Monday, November 13, 2017

Clarifications Following Oxygen Series

Here are some answers to confounding questions some have had since the Oxygen series ended.

1. Could Maura have struck Petrit Vasi with her car and wrecked it in NH to cover her tracks?
Answer: No. The series ruled this out behind the scenes, after examining the black box in Maura's car. They were able to determine that the car did not strike anyone or anything the night Petrit Vasi was hit.

2. Different Coordinates
Some viewers noticed the coordinates shown in the TV show were different than the ones found on this site. Apparently, the series editor changed them to discourage more people from going to the site, which is quite dangerous.

3. The Missing Page
Last week it was discovered that Maura and Bill Rausch's cell phone bills, which were provided to the Murrays by Bill's mother, were missing a page, specifically Page 9, which would be where Maura's roaming calls would be logged. This could be very important evidence if it showed any call made from her phone after February 9th.

Former US Marshal Art Roderick is said to have spoken directly to Chuck West about this issue (West is essentially the head of the investigation). Roderick reported back to the podcast guys that the entire phone bill was accounted for and that they had probably gotten a subpoena for the original records. However, it appears to me that Art was not clear in his request and West was vague in his reply regarding page 9 specifically.

I tried to get clarification on this issue. My first contact was to the Cold Case unit, whose spokesman told me nobody there had any recollection of this conversation. This morning AG Jeffery Strelzin explained that his office and detectives would have no comment on the phone records at all.

Personally, I don't think they could have easily obtained a subpoena for these records, as there is no evidence of a crime and the records do not exist in New Hampshire. My hunch is the records they have came from Sharon Rausch as well. I hope they noticed before we did that a page was missing.

In any event, it would be great to know for sure. But that would require a quote from West or an official statement from the cold case unit. Until then, it does seem suspicious.


  1. This won't go public, but James: I do not believe there is any evidence she hit Vasi, and in fact there is only evidence to the contrary, but that black box info is certainly not definitive. In my sister's fatal accident, her collision with the vehicle also did not register on the event data recorder though it was a strong enough impact to generate "shearing force".

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Alex.

    2. Thank you for the kind words.

      I actually didn't think James was posting comments any more but knew he could read them, and didn't expect this to go up, but I just wanted to let him know that this isn't 100% concrete proof (even though I think he's correct on this Vasi point), as a vehicle colliding with a body isn't always enough to register as an impact on a vehicle's event data recorder.