Monday, March 12, 2018

Request for Interview - Maura's Last Hookup

A couple months ago, it was finally confirmed that a lot more happened at the party in Sara Alfieri's dorm room - two nights before Maura's disappearance - than was previously admitted. Fred Murray says his daughter "hooked up" with a "cousin" of Sara's that night. Sara claims she was sleeping during the party in her room and Kate Markopoulos, who was also there, has never been cooperative with police or reporters when asked about it.

It would be helpful to get their version of events for that evening.

I would love to speak with this man. And also Sara's roommate, Heather Hammond, who has never spoken publicly about the party.

If you have any information about the identity of this man, feel free to send an anonymous message via Globaleaks here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Maura Murray Records Now Available to the Public

My notes, interviews, and records related to my investigation into Maura Murray's disappearance are now available to the public for review - by appointment - at Kent State University library's Special Collections department.

They will not be digitized anytime soon.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Send Tips 100% Anonymously

Today, I set up a Globaleaks server and website specifically for sharing evidence and information related to the Maura Murray case.

This is designed for two purposes:

1. For Maura Murray herself to provide proof of life without revealing her location (this would include a photograph or video).

2. For anyone with information about the death of Maura Murray to provide evidence or information without fear of being traced.

How it works:

Step One:
Download the Tor browser.

Step Two:
Open Tor and input this address in the address bar:

Step Three:
Follow the prompts to submit info.

Step Four:
Copy the 16-digit code so that you can log in later to communicate further.

That's it. Let's have closure.

Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

On the 14th Anniversary

Friday marks the 14th anniversary of Maura Murray's disappearance and she still remains unfound. At 7 p.m., on the Missing Maura Murray Facebook page, Julie Murray will talk a little bit about Maura and the case and share some memories of her sister. Tune in if you can.

So, after all this time, where are we?

Well, this case is a mess, and it needn't be. But at the moment, there's this conspiratorial mood that has settled in around the case - people suspect the police were involved, people suspect the A-frame house has something to do with it, people suspect a random dirtbag picked her up. Some, including her own family, believe Maura's sister Kathleen or her husband had someone to do with it. Having met Tim, I don’t think either one of them had anything to do with it.

This case, when it's done, is going to be elegantly simple.

The only explanation that makes sense with the evidence we have is that Maura was not traveling alone that night. She was traveling with a tandem driver.

Her friends from UMass have never been forthcoming with police.

Remember - Maura bought more booze than one person needed; she was inquiring about places that had multiple bedrooms; she turned down a ride; she disappeared in less than a blink of the eye; she gave up calling condos and motels without reserving a room (because her traveling companion did it before she did). She didn't tell anyone where she was going (c'mon). Anyone who doesn't buy the tandem driver theory has to explain all of that away.

I also believe the Butson's sightings, where Maura was seen buying more booze with two young women before the accident. The Oxygen series, and others, have suggested this can't be, because the police didn't see her on the videotape. But they never bothered to do enough research to discover that the only video cameras in Butson's at that time were pointed only at the bank kiosk, not the registers.

There's a lot of stuff like that that has been spun to others' agendas. When you read those things, please consider what a simpler explanation might be.

What we know now is that Maura's boyfriend, Bill Rausch, has been accused by a number of women of sex assault, physical assault, and harassment. And after he arrived in New Hampshire to join the search for Maura Murray, he kept making dozens of calls every day, until the weekend after the disappearance. Then, he went completely silent for 5 days. None of that sits well with me.

If Maura was traveling in tandem, nobody's alibis for the night of the disappearance matter anymore - because she likely made it to a cabin or wherever she was heading.

I want to believe Maura is out there, alive, and happy. I hope she is. But the likely answer is that she is no longer alive. And I believe that if she is dead, she was murdered by someone she knew.

