Monday, November 28, 2016

No, I Do Not Think Maura Is a Sociopath.

The latest Missing Maura Murray podcast is out, today. It's a kind of Best Of episode, catching listeners up on all that has happened so far. They revisit episode 6, which was recorded over a year ago. That was the episode where I called Maura a sociopath (based on actions like credit card fraud, identity theft, affairs, etc.) and said she was "at her best when she was with Billy Rausch."

Boy do I wish I could take that back.

I have since learned that Bill Rausch lost his job in D.C. after coworkers claimed he assaulted a woman in the office, pushing her down onto a table in a drunken state when they were alone. That's one of several alarming stories I've heard about Bill.

To be clear, I no longer believe Maura was a sociopath. I believe she was a survivor. I believe that when she left UMass, she was leaving Bill behind as well as other sources of stress in her life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

33 Episodes In, Here's Who Still Refuses to Go On the Podcast

Since 2015, Lance & Tim have produced 33 episodes of the "Missing Maura Murray" podcast, making it one of the most popular mystery podcasts and surely setting the record for most episodes devoted to a specific case. They have built a huge audience clamoring to help solve this missing persons case any way they can.

And yet, Maura's family and close friends don't care to use this opportunity to help find her. Lance & Tim have proven to be kind and respectful of guests, open to explore any theory or idea that comes up - unlike me, who has a favorite theory and would not be so magnanimous with my questions.

33 episodes in, here are the people who could have helpful information but who have not yet appeared on the podcast:

- Fred Murray
- Fred Jr.
- Julie Murray
- Kathleen Murray
- Kurt Noble Murray
- Bill Rausch
- Sharon Rausch
- Kate Markopoulos
- Sara Alfieri
- Heather Hammond (Sara's roommate)
- Liz Drewniak

I am at a loss to understand why.