Monday, October 8, 2018

Page 9 "Found" **UPDATED**

Earlier today, I was emailed a blurry copy of Page 9 from Bill Rausch's phone bill. If you'll recall, that page was missing from the records given to John Smith years ago. One theory was that page 9 could have information about roaming calls made by Maura Murray.

If the page is legit, it appears that Page 9 was actually the first billing page for Bill Rausch's phone calls (he and Maura were on a shared plan).

This case of course does not hinge on Page 9 and never has. What we know is that Bill Rausch, Maura's boyfriend, is still the subject of a Grand Jury investigation in D.C. and he has never publicly responded to allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in the offices of Ray Group International and choked a woman at Fort Sill six months after Maura's disappearance. Is this alleged abuse unrelated? Of course not. At the very least it provides context for Maura’s desire to get away from a boyfriend that her friends on the track team called “controlling."

A special thank you the Irregulars who sent me pages 1 - 3 of Rausch's phone records. Take a look. If legit, it shows Maura did not make any roaming calls that month. As long as the total number of roaming minutes match up to Bill's total calls, I'm satisfied that this finally puts to rest this piece of the mystery.

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