Monday, November 20, 2017

***UPDATED*** The Sunday Phone Call

Two weeks ago, I shared the stories of several women who claimed Bill Rausch committed sex assault and harassment in the years since Maura Murray disappeared. As far back as high school, Bill was known for being rough with women. So, the pattern suggests Maura was familiar with this side of him as well.

And while Bill is accounted for on the day of the disappearance (in the field at Fort Sill), as far as I can tell his whereabouts later in the week once he's in New Hampshire are not completely accounted for. Since the women came forward I took another look at the phone bill for Maura and Bill. First, there's the oddity of Page 9, which was the page where Maura's roaming charges would have appeared - and is the only page missing from the copy of the bill that Bill's mother provided to the Murray family.

But I'm also very interested in the phone call Bill made to Maura's cell phone on Sunday. It lasted between 3 and 4 minutes. And then Bill does not make another call from his cell phone until Thursday. He's not using his cell to check his voicemail, or to call Maura, or to call the Murrays or police for four days. While Maura is missing.

Readers have suggested different possibilities for the length of that final call. Did he connect with Maura - is that why the page is missing? Was he leaving a long voicemail, pleading to her to come home? Another reader suggested he could have used his phone to dial into Maura's voicemail to check her messages. At the time, anyone with the password could call up the number and enter the password to access voicemail for that phone, and then save or delete the messages.

Since the Nov. 6 post, Bill has not answered further questions.

**UPDATE** The phone records given to the Murrays may have come from Bill Rausch, himself. In this clip from Disappeared, Bill's mother, Sharon, explains that Bill was paying for both their phones. So it's possible the records were going to Bill in Lawton, OK and he then gave the records to his mother, who passed them on to the Murrays.

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