Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Send Tips 100% Anonymously

Today, I set up a Globaleaks server and website specifically for sharing evidence and information related to the Maura Murray case.

This is designed for two purposes:

1. For Maura Murray herself to provide proof of life without revealing her location (this would include a photograph or video).

2. For anyone with information about the death of Maura Murray to provide evidence or information without fear of being traced.

How it works:

Step One:
Download the Tor browser.

Step Two:
Open Tor and input this address in the address bar:

Step Three:
Follow the prompts to submit info.

Step Four:
Copy the 16-digit code so that you can log in later to communicate further.

That's it. Let's have closure.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Text Exchange Supports Internal Investigation at Ray Group International Following Alleged Assault by Bill Rausch

I have obtained some evidence given to the Grand Jury in DC that is reviewing the sex-assault allegations against Bill Rausch, there. One piece of this is a text conversation between two coworkers of Bill's the first working day following the assault. He is accused of forcing himself on a woman in Michael Louden's office on St. Patrick's Day, 2011, and also pushing this woman down the escalators in the Metro.

10:33 AM Coworker1: i basically told them that i don't feel safe. that bill scares the crap out of me. i'm not the only one who feels this way and that Mike [Louden] has no idea what bill is actually like
  i explained some of his erratic behavior in the past-i told mike that bill puts on a show for him
10:34 AM that he's a completely different person when he crosses from the left side of the building to the right
 Coworker2: its true
  what did he say>
 CW1: i gave my personal opinion about his mental health
 CW2: oh good
  youre my hero
 CW1: they're rethinking him coming in this afternoon and talking about security
10:35 AM i need to go for a walk-but i basically aired out bill's dirty laundry re:he's fucking crazy and a sociopath and doesn't understand human emotion
  but said differently
10:36 AM and i told them that while things people might say today might sound a little "far out", but that it's not "female histrionics" and that Mike, Alex etc need to understand that anything anyone states today is not just opinion and not a situation being blown up or taken out of context
  but completely accurate and true
  and basically that they better listen and not discount anything anyone says today
  i also pointed out that bill hates strong, intelligent women
  and that he has to assert his power over them
10:37 AM and now i need to take a long walk:)
  ps we're going to be sent home i think after we talk to alex
  i'm thinking movie party at VICTIM's so she's not by herself
10:38 AM i literally just told the head of our company that he has no idea who the real bill is...hmmmmm
10:39 AM CW2: you were awesome
Following the investigation at Ray Group, Bill was barred from the office during the day and removed from his job shortly after. He did not list Ray Group on his LinkedIn page for several years.

Whatever happened in that office, one thing is clear - his female coworkers were frightened of him.

Read about the other allegations here.