Friday, November 30, 2018

Washington DC Prosecutor Will Not Seek Indictment Against Bill Rausch At This Time

For six months, a grand jury in D.C. has heard testimony and reviewed evidence related to the police's investigation of Bill Rausch for sex crimes and assault related to a 2011 incident that occurred in the office of Michael Louden, former president of Ray Group International. The prosecutor on this case has been replaced twice and this week assistant DA Jessica Brooks has chosen to not seek an indictment in the case, at this time - meaning she has not asked the Grand Jury to deliberate and return what's called a true bill. This is despite witness testimony, text messages, and internal documents that support the victim's story that she was attacked by Bill Rausch on two occasions. It should also be stated that after an internal investigation by Ray Group International, Bill was barred from entering the office during business hours and removed from his position.

You can listen to the story directly from the victim here.

I have heard from five separate women who have described horrific encounters with Bill Rausch, going back to 2004, when he allegedly put his hand on a woman's neck and said he'd kill her like he killed Maura. I'm sure there are more out there.

To be clear, the prosecutor did not yet seek an indictment but is keeping the investigation open in the hope that one day they will ask that Grand Jury to issue an indictment. Essentially it puts the case in limbo.

If you have any information that is helpful to this case, please contact the D.C. sex crimes unit at (202) 727-3700.

You can also send anonymous tips using Globaleaks here. This is totally untraceable and anonymous.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

"I'm Going to Kill You Like I Killed Maura"

Three women have come forward to ask police to investigate Bill Rausch in relation to the disappearance of his girlfriend, Maura Murray, in 2004. Two of them have come forward in an audio interview. The third wishes to conceal her identity as much as possible, except for interviews with the police.

Lawton, OK, 2004

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman who lived in Lawton, Oklahoma, in 2004. She knew Bill a few months after Maura Murray disappeared in 2004. He visited the people who lived in her house, often, as some had ties to Fort Sill, where Bill was working at the time. He was friends with the man she was seeing at the time, who warned her that Bill "had gone off the deep end" and that his girlfriend was missing.

One day, Bill found out that her guy was not home for a while and he texted her, asked if he could come over. There was a party at the house that night and so she didn't see the harm. Once he arrived, though, he took her outside and grabbed her and started kissing her. He suggested they go to a hotel. She agreed and went with him in the car.

At a stoplight, she says, Bill reached over and grabbed her by the neck and said, "I'm going to kill you like I killed Maura." She reached over and dug her nails into him. "I'll rip your crotch off," she said.

Immediately, Bill's demeanor changed and he became gentle again. He said he was just joking and they continued on to the hotel. However, at the hotel she decided not to have sex. Later, she says, Bill explained that he was glad she never slept with him because "the only people I care about that I have sex with die." He mentioned how a girl he slept with before Maura had died in an accident (something to do with horse back riding, she believes). I have not been able to track back this incident.

Bill told her he was working on a book, titled "You'll Never Be Happy Until You Realize That You Will Never Be Happy."

She remembers the day he came back to town after his sister died and how he responded by being flippant, "I was home and she shot her face off -- so that's awesome."

Washington D.C., 2011

Please listen to the interview (click YouTube link above) with these two women to hear the story in their own voices. Below is a summary.

Two years ago, I learned that Bill lost his job at Ray Group International in 2011 after a woman alleged that he sexually assaulted her in the office one night. This woman says his aggression toward her began before that, when she was going up the escalators on the Metro one morning. Someone jogged up beside her and pushed her down. Luckily fellow commuters caught her before she could tumble to the bottom. But her dressed was ripped. She looked up and saw Bill at the top of the escalators. Later, when he assaulted her, he began by saying that it was him who pushed her down that day as (in her words) the humanity in his eyes went away and he became robotic in the attack.

***Originally published November, 2017***

Insert: Here's a photo of the woman inside the "man trap" at Ray Group with Bill behind her.

Last month, another woman contacted me about her encounter with Bill in the fall of 2011. She was working as a bartender at the time. She hooked up with Bill one night. The sex started consensual but quickly progressed to choking. He wanted to hear her gasp for breath. She too described the lack of emotion in his eyes. After it was over, she says he was threatening. "This never happened."

When I asked Bill about the second woman, he said it wasn't true. That he never knew her. When I told her that he denied it, she sent me a picture of the napkin they used to communicate at the bar that night. It contains his cell phone in his hand writing.

