting that
someone so far back who was personally familiar with MM's circles at
UMASS had been speculating about her running away on her own volition.


  1. Is this something someone sent you?

    Also, In her then recent email when she said I love you stud, that's not super personal. Stud is objectification in my eyes. She could've been placating him so he wouldn't be all up in her business.

  2. I think the fact that Kate told you she may have been trying to run away and something happened was actually not deceptive. I mean it was, because of the last part. But she knows she and the others at UMASS were being criticized for not being vocal and that was a pretty good statement.

    Also, I think Fred believes she ran away. NO father who thinks his daughter tragically disappeared acts the way he did at the scene (laziness)

  3. I still think it's cowardly. I know she had legal run ins and it might have been hard to get a restraining order. But she JUST spent the holidays with him. IF it was a runaway, it was a combo of thievery and avoidance. Reminds me of a SVU episode where a woman moves to a town to escape a psycho ex. He soon after moves in across the street from her and tracks her every move.

    I know a few are annoyed I continue to bring this up, but I REALLY want to know how a NH police officer came to know about billy and their problems.

  4. badda boom badda bing. oh she had help alrighty. someone or something's Tail has been Wagging the Dog for 12+yrs... wayyy more sophisticated than the 'ole she-ran-away-to-join-the-circus.

    1. This goes much deeper than just Maura running away from Billy and abuse. There are more people involved and it was a well-oiled-manipulated-machine.

      For better than 12 years they have been greasing the cogs to keep the Agenda moving as smoothly as possible.

      Thinking all the recent Podcast attention and your book as well as the media has some people shaking in their Bullshit-Boots.

      Shake the Tree even harder because after 12 years the branches that hold the answers have become weathered and fragile from the storm. Eventually a branch will fall to the ground with the answers.

    2. TexasP you silver tongue devil. right on.

    3. Thinking Haverhill NH was merely caught up in the Maura-Murray-Triangle. The town became the backdrop for what now has become a major case. The stage was set but not all the actors portrayed their parts to a tee. The script for some reason had to become 'Ad-Lib' because a wrench was thrown into the cog of the carefully maintained machine.

      People are scrambling to repair the damage done by all the recent events surrounding Maura's case. Someone is very very nervous that the truth is about to be revealed.

  5. Ancientexplorer1989October 13, 2016 at 11:23 AM

    a story is a story but i am inclined to believe this. if true, i am thrilled because it means she is still alive! :)

  6. If this is true, I hope she's happily living her life somewhere, and is able to maintain her privacy.

  7. After many, many years following this case and reading everything I can possibly read on the disappearance of Maura I still find it extremely hard to believe that she dropped her entire life and ran away for 12 long years just to get away from Billy. Abusive relationships are a real thing and I feel sorry for anyone having to go through that, but there are a thousand other ways Maura could of handled that and got away.. Other than completely dropping and walking away from her entire life never to be heard from again.. Not to mention she didn't even live in the same state as her boyfriend at the time. I'm sorry but I think it's absurd to think that's the reason she fled and fell off the face of the earth. I hope answes are found one day.

  8. Maura, still, would have contacted her family and told them not to say a word. I don't buy it...not these many years later with no sighting, etc. I would like to believe that is true, though. And by the way, isn't the abuser married now? Would he still be interested in abusing her after so many years?

  9. You meet this person or they sent this too you? I believe there is a good chance this is true...

  10. Interesting that this person knew the inner circle. Would be nice to track him down to probe for answers to some of the lingering questions in this case. Wonder if he was interviewed by the police?Mostly definitely from his comments, it confirms that Sara and Kate knew (which we all figured they did) and sound like there were others. Surprised everyone has kept quiet for so long. I wonder now what the police really think or knew at that time. I know in the beginning they thought she ran away or was going to harm herself. Did Maura think her dad,family or friends could not help her? It still seems drastic to run away because of Billy. He lived so far away, how could he effect her life so much on a daily basis. Just for the sparse information regarding Fred and Billy, I get the impression, Fred did not care for him. Maybe one of these inner circle friends told the police about Billy. I'm also guessing her family knew (at least Kathleen). There must be something more for her to be that afraid, that, running away was her only option. It answers the questions regarding all those phone calls between Billy, Sara, Maura and Kate. Maura definitely did not want to talk to him. The plot thickens!!!

