Monday, March 26, 2018

***UPDATED*** Stop What You're Doing and Watch This New Analysis of Bill Rausch's Actions During the Search

The voices sound like Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but this is the best breakdown so far of Bill Rausch's actions following Maura's disappearance. The biggest takeaway is the claim that you could not leave a voicemail longer than 90 seconds in 2004. Which, if true, has major implications for that 3 minute phone call Bill made to Maura's phone before he went silent for 5 days.

One of my most loyal Irregulars just found the 2004 Sprint voicemail information. At the time, you could not leave a voicemail longer than two minutes on a basic plan, which is what Maura appears to have had. We know from other calls that Maura's voice greeting was not a full minute long (the longest you can have at the time). Which means the greeting and message could not have taken longer than 3 minutes. However, If the voice greeting and message combined lasted longer than two minutes, Sprint could have counted it as 3 minutes. It's possible this was a long voicemail.


  1. Could he have been trying to enter the various passcodes to access her voicemail from another phone?

  2. Do we know for certain that she had a basic plan? Can we find out?

  3. Everything I was able to find on the message boards dating back to 2007 said that unless you had purchased enhanced voice mail capabilities your maximum message was one minute tops. If you had the better version you could go three minutes total.