Friday, December 21, 2018


I have decided to close up this site. There are a couple reasons for this. The facts presented on this site have been the subject of so much negativity this past year and I don't enjoy being the target of hate. But mostly, I want to focus on other stories that deserve attention. We're covering a cold case a day over at The Philosophy of Crime. These are seldom-heard-of cases that could be solved with a little push.

Also, I am starting up a nonprofit in 2019 called The Porchlight Project that will provide money for professional private-investigative services to families of the missing and murdered.

For those who came here searching for credible info on Maura's case, you'll find it in my book, True Crime Addict. Everything I really want to say about the case I said in those pages. Anyone who would like to research further can view my notes and records on the case by appointment at the Kent State library's special collections archive.

What do I think happened to Maura Murray? I hope she is alive, as I once strongly believed. But I think it's likely she was murdered. Not by a stranger, but by someone she knew and trusted. Who? I don't know. There are half a dozen good suspects. Whatever the truth, I believe one day we'll know.

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