What the Phone Bill Tells Us

Bill has an alibi for the time of Maura's disappearance. However, if there was a tandem driver (as I believe), then the Monday alibis may not be so important.

We can track some of Bill's movements during the search for Maura Murray by looking at his phone bills. At the time, both Maura and Bill's phone bills were consolidated into a single bill that went to Sharon Rausch (Bill's mother) in Marengo, Ohio. After the disappearance, Sharon provided a copy of the bill to Helena Murray. John Smith then obtained these documents. Sharon threatened to sue John (he says) if he ever made them public. Two years ago, he gave them to me.

Maura disappeared on Monday, February 9, 2004.

When Bill arrived in New Hampshire on Wednesday night, his cell phone went on roaming. The roaming charges are at the end of each individual bill and listed by location. This gives us a rough look into where he was traveling as they searched for Maura. Below are those rough locations by date:

Wednesday, Feb. 11
4:55 - Rutland, Vermont
7:02 - Burlington, Vermont

Thursday, Feb 12
10 a.m. - noon - Lebanon, New Hampshire
3:24 - Streaked Mountain, Maine
4 p.m. - 4:20 - Concord, New Hampshire
4:40 - 5:30 - Lebanon, New Hampshire

Friday, Feb 13
10:30 - Rutland, Vermont
10:40 - Burlington, Vermont

Saturday, Feb 14
No calls

Sunday, February 15
4 p.m. - Concord, New Hampshire
4:53 - Lebanon, New Hampshire

Now, during these days Bill was calling Maura's cell phone, each call lasting a minute as it was likely going to voicemail. But that last call, at 4:53 was to Maura's phone, too. And that one lasted from 3 - 4 minutes. And after that call, Bill makes no further calls on his cell phone for four days. There are no further calls from his cell phone until Thursday, February 19.

Was it a really long voicemail?

Is it possible Maura answered?

Where was Bill in the four days he didn't make a single call?


In 2007, Bill's sister Heather committed suicide in the home of their parents in Marengo, Ohio. A gun.

When I contacted the medical examiner of Morrow County, William Lee, he told me that in the days leading up to the suicide, Heather had wanted to speak to the police about a crime she knew about. However, her suicide note makes no mention of any crime and the Sheriff's department has no record of her trying to contact them.

Sharon was interviewed by the New Hampshire Union Leader in 2007. Here's what she said about their trip to New Hampshire to search for Maura:
"We arrived Wednesday around 7 p.m. They interviewed Billy. He was a prime suspect. He was totally distraught. I'll never forget the look on his face. He said 'I feel as dirty as Scott Peterson. They think I've got something to do with it.'"
Bill refused to be interviewed by the journalists behind the recent Oxygen series.

He has not spoken about Maura in many years and was never a major part of the search for her after 2004.

Note by the Author

These are serious allegations against Bill Rausch, who is now a public figure, Executive Director for Got Your 6, and a married father. It was a very difficult decision to write this piece. Bill has suggested he would commit suicide if more was made public. He has threatened to sue me. And he may, though the women he wronged are no longer afraid to speak up. These women have a voice, too. They believe Bill is capable of violence because they have seen it firsthand. And as someone with a daughter, I'd want others to know what Bill is capable of if I were the next woman's father.

If you have any information that could help in solving this case please contact the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit at

You can also contact me directly at

If you have specific evidence and wish to remain 100% anonymous you can also submit tips through Globaleaks. 


A 4th Woman

Another woman came forward yesterday. She and Bill had a brief relationship in 2006. "I'm not surprised to hear all this," she said. "He was a pathological liar."

He spoke about Maura Murray only once, by saying he had a girlfriend who had "passed" but that they were broken up at the time.

She describes Bill as being extremely pushy, obsessive, arrogant, and controlling. She said even his friends at Fort Sill called him, "Billy Liar."

***3rd UPDATE***
 May 8, 2018
A fifth woman has come forward. Here is her story:
I spent one night with Bill when we were both working in politics in Ohio in 2008 and he was violent and degrading towards me. We were at a bar with other political staffers one night when he sent me one text  saying that he wanted to go home with me and a second that said "I want to break you." I seriously thought the second one was a typo because I didn't know why someone would send that message in a flirty situation. He came to my apartment after the bar and it was clear that text was not a typo. The language he used and the demands he made were threatening and demeaning. We only spent the one night together but I could see the potential for regular abhorrent behavior towards women. The next day I was shaken and decided to google him and that's when I saw the case about Maura. I was deeply disturbed and felt lucky that nothing more had happened to me.