Don't look to rogue cops or weird stains in abandoned houses or fortuitous kidnappers. Look closer to Maura.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Guest Post: A Closer Look at Maura's Cell Phone Records

A search last month of Maura Murray's final cell phone calls revealed two separate calls to the home of a woman who investigated child abuse claims in the Weymouth area. The woman still lives there, and though she doesn't remember Maura, she believes the only reason she would have called their home is related to one of her investigations. She sometimes gave her personal number to children. She was no longer a social worker in 2004, but was actively investigating cases in the neighborhood when Maura was a teenager.

In light of this I wanted to take a fresh look at the rest of Maura's calls in the weeks leading to her disappearance. I asked a frequent reader - one of the "Irregulars" - to research and backtrack every number. She prefers to go by Mara S. Walker. Here are her findings:

mBreakdown:  Maura’s Cell Phone Records:

First and foremost, thank you to James, as well as such an incredibly loyal following for allowing me to step in and guest blog. Helping to solve this case and provide answers for the Murray family has always been my goal, and using my talents in research and a background in forensics makes me fortunate to be able to hopefully contribute to finding Maura and bringing her home.

Lucky for me, I was able to obtain the phone numbers, through legal means, of each close family member and confidante relevant to the case/in Maura’s life. Going through the pages, able to eliminate the contact info of those closest to her, I was able to list numbers and check each individually for any usable trace information. I will not spend time here listing each individual call, but rather the anomalies I found while background checking the flagged calls that stood out.  Please note; if particular calls are not mentioned, it is because they are correctly identified as far as I could confirm, and, thus, require no further discussion on my end.

Call #11 is tied to a name in Plymouth Ma - Alexander *****.  It is a Verizon dedicated New England number, and this is good news as this carrier tends to keep cell records for many many years, (which I know from personal experience).  Said individual listed on multiple sites, apparently has a record with local police based in Manomet, MA (which is in the area of Plymouth) for somewhat odd behavior. Now, if this person has been in possession of this number since the time frame of Maura’s disappearance, it would be interesting to find out why this individual was called by her and what he remembers regarding any communication with her.

Call #82 is based in Holyoke, Ma which is in the western part of the state above Chicopee just below Amherst MA, where UMASS is located. A search on FB confirmed there was a person listed from Holyoke matching the name noted on the bill, Ryan *****. He appears, if I am looking at the correct person, to be of similar age to Maura, and by his profile picture, also enjoys outdoor recreation such as skiing which is relevant when you think about how many ski resorts were in the area where Maura crashed, as well as around where she was allegedly headed, by her family and the police.

Those were the two major red flag items for me, as the others all appear to be relatively “normal” both for her calling patterns as well as when you think about who was in her life at that time that we are aware of. Example, there is #142, which is a Ft. Sill number and makes sense when you know Bill, her boyfriend worked for them. Also, toward the end of her bill it appears there are a few calls on the day she disappeared that have numbers outgoing to UMASS student voice mails. I would then assume she was calling the friend who’s scrubs she ended up dropping off before leaving.

I can not tell anyone what to derive from these records, or from my information, all I hope to do by pointing out these odd interactions is maybe jogging someones memory regarding relationships even of the casual nature in her life, that may lead to opening more doors toward an answer, and closing more behind us always moving forward.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bill Rausch Loses Job, Got Your Six May Shutter Following Sex Assault Allegations

This just in:

Bill Rausch - Maura Murray's boyfriend at the time of her disappearance - has lost his job as Exec Director of Got Your Six, following allegations of sex assault and harassment in D.C. going back to his time with Ray Group International and IAVA.

They have allowed him to announce his exit on the Friday before a holiday, which all but assures limited media fallout. In a message Bill sent at 10:30 this morning, he makes no mention of the sexual assault allegations but says, only, "this will be my last month..." as part of Got Your Six.

Staff members Lauren Augustine, Cathleen Pearl, and Mark Szymanski were contacted over the last month. No one has officially commented on the matter.

Rausch's email to colleagues spins his departure as a restructuring. But an email I received from a donor suggests it is in fact related to the allegations of sex assault that has plagued him since two women told their stories on this blog in November.