  11. I think as you get closer to answers, more info comes out- possibly untrue info. Who runs from an ex for that long and let's people search for so long? She had more reasons to run I'm sure..Way more to the story.. Keep searching! You are doing well

  12. Sadly, I don't think this means anything. This type of speculation happens all the time. People make logical assumptions to explain things they don't understand. Those assumptions get adopted as the truth and the "truth" is spread. You can never trace it to the source, because there is no source. It's always, I heard from people who knew, etc... If there was any truth to this, any facts to support it, there would be no reason to hide it from law enforcement.

  13. Whoever wrote this said Maura was trying to get away from a "relationship." This person didn't say the relationship was with Billy.
    I got the impression that a woman wrote this. Hmmm. I'm reserving judgement on this one, but it's a very interesting set of coincidences that led this person get in touch with you.

    1. I agree with this 100% - Billy may not necessarily be the person that Maura was running from if this is, in fact, true.

  14. There must be more to her vanishing act than just an abusive Billy.

    I'm guessing some legal issues ( Vasi hit) or she was pregnant by someone.

  15. So, I used to believe that Maura drunkly walked into the woods, got lost, and eventually died. But that was really just until the Lori Erica Ruff/Kimberly McLean case was recently solved.

    That case was pretty much the opposite of this one. Here you had a woman who had been living under a false identity for 22 years when she killed herself. The family had a body, but no name or story to explain how she ended up in their lives.

    This was my favorite mystery, mostly because it left so much room for imagination but had just enough evidence for meaningful speculation. I figured she had an extremely terrible past because of the lengths she went to in order to obtain her new identity. It turns out that her DNA was linked to a woman who ran away from her life at 18.

    I will also say that while this woman was as elusive as Maura, she has never seemed nearly as intelligent. It makes me wonder what a woman like Maura could have accomplished if she set her mind to it.

    So, I remain conflicted. This has definitely taken the place of my favorite mystery, for now.

  16. Definitely interesting. Just a thought, but if someone who knew her hurt her maybe they would create rumors of this sort. When a rumor gets repeated often enough and people begin to believe it.

  17. First, lets bear in mind that - as Topix trolls have often proven - there are plenty of people so addicted to this case that they might, sitting in a bar by themselves, like to pretend that they are involved, just as certain people like to pretend online that they are private detectives and such.

    But second - assuming the person who told the story in the bar is as sincere as the person who wrote the above text sounds - it is interesting. What grabs my attention is that the story would square very nicely with the cloud of confusion and lacking information about the party. In fact, it would bring a clarifying context to people trying to talk Maura out of going to her father's hotel room. One possibility: she might have wanted to get some money from him or had some other reason to make contact with him before she left.

  18. Ran away forever and didn't contact her family and friends because of a boyfriend who lived far away in a different state? There has to be more to it. I think she was running away to just get away for a week or so. I think after her crash someone picked her up-either a stranger or friend she was driving in tandem with. Then this person either killed or at least covered up her death- like maybe she died of alcohol poisining and the friend freaked and hid her body. I think Sara, Kate and Dad know why she left UMass and where she was going but don't know what happened next

  19. I'm open as always.

    Not a slam-dunk here but it's interesting. It's also a bar story, so ...

    The question here is, WHAT abusive relationship? With whom?

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  22. lemme guess. has a 12yr old daughter, hobbies include hiking the WhiteMtns, running, loves pizza, DietDr.Pepper & twizzlers andddd is an RN?

  23. I am wondering if she was pregnant and it was the baby (and a lifetime of contact with her abuser) that she was protecting. It doesn't make sense for her to run away when she could easily get away from him, but she wouldn't be able to keep him out of her child's life.

  24. I think there are two things that lead me to believe she was running away for longer than a few days, or even a week. One, all the comments from family and friends saying she "was getting away, but then something (accident) happened". And two, the most telling to me, if she was planning on coming back, she would never have left that email printed and left on the boxes. That was clearly meant for someone to find and that just wouldn't have happened in a few days. Why leave a cryptic message for yourself to find/comeback to, just doesn't make sense.

  25. I think the Lori Ruff / Kimberly story (thanks Ashlee!) demonstrates quite clearly that there doesn't have to be a good reason (to drop everything and leave forever) that anyone else can identify... it just had to be a good enough reason (or possibly a confluence of reasons) for HER.