Friday, April 27, 2018

BREAKING: U.S. Attorney's Office Takes Case to Grand Jury in Hopes of Indicting Bill Rausch

Assistant U.S. District Attorney Julianne Johnston has called witnesses to testify before a Grand Jury in D.C. Witnesses are connected to Ray Group International, where Bill Rausch worked in 2011. He is accused of sexually assaulting a woman there.

Law enforcement has also served subpoenas in this case, compelling Ray Group International to turn over all records related to the internal investigation the office conducted into Bill Rausch's misconduct there (they let him resign quietly).

You can hear the victim tell her story in her own words here.


  1. James, you are amazing! Look what you did!!!!!!!! This is huge! From a woman who was the victim of sexual assault by a powerful man....thank you for helping give these women a voice.

  2. Also, "let him resign quietly" REALLY pisses me off. What pathetic pieces of crap- both BR & R.G.

  3. Thank you hearing these women...too often people choose not to hear.

  4. James, you can't hang up your hat now! Please reconsider your decision to take down the blog.

  5. One step closer to shaking loose the truth in the Maura Murray case.

  6. What fantastic news. Such predators need to be stopped.

    While I have not always agreed with you, I sincerely hope you do not archive your blog. Your research and work has kept Maura's story alive. Without you, she would have fallen into obscurity like so many other missing people.

    Dont listen to the "nay-sayers" and nasty keyboard warriors. Have any of them helped a documentary be produced? NO! Your years of research contributed to that. Maura's story is known worldwide because of you.

    I believe Maura's mystery can be uncovered and I believe you are part of doing just that. Many cold cases have been solved decades later. Don't give up on Maura. Find her and/or help bring the person who harmed her to justice.

  7. For those who say this is old news, what about the comment made by Bill about killing Maura-- is that deemed made by a creditable person?

    1. The question isn't whether this is old news. The question is whether it is relevant news. Conceivably, it is, but I've not seen any evidence presented.