Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Send Tips 100% Anonymously

Today, I set up a Globaleaks server and website specifically for sharing evidence and information related to the Maura Murray case.

This is designed for two purposes:

1. For Maura Murray herself to provide proof of life without revealing her location (this would include a photograph or video).

2. For anyone with information about the death of Maura Murray to provide evidence or information without fear of being traced.

How it works:

Step One:
Download the Tor browser.

Step Two:
Open Tor and input this address in the address bar:

Step Three:
Follow the prompts to submit info.

Step Four:
Copy the 16-digit code so that you can log in later to communicate further.

That's it. Let's have closure.

Fingers crossed.


  1. mr. renner,...………..I've provided evidence that brings this case to near it's conclusion. The evidence for some reason isn't being properly acknowledged. The evidence is indisputable and clear, and it's very damning. It reduces the culprit of the crime to one individual in my opinion.. Do you have a recommendation,...………….what should I do to have this evidence understood for what it is?

    1. I'm interested to hear more. You can email me directly too at jameswrenner@gmail.com

  2. James, will you please update us on the other anonymous post above? Has the individual reached out to you further? Dying of curiosity over here. Thank you sir.