Friday, April 20, 2018

UMass Police Detective: Renner was right. Maura lives in Canada.

As I'm wrapping up the blog, I'm going to share some things I've held back over the years before I take it all down in May.

Here's a conversation Lt. Thrasher shared a couple months ago on Facebook. Thrasher was a Lt. at UMass when Maura went missing. He's the one who first share info about the call Maura received from her sister the night she had a breakdown.


  1. So, he is just stating that he believes that? However, it doesn't really make him an authority figure on the case just because he worked at UMass at the time. What information brought him to that conclusion? Pure speculation?

  2. It's an easy theory to believe and WANT to be true because it's a happy ending. It's the "girl escapes shitstorm and lives happily ever after..."

    I REALLY want to know WHO wrote that comment alleging she ran off with a boyfriend. The famous one, whom we think wrote it from MA.

    It is interesting he wrote as if she's alive, and not "I hope she is watching..."

  3. For starters, didn't Kurt SAY in some way "why'd you run from us?"

    As to haters, there are literally people who exist on youtube who verbally attack 25 yr old girl talking about makeup. People. are. shitty. NEVER engage.

  4. . James, I guess I shouldn't be shocked by some of the nasty, unbelievable comments you've gotten over the years, as referenced above. But I'm certainly sorry you've had to endure it.