Wednesday, December 13, 2017

**UPDATED** What Happened at the Party

Here's the new information that was contained in the original post.

- Maura "hooked up" with a man at the party she attended two nights before she disappeared.
- The police have ruled this man out.
- Bill found out about it.
- This story comes from Maura's friends from Hanson who were told directly by a woman at the party.

My original post included the names of some of the people at the party, who have lied to me over the years about the details of that night. I have removed their names because it feels to me that to leave them up is to serve as a form of shaming and I guess I've lost my stomach for that.

I'm disappointed. I'm mad that I was lied to. No reporter likes that. But... everybody lies. So it goes.

Do they owe us an explanation? Nah. And they were scared kids in 2004. But if everyone had been open and honest at the beginning I really think we'd have a resolution by now.

I said before there's no happy ending in this case. And I think we're real close to an ending. I'm going to try to do a little better on the way there. Peace.

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  1. I was surprised to hear that Fred Murray is 74, I thought he was in his 60's, having only been mid 40's when Maura disappeared. What ever happened to the original bolo that was alleged to have happened that same night, why was that scrapped from record? Who called in a report of another incident in that area? Why is there a square indent on the front of Maura's car on the driver side? I thought the accident was on the curve, or as a result of the turn, but the accident was before the curve, and the car was in an abnormal position. Were the airbags deployed earlier? Who was drinking beer in the car? If the Butson sighting is real, then the timeline starts 6pm, maybe she was given date rape drug. Whatever happened seems to have started in Mass. Why would Maura leave personal items she would need in her car like nursing books. Maybe who was driving needed to get out of there fast, because otherwise they'd have to explain where is Maura?