Friday, November 30, 2018

Washington DC Prosecutor Will Not Seek Indictment Against Bill Rausch At This Time

For six months, a grand jury in D.C. has heard testimony and reviewed evidence related to the police's investigation of Bill Rausch for sex crimes and assault related to a 2011 incident that occurred in the office of Michael Louden, former president of Ray Group International. The prosecutor on this case has been replaced twice and this week assistant DA Jessica Brooks has chosen to not seek an indictment in the case, at this time - meaning she has not asked the Grand Jury to deliberate and return what's called a true bill. This is despite witness testimony, text messages, and internal documents that support the victim's story that she was attacked by Bill Rausch on two occasions. It should also be stated that after an internal investigation by Ray Group International, Bill was barred from entering the office during business hours and removed from his position.

You can listen to the story directly from the victim here.

I have heard from five separate women who have described horrific encounters with Bill Rausch, going back to 2004, when he allegedly put his hand on a woman's neck and said he'd kill her like he killed Maura. I'm sure there are more out there.

To be clear, the prosecutor did not yet seek an indictment but is keeping the investigation open in the hope that one day they will ask that Grand Jury to issue an indictment. Essentially it puts the case in limbo.

If you have any information that is helpful to this case, please contact the D.C. sex crimes unit at (202) 727-3700.

You can also send anonymous tips using Globaleaks here. This is totally untraceable and anonymous.

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