Bill was working at the ODP at the time and I asked other women there if they knew about Maura or if any of them had witnessed this kind of behavior. They said Bill had been proactive in declaring innocence in Maura's case during his interview process. It was top in google results, so he had to talk about it straight away in the interview vetting process. The women brushed Bill's relationship to Maura as a weird coincidence,  but confirmed that he made inappropriate comments to women in the office and was often seeking sexual relationships.
Follow up:

There are other similarities between the stories from the women you interviewed on youtube and my story though. Firstly, looking back at that night I felt like he was testing me to see how violent he could get away with being without me resisting and in my case, the answer was not very. He might have been less aggressive with me than other women who were continuously choked because he realized I was going to resist submitting to that and/or because I had connections to political leaders and he feared retaliation. Also, when we were at the bar, Bill was passing notes on napkins with the bar tender and trying to get her to write her number down. It was like a manipulative game he was playing that she was not interested in and he wouldn't let it go. He wrote a note to me also, which I've attached photos of. There were cheap paintings for sale at the bar I bought one. On the back, Bill wrote "fuck you -captain bill". The handwriting isn't identical to napkin notes posted on your blog that also start with "fuck you". It's more of a cursive scrawl, but he wrote it. He also seemed to be blaming me for his inability to control himself, like the bartender in your story said, and I think that's what the "fuck you" meant. Like "fuck you for triggering these urges in me." I thought it was kind of funny, but it did not seem so funny later on. Also when Bill left my apartment he said, "This never happened", just like the bartender in your story said. 
DC Police are currently investigating this string of odd behavior. Subpoenas have been served for files related to Bill's dismissal from Ray Group International and witnesses have appeared before a federal Grand Jury.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kate Markopoulos' Friend Erinn Larkin Commits Defamation

***Originally published in October 2018***
Erinn Larkin is not a journalist - she's a political finance officer for Artistotle International (though, when we met she introduced herself simply as "Bernie Sanders' treasurer" though I can find not a single article identifying her as such). She says this often, especially as she interviews people related to the Maura Murray case. But if you're going to act like a journalist, you need to understand some basic rules of journalism, and the big one is defamation, which often comes in the form of libel.

Libel is publishing of false statements that can damage a person's reputation.

On July 14, Erinn Larkin published this interview with a man named Guy Paradee who once worked as a private investigator. Here are some clips I'd like to point out. This is Guy talking.

"I thought he [Rick Forcier] marked the spot where he had dumped her [Maura Murray's] body. Our feeling is that when Forcier grabbed her at his house she was certainly alive for awhile." The psychic confirmed this. "At some point in time he killed her and then moved her body at least once if not twice. There was speculation that he had her in a van by the pond. Someone had seen his van there. Maybe she didn't get out of the van. She was alive for awhile, he killed her, and moved her out of the house."

"She started walking. I think she walked away and Forcier may have seen her. He certainly had contact with her. He was able to overtake her and get her under his control."

"He admitted having contact with her. He said she wanted to have sex with me. She was walking by... he admitted to that. I kind of believe he said it on television. He definitely told the police. Without a doubt it happened."

This is defamation.

Forcier never said he had contact with Maura. He never said this to media. He never said this in private. I spoke to his ex-wife and she confirms this as well. It is apparently something Guy made up after speaking to a number of psychics. *insert eye roll*

The thing about libel that gets journalists in trouble is that they are on the hook for libel if they publish someone's comments. So not only could Rick Forcier sue Guy Paradee for claiming he's a murderer, but he could (and should) sue Erinn Larkin for publishing it. If you publish someone's false claims you are as guilty of libel in the eyes of the law as they are.

And these claims by Guy Paradee are laughable. A suspect told the media he had sex with the victim? And nobody thought it was a big deal? What?

But it gets better. Guy Paradee is a terrible, terrible source and two minutes of research would have revealed this.

Guy Paradee's private eye license was taken away by the state of Vermont in 2016 for his shady practices.

In response to Erinn Larkin's interview, Associate Attorney General, Jeffery Strelzin said, "We wil not be commenting on Mr. Paradee's many claims, based in part on speculation and upon reliance on alleged psychics."

But what shocked me the most was how Erinn Larkin, who works for the most liberal people in D.C., went to bat for this guy, after seeing his racist and despicable social media posts. Here are a couple classics from his Facebook page.

This one's my favorite. Guy says someone should shoot this woman.

I alerted Erinn of all of these concerns the day her interview was posted. She chose to keep it up.

A little more background on Erinn Larkin, for those unfamiliar. Erinn was on the track team at UMass and told me that Kate Markopoulos (Maura Murray's best friend at UMass, a person who has never fully cooperated with investigators) was her "big" or "mentor" on the team. I met Erinn in person at CrimeCon in 2017. We met at a bar in part to iron out some issues she had with me. She was visibly shaking when we began (whether from nerves, or some fear, I don't know). But after a couple drinks she relaxed a bit. She told me she was skiing at Bretton Woods the week Maura went missing and suffered an injury there. Bretton Woods is in New Hampshire, a twenty minute drive from Bartlett, where Fred Murray believes his daughter was driving.

I'm not sure what is happening with Erinn Larkin at the moment. Recently, she posted a map to my house online. I always kept my address unlisted because I have children. She also posted the names of my siblings and their addresses as well (Why? I have no idea. Some weird attempt at intimidation, I guess).

But what is most sickening is how she has tried at every turn to downplay the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Rausch, writing some of them off as, "one-night stands." It is clear her agenda is to add misinformation to the case. For what reason, I do not know.

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Best Summary of the Bizarre Details of Maura Murray's Disappearance

Anyone interested in the mystery should watch these immediately to brush up on details and evidence. This is really well done.
Part One
Part Two

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Maura Murray's West Point Record

I have had a source on deep background within West Point for some years, providing me with information about the history of Bill Rausch, Maura Murray, and others. I've decided to release Maura's full transcript (but not the details of anyone's judicial hearings) for a couple reasons. One, it shows again that Fred Murray and Maura were using the Weymouth address as late as 2002. Second, that it shows absences due to the judicial hearings that would eventually lead to Maura leaving West Point before she could be expelled.

I'm sure there are some things I've missed. Interested to know what everyone else finds.

Special thanks to Bruce Maguire and the crew at the Mindshock podcast for prompting me to look back into this.

Last word:
Thank you to my Irregulars for pointing out that this document only specifically shows that Fred was using the Weymouth address up to 2002, leaving it up to interpretation as to what happened after that. But neighbors claim he was staying there until at least the summer of 2004 (the first step any legit journalist would take to verify). Items found at the scene place him there after Maura's disappearance, too (handwritten, dated notes on the subject of media contacts about the crime).

The reason this has become a point of discussion is due to the discovery of an adult magazine at the property in which appeared the xeroxed photographs of family members. The magazine was among items that belonged solely to Fred Murray. Make of it what you will, perhaps there is a logical explanation. It disturbed me, in light of other reporting. But instead of accepting evidence and fact, the effort lately is to discredit the messenger.

Strangely, they all seem to forget that this was the permanent address Fred Murray used when he sued the state of New Hampshire... in 2005.

Here's a snippet:

AKA Murray 014-1

Docket No. 05-E-383
Frederick J. Murray
Special Investigation Unit of the Division of State Police of the New Hampshire Department of Safety; Grafton County Sheriffs Department; Grafton County Attorney's Office; New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly A. Ayotte; New Hampshire Governor John J. Lynch; Hanover Police Department; Director of the Division of State Police of the New Hampshire Department of Safety; Commander of the State Police Troop F in Twin Mountain; Troop F of the New Hampshire State Police in Twin Mountain; New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Region 2; and Historic Case Unit in Major Crimes of the Division of State Police of the New Hampshire Department of Safety
Now comes the Petitioner, Frederick J. Murray, ("Petitioner" or "Murray") by and through his counsel, Gallant & Ervin, LLC, and respectfully submits this Bill in Equity for Injunctive Relief. In support of this petition, the Petitioner states as follows:
I. Parties
1. The Petitioner, Frederick J. Murray is an individual residing at 22 Walker Street, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.
2. The Respondent, the Special Investigation Unit of the Division of State Police of New Hampshire is a division of a state agency located at 10 Hazen Avenue, Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire.
3. The Respondent, the Grafton County Sheriffs Department is a state agency located at 3785 Dartmouth College Highway, North Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire.