Friday, August 11, 2017

Bill Rausch Was Accused of Pushing a Woman in a D.C. Metro Station

I'm just now reading about the arrest of Eric Bellquist, who police believe pushed a woman toward a bus while jogging on a London bridge. It's a curious case and by all accounts unprovoked. But it's by no means an isolated incident. Why do some men do this?

This article from The Independent talks about the odd assaults and includes a similar incident that happened to the author, who says the man who pushed her was full of rage.

As I first reported in 2016, Bill Rausch was accused of a similar assault in DC. Rausch was Maura Murray's boyfriend at the time of her disappearance (and has a pretty solid alibi for the day she disappeared - evidence suggests he was at Fort Sill, half a country away).

Rausch left his office job at Ray Group International in D.C. after women in the office came forward with claims that he assaulted a female coworker in the President's office after a night of drinking.

Prior to that, the alleged victim claimed that Rausch pushed her down the stairs in a Metro station. When confronted at the office, he said it wasn't him. But during the night of the second assault, according to her, he brought up the incident and said it was him at the Metro station.

Like much of this confounding case, I don't know what to make of this behavior.