Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Personal Note on the Maura Murray Mystery

I made a decision about a year ago to step away from this case and spend time doing things that I find more rewarding - writing fiction, being with my family, etc. But after the Oxygen documentary aired I was contacted by a number of women who had run-ins with Maura's former boyfriend, Bill Rausch and they wanted someone to tell their story. So two weeks ago, I flew out to D.C. and got their interviews on tape so there would be no debate over their intentions or words.

Their stories have affected me and caused me to take another look at this case.

We always assumed Bill Rausch had an air-tight alibi. And he does, for the disappearance. But I have always believed that Maura was traveling with a tandem driver the night she vanished. It is the only explanation that makes sense to me. And if she did just that, perhaps she made it to her cabin in the woods after all. If she did, nobody's alibis matter anymore.

When I took another look at Maura's phone records I discovered a missing page. That missing page was taken from the portion of the bill that may have shown us Maura's roaming calls while she was in New Hampshire. These records were given to the Murray family by Bill's mother (Maura's phone was being paid for by the Rausch family).

Additionally, I found that on the Sunday after Maura vanished, Bill made a roaming call to her phone that lasted between 3 and 4 minutes. After that call, Bill does not make another phone call for four days.

I don't know what happened in New Hampshire. But here's what we do know: the boyfriend of a missing woman has been accused of sex assault in DC. Of pushing a woman down the stairs in the Metro. Of grabbing a woman by the neck and saying "I'll kill you like I killed Maura." During the search for his would-be fiance, he stops making calls and checking his voicemail on his cell phone for four days.

This case has taken a turn. If you have info that would help, please come forward